Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXII. Kick Em' 143

Hailey’s POV:

I puff air into a single cheek. “Wouldn’t your girlfriend be jealous,” those words seemingly slip out of my lips without permission.

He lifts a brow. “I have a girlfriend? When?” He looks around the empty elevator. “Where is she?” He looks at me. “Are you my girlfriend?”

I slap his arm again. “You know what I’m talking about.”

He rubs his arm. “I don’t,” his tone pitched, “and stop hitting me.”

“You know, your fucking hot model girlfriend.”

Josh snicker with his mouth closed. “You know what? I would love to meet my fucking hot model girlfriend. Care to point me towards her?”

“She doesn’t exist. Does she?”

He shook his head. “If she does, I would know.”

I smile, a stupid one, I know that. “Josh is the-”

He nudges me. “Come on, say it.”

I held my hot face. “I can’t say it! Why did you have to change the compliment I have to give you?”

“How about I say it to you first?” he bit his lower lips and leaned down towards my burning ear. “I like your plumpy pump pumping big bosh of a tosh,” he sang and patted my butt, which is pretty big.

I groan. “I can’t believe you actually said that”

He places two hands in the hair. “Aye, you’re the one who told me to say it after we fight.”

“Yes, but I didn’t think you would actually say it.”

“Your turn.”


“Come on.”


Come on!”

“Ugh! Fine.” I step back. “I can’t believe you included a dance.”

He shrugs. “We agree on anything, not just singing.”

Inhaling a deep breath, I close my eyes. After a few seconds, I opened it and began dancing. My hands formed into fists, and I started wiggling my waist. “Josh is the best. The best out of the rest with his defined abs -” I ran my hands down my stomach. “and smacking great ass,” I smack my butt.

Josh nodded his head as I continued singing. Soon, that head nodding turns into a little dance consisting of fists pumping in the air with body wiggling. “This is my favorite song!”

I burst out laughing, and when Josh danced with me, “When he walks in a room, the whole world seems to bloom.” I bent my knees and did this weird hopping movement.

“Yeah. Yeah. It blooms,” Josh attempts to become my background singer.

The elevator bell ding, spreading the door open.

We stop dancing.

I was bending towards the ground with my hands waving in the air. Josh was behind me, body tilting to the side with a single hand covering his mouth, and the other was lost in the atmosphere.

Did I ever mention neither of us can dance?

“I was wondering what was going on, and now I know,” the secretary hums, tilting her glasses down.

Josh and I straighten up. “Sorry,” we said at the same time. Josh grabbed my hand, and we quickly exited the elevator, heading towards the front of the building.

We burst out laughing once we were out of the secretary’s view. “Did you see the look on your face?” I scream.

He points at me. “Did you see the look on your face?”

Josh presses his forehead against mine. “I’m glad we made up.”

I pinch his nose. “Why do you make it sound so serious? Our fights never last more than a day.” I look around, “Now, the last part of the makeup?”

He rolls his eyes and ducks down, then patted his broad back. “Come on.”

I smile and leap on it. Despite my heavyweight back then, Josh always manages to carry me. “Off to class,” I scream, waving my schedule in front of his face.

Taking one step at a time, I bounce behind him until he reaches my destination. “You’re late for class too.”

He shrugs, “I’ll be fine. You should watch out. You’re the freshman here.” He pokes my head, “I’ll see you later.”

I wave him goodbye until he disappears around the corner. Shamefully, I step inside the class. “Miss Vaughn; I presume,” the teacher asked, placing down the bent book in his hand.

Unconsciously, I clasp my hands together and step forward. “Yes, sir.”

He held his hands behind his back. “Absent for class yesterday and tardy for class today. I must say, you’re a first who dares do this to me.”

My lips tighten, attempting to curl into a smile. “I’m sorry, but-”

“I don’t particularly enjoy listening to excuses Miss Vaughn. A tardy is a tardy - take your seat,” he said, and I nod then rushed towards my seat, suddenly feeling a cloud lingering over my head.

After class, I want to drown myself due to the intense glare from the teacher. From what I had speculated, I had established quite the reputation of being the misbehaving student among the school faculty.

Burying my face in my hands, I drag two tiring legs towards the next class. Once I reach the girls’ locker room, I check out my assigned locker and change while trying my best not to look to my right.

“Aren’t you going to say hi?” Madison asks, wrapping her hair up into a ponytail, then sits down on the bench. A single leg crossing over the other, she bent down and began pulling up her knee-long socks.

“Hi,” my voice sounds even coarse in my ears as I unbutton my shirt, revealing a white tank top. I grab the shorts and draft them down my body before slipping off the skirt.

Glancing over, I notice Madison held an elbow over her thigh while pressing her chin on her palm. Her seemingly perfectly groom nail tap against her cheek. “You got a great ass,” she declares.

My face decides to become a tomato.” Uh thanks,” I quickly slip on the shorts and grab the socks.

Madison snicker. “Now, I know what Greyson was talking about,” she mumbles under her breath before standing up and exiting the locker room.

I stand there, hot and confused.

Once I finish changing, I rush towards the jam-packed gym. Several instructors enter and appoint us towards our designated line. Standing near the end due to my last name, I can sense the curiosity prickling among the students about me.

Madison was a few feet away, but we were in the same line, concluding that we’re in the same class.

She turns around, twinkling eyes blazing into mine, and she winks while a mischievous smile hangs on her lips.

For some reason, my heart skips a beat.

Madison is beautiful.

Oh gosh, am I playing for the other team now?

I press my hands over my cheeks to calm myself down while I shake my head, feeling the ponytail whacking against my temples.

A student arrived and told us to follow him. When everyone began walking in a neatly formed line, I did the same. Tilting to the side, I noticed the student who seemed to lead the crowd was standing beside Madison - and flirting. After some time, he walks back to the front with a rooted frown.

In the middle of the green field, I pucker my lips as my body tilts back and forth. Everyone gathered up into different crowds.

“Hey! Vaughn! Come here,” Madison screamed. I wonder if she might call my name by accident. Hesitantly, I walk towards her crowd, which consists of four boys and two girls. They all stare at me with whatever look I can’t understand. “Guys, this is Hailey. My little pupil,” she absurdly declares. “She is going to become the next student body president.”

I almost fell to the grass. “N-No, I’m not. I’m just Hailey.”

“She is going to marry one of the wealthiest people in the world.”

I smile. “N-No. She is just playing,” I wave it off.

Madison continues smiling, and I wonder what’s lurking inside her mind, “And her future fiance happened to be in this field too.”

I return her smile while shaking my head at her odd statement.

“Everyone! Front and center!”

I know that voice anywhere.

I turn around, seeing the one and only guy who always seems to flip my world upside down. He walks down the field with two people behind him, another guy and a girl - two which I recognize was in the same crowd as him in the cafeteria earlier.

Standing in the neatly formed line, my face went red again but not from embarrassment rather anger. Josh smirk, “Welcome to Kick Em’ 143. I’m Joshua Greyson, your-” he stopped walking in front of me, dark sunglasses revealing a reflection of me. “coach.”

I can tell he is trying his best not to burst into a peal of high pitch laughter as the edge of his lips continuously twerk upward. “You may call me Mister Greyson."

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