Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXIII. Teacher's Pet

Hailey’s POV:


Josh cleared his throat, but a splutter of laughter crashed into my face. “I’m kidding everyone. You can all call me Josh.” He held a hand over his red features, “God, you should’ve all seen the looks on your faces,” he told everyone, but he was still looking at me with a massive grin on his face.

The guy behind him clears his throat.

Josh glances back, “Shut up, Acharya.”

Acharya? Why does that name sound so familiar?

“All right, enough jokes. I’m actually here to temporarily replace Coach Or’deal since he is going on maternity leave for the next three months.”

A student raised his hand, and Josh pointed at him. “Coach Or’deal is a male?”

“Yes, and his wife is a female. Any other question?”

The guy slowly dropped his hand and shook his head.

“Great.” He chews the gum inside his mouth and straightens his back. “Behind me are my assistants - Tyson Acharya, who is the vice-captain of the soccer team and captain of the tennis team. Beside him is Jasmine Rose, who is the captain of the girls’ soccer team. If you have any problems, feel free to bother them - not me.” He glances at me, “Unless you want to get in trouble.”

I held back my middle finger.

It put up quite the fight too.

Josh clapped, and Tyson threw him a soccer ball. “Before we start learning how to kick a ball.”

I’ll kick your balls.

“We need to warm up—five laps around the field. Go!” He blew the whistle, and everyone started running.

I stood there and gave him my nastiest glare.

“What are you doing, Vaughn? I said go," he spoke in a taunting tone. “Or would you like detention on your first day in my class?” He rests the clipboard to the side of his waist.

Inhaling a deep breath, I clench my fists. “Don’t push it, Greyson.”

Josh ran his tongue across his cheek as a twinkle seemed to graze across the ocean inside of him. He clicked the pen and began writing on the clipboard.

I lean inward to look at his clipboard. “What are you doing?”

“Hailey Vaughn. Detention,” he said, not sparing me a glance. “Is it Hailey with a y in the middle or i?”

I fold my arms and granted all the weight in one foot. “You can’t give me detention.”

“Not listening to the teacher,” he hummed.

I push my hands up my hair. “What? Are you seriously giving me detention?”

“Disruptive in the middle of class,” he continues speaking.

“Josh! I’m your best friend. You can’t do this to me. I swear I’ll stop talking to you for the whole week!”

He bit his lower lips; a chuckle unintentionally escaped. “Blackmailing a teacher,” he shook his head.

My mouth drops open. “Josh,” I hiss slowly. “Stop playing around.”

He tore off the pink slip. “That’s one week of detention-” he hands it to me, “and it’s Mister Greyson to you.”

“You said everyone could call you Josh earlier.”

“Yes, well-behaved students. Bad girls, like you, who don’t listen may refer to me as Mister Greyson until you truly reflect your misbehaviors.”

I crumpled the paper. “You can’t do this. You’re just a student like me.”

He smirks, “Are you challenging authority right now?” He leans closer, hot minty breath scraping against mine. “Should I make it two weeks-” he came in closer, “or are you doing all this for my undivided attention Miss Vaughn?”

I puff my cheeks, and jog towards the bench to place my slip down. After I gave him another glare, I ran on the tracks while mentally swearing at him.

“Two weeks of detention, Miss Vaughn,” he screamed.

I turned around and threw my arms in the air. “Why?!”

“I know you’re mentally insulting me, and it hurts my feelings.”

“That doesn’t count!”

He gasps, place a hand on his chest. “Are you back talking, Vaughn? Three weeks!”

I groan and continue running.

“Run, Vaughn! Run faster, or you’re going to have to do another five laps!”

After completing five laps, I held my hands over my knees - inhaling and exhaling vigorously. Unlike me, Madison stood there while checking out her nails. She ran five laps without breaking a single sweat.

Josh walks towards us. “All right, with your runs. I can conclude over half of you are out of shape,” he said, and I glance around, seeing half of the classroom lying on the grass.

Holy crap. This class is really out of shape!

“Those who are still on your feet. Go to the left,” he said, and I moved to the left. “Those who are kissing the ground, move to the right.”

Once the class splits into two, I realize over half of the class is on the other side.

“All right, to make the first-day fun. Both sides will battle. So, meet your temporary soccer mates. It will be in-shape vs. take-a-walk,” he said, placing the ball on the ground. “Now, make awkward conversation with your team by coming up with better team names.”

Everyone huddled up.

I glance around, to see only eight other people on the team while the other side has over fifteen.

We are going to die.

“Look,” Madison speaks up. “I don’t lose, ever, and if any of you screw up. I swear, I will ruin you more than just socially and financially,” she declares, and everyone nods along. She leans forward, and everyone does the same. “Here is the plan.”

I raise my hand.

Madison looks at me. “Problem number one, speak.”

“I’m not that good at soccer.”

“Why are you here?” a guy asks.

“I thought this was a kickboxing class when I signed up since the title is Kick Em,” I state.

“Well, too bad, you’re going to be good at it for today,” Madison stated. Madison, I don’t think that’s how it works.

Another girl raises her hand.

“Problem number two, what is it?”

“My arm is broken.”

We all look down at her cripple arm.

“Your arm is cripple, not your legs,” Madison responded.

After they went over the plan, where I was entirely confused the whole time, we began the gameplay. I stood on our side of the field, legs trembling while the beating inside my heart refused to cease. Without even starting the game, I knew who was going to win. After all, the other side got double the amount of students.

Josh walks towards the ball place in the middle with Madison on one side and another guy on the other. They began talking, but I couldn’t hear since I was too far, although Madison looked pissed off.

After some conversational exchange, Josh frowns and looks at me while Madison smirk. Madison turns around and wiggles her fingers while showing off her perfect pearls. I lift my hand and wave in return.

I wonder what they are talking about?

My body trembled slightly when I noticed Jasmine was glaring at me.

What did I ever do to her?

He lifts an arm towards my side of the field. “Team name?”

“Don’t care! Let’s start this bullshit of a game,” Madison shouted, clasping her hands together.

Josh pointed to his right. “Name?”


“All right! It’s Don’t Give a Fuck versus Weiners!” he said.

I chuckled at the second part.

“Go!” Josh suddenly shouted, and I ran towards the other side like instructed.

Madison was right; everyone suddenly rushed towards her. She kicks the ball behind her with graceful style, fakes a left, then kicks straight up towards the right field.

I stood there and clapped when the ball flew.

“Why are you standing there, clapping, Vaughn? Move!” one of my teammates screamed.

I ran closer to the goal with two people guarding me. One round after another, all my teammates score a goal, and I continue clapping. I should just sit on the bench and cheer.

The soccer ball flew towards me, and I ran a bit to the right. Without thinking, I kick the ball.

At that moment, I felt so proud of being able to kick the ball that I didn’t realize that it slammed against the metal frame and bounced back into my face.

Everyone stopped running while I laid on the ground.

Can I join the ground kissing team now?

“Shit! Time out!” Josh screamed and ran towards me. He lifted me while I tried to catch the unicorns in front of me.

“I’m fine,” I respond groggily. I shook the drowsiness away. Feeling a sudden drip, I glance down to see blood on my hand. “Josh...Why are you bleeding?”

He pinches my nose and tilts my head upward. “Yeah, I’m the one who’s bleeding,” he said. Josh supported me to the bench.

Madison rushed towards us. “Are you okay?”

“Did I do well, captain?”

She smiles, “Great kick. Horrific aim.”

I giggled, “You’re so pretty.”

“You think I’m pretty?”

I nod, “So pretty.”

Josh took my hand and brought it down. “She might have a concussion. She doesn’t know what she is talking about.”

I turn towards him. “So handsome.” I feel his face and grin like an idiot.

Madison smirks and folded her arms. “You’re right. She doesn’t know what she is talking about.”

Josh rolls his eyes and continues checking out my bloody nose. Jasmine handed him some tissues, and he shoved them up to my nose. I started grumbling and moving my head when he shoves it up too far with too many tissues. After some time, the blurriness fades away, and my slightly clear vision with the help of contacts came into play. He stood up and nodded at his poor attempt of nursery.

He claps once. “You seem fine, Vaughn. Let’s get back to the game!”

I grab his shirt and tug him back. “I can’t play.”

“Why not?” He hands me a bottle of water.

“I have tissues shove up my nose Jo-”

He cleared his throat and gave me a stern look.

“I am not calling you that.”

Josh places a finger under my chin and lifts my head. “How do you feel?”

“I feel like I want to get away from you.”

He lifts a brow, “It seems like you’re really trying to get my undivided attention Miss Vaughn, but unfortunately for you. I don’t date students-” he glances down at his watch, “not for another twenty minutes, but after that, anything goes.”

I smack his arm.

“Abusement? Now, I understand why the facilities say you’re a bad influence and ask me to straighten you out,” he grins playfully.

“You play too much,” I spoke in a dull tone.

“Look, you’re fine, Hailey,” he said. I pout. “At least with those tissues shove up your nose, no one will purposely hurt you in the field.” He shrugs then patted my shoulder with the clipboard. “I can’t let you leave because of a nosebleed, or else they will all think I’m favoring you because you’re my best friend.”

I groan and jog back to the field with everyone’s sad eyes.

After some more rounds where everyone avoided me like a disease, I began to feel better. A slow smile spread over my pale features, feeling an overly warm sensation beating in my chest. I ran throughout the field with my teammates yelling at me once in a while to pass them the ball. I threw a leg back and kicked it across the field - still bad - but they always manage to catch it, not treating me like a dead weight.

Once I kick the ball, I always automatically turn towards Josh, who holds a broad grin on his face, unsubtly giving me a thumbs up before I rush back into the game to help my teammates.

“Vaughn! Over here!” Madison ran towards the goal.

With pure force, I kick the ball towards her. Unfortunately, I did not notice the girl beside me with her untied shoelace. One moment she was charging towards me to steal the ball; the next, she was on top of me with our heads collided together. The both of us groaned, settling ourselves upward to see each of our heads bleeding. We laid there and gazed at one another. Without consent, we burst out laughing at our horrific images.

“Oh shit!” I heard Josh screamed.

The girl got off me, and I dashed towards the small crowd while others stood by, not knowing what to do next. Unsteadily, Tyson helps Madison stand up, who could barely stand on her shaky legs. “You all saw that! That girl-” she points at the girl behind me, “purposely attack my teammates,” she said, and the girl quickly shook her head. “This means, Don’t Give a Fuck win!” she and everyone holler before Madison passed out.

After class, everyone left while Josh explained to one of the faculty members what had happened. When the faculty members went back into the building, along with other students, I walked up towards him. “Is everything okay?”

He pushed up his sunglasses. “Yeah, minor paperwork stuff.”

I nod, feeling the smile still planting itself on my face.

Josh chuckles and lifts his hand. “You still got tissues up your nose,” he pulls it out.

My face dyed red. “And you allowed me to play the whole game with tissues up my nose?”

He walked towards the trashcan and threw it away. “You look like you were having so much fun, so how can I stop that?”

I twist my body back and forth and clapped in the front and behind. “It was okay.”

Josh snorted and nodded silently.

I puff a single cheek. “If you’re not El Nino, don’t rain on my parade.”

He places two hands in the air, silently stating that he will not comment.

I walked backward while tugging his short-sleeve. “Can we do this again tomorrow, please?”

Josh grinned, “Oh, kissing up to the teacher? Aren’t you afraid to be called the teacher’s pet?”

The edge of my lips curled up playfully while I hid my hands behind my back. “Maybe...Do you not like it...Mister Greyson."

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