Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXVI. Skittle Farting Fairy

Hailey’s POV:

Taniyah took a few blinks, dark lashes fluttering against the light bags resting beneath her orbs. “Say what?”

I smiled, “Tani.” She frowned at the nickname. “Let’s go,” I slammed her locker shut and dragged her towards our next class.

Once we reached an emptier part of the school, Taniyah pulled her arm away. “Tani,” she snapped, “Don’t ever fucking call me that again.”

I took a step back, “I’m sorry, but they were both-”

“They were bothering little Miss do-nothing-wrong Greyson, who doesn’t like the limelight, but decided to hang out with the most popular kids at school?” She pushes her arms over her enormous chest. “Whatever shit you’re going through. I don’t give two fucks, but don’t pull me into your crazy shits.” She turned around to walk away.

I pull out an arm. “Wait.” She stops walking and turns around, “I’m not Miss Greyson.”

She rolled her eyes, “Oh please, drop the innocent act. Everyone at school knows you and Greyson fuck, so don’t even pretend to be little miss virgin.”

I chuckled anxiously, “We didn’t.”

“Oh yes, and I’m a skittle farting fairy,” she giggled sarcastically.

I frowned, “That’s not nice.”

“You know what’s not nice?” Her hands planted on her waist. “When a classmate lies in front of the whole school about being friends with someone she doesn’t know because she can’t act maturely and tell those flies to buzz the fuck away.”

“We are in the same class, so we kind of know each other.”

“Since you don’t understand. Let me slap a little truth into you. I prefer being strangers, and I do not want to associate with you or your little bitchy asshole of a crew.”

I folded my arms, “My friends aren’t bitchy or assholes.”

Taniyah rolled her eyes, “Oh, please. Save it for someone who gives a shit.” She walks away.

“They are nice!” I screamed.

After school, I sat in Crystal’s room. Similar to Josh, her room is well-maintained. It was like a perfect magazine cover, with classic white sheets spread among the four corners. Surprisingly, there is no television or any items, only a shelf filled with books and a wooden desk. Then, it occurred to me. “Where is your roommate?” I asked.

“Irrelevant, but are you serious? That girl Taniyah called me a bitch?”

I nodded, “You can be unreasonable, but you’re not mean.”

Crystal shook her head, “You’re wrong.”

“I kn-” I stopped talking and looked at her, “Wait. I’m wrong?”

She flipped her hair and leaned back against the bed frame. “Yeah! I’m a complete spoiled bitch, Hay! If we weren’t childhood friends, then you probably hate my guts.”

I was stunned, “You’re not a b-”

“You’re only saying that because we grew up together, but think about everything I did so far. I’m a complete buuutch.”

“How can you accept it so easily?”

She smiled, “Because I know who I am.”

Crystal continued to paint her toenails, “Anyways, you want me to take care of her?” she spoke in a joking manner, but I can feel the threatening tone behind it - she would do it.

“No,” I replied solidly.

“How boring. I’m telling you, the best way for people not to mess with you is by taking care of them before they get a chance to follow through with their threats. Take my roommate; for example, I took care of her the second she decided to scream at me for taking over her closet.” She closed the bottle of nail polish.

“Then, who is your roommate?” I asked.

“No one.”

“That can happen?”

She nods, “Yeah.”

Then, the realization occurred. “Can I be your roommate?”


“What? Why not?”

“Because it’s still on record that my roommate is here.”


She grabbed another bottle of nail polish, “She’s staying at a hotel room with some guy.”

“I’m very lost.”

Crystal shook the bottle, “Aren’t you always?” She grinned playfully, “Yeah. I found out she wanted to be with this scholarship guy that her parents disapprove of. If you’re wondering why - it’s because he’s poor and she has some prior engagement.”

“Like she’s engaged?”

She twisted the bottle and took out the brush. “Yup. So, I told her I’d rent out a hotel room for them. They can stay there for the rest of the year. Be all lovey-dovey and shit.”

“Just like that?”

She placed her fingers in front of her face, “Just like that.”


I slam the door open. “Josh! You can’t believe what happened today!”

Josh sat there with a remote control in his hands, fingers maneuvering rigorously. “Give me a second! I’m about to whup this guy a-ahhhh!” He leaned in closer and shot. “I’m dead,” his tone was bland.

I can hear a high pitched laugh coming from the headphone set. Glancing at the screen, I saw - Hi Hailey - and knew Josh was playing video games with one of his little brothers.

I hurried towards Josh and screamed: “Hi!” causing him to flinch.

“Hailey, I whoop Josh as- I mean butt!” I realize it was Caleb.

Josh rolled his eyes, “You think you’re better than me, huh.”

“I don’t think! I kno-”

“That’s right. You don’t think!” Josh sang before logging out of the game so Caleb can’t sass him back.

I rolled my eyes, knowing Josh purposely lost the game so Caleb can win. Anyone could see Josh was barely on the verge of a championship.

He placed the remote control down and took off the headset. “So, you got something to tell me?”

I nodded, “Earlier-”

“Wait for a second,” Josh said. He walked towards the cabinets and grabbed a bag of popcorn. He threw it in the microwave, resting in the corner, then grabbed two cans of soda from the mini-fridge. He took two glasses, filled them with ice, and poured the drink inside.

I leaned against the bed as he took out the hot bag repeating: “Hot. Hot.” Then he poured it out in a large bowl. Josh placed it down in front of us and grabbed two bendy straws. He sat down beside me, sipping on the soda. “I’m ready.”

I placed two fingers in the air for dramatic effect. “Crystal has no roommate!”

He took a few blinks before yanking the bowl of popcorn from my hands. “Here, I thought you got some juicy secret to spill. You don’t deserve this,” he said before taking the glass of soda from me.

“She has no roommate!”

He rolled his eyes. “So?”

“Isn’t it weird?”


“I mean, aren’t you going to ask me why?”

He ate some popcorn, “Why?”

“So, apparently, her roommate wants to be with this guy who-” I told Josh the whole story. “Doesn’t it sound like some sort of fairytale?”

“It sounds more like someone is about to become teenage parents.”

“All because they’re staying together doesn’t mean they’re doing...that.”

The popcorn hung on the edge of his mouth before he pulled it in with his tongue. “And how do you know they’re not doing...that?”

“Because we’re roommates, and we don’t do any of that.”

“Oh? How do you know it won’t happen?”

I burst out laughing, despite the heat, I felt in my ears. “Because we’re best friends, and there’s no way that can ever happen to us.”

The straw escapes from Josh’s lip as his ocean blues drape into mine. He took a few blinks before settling the cup down his calves. Josh opened his mouth, but it quickly shut, forming a straight line.

After some time of waiting, I wonder if I said something wrong?

He stood up, “I need to go,” he said.

“Where are you going?” I asked, watching Josh grab his jacket.

He shrugged it on before grabbing the flip-flops. “I gotta go meet with Ahmend and a few others,” he said slowly.

He’s lying.

Before I could respond, he left.


Underneath the sheets, I stayed there and stared at the door sprinkle with a tad of light. The knob twisted, and I turned my back towards it, hearing the door creak open.

Josh sighs before closing the door, then make his way towards the bathroom. The sink water ran momentarily before it shut off, ending with a slight groan from Josh.

It opened, and his clothes slipped, crashing against the carpet before he sneaked onto the other side. After some shuffling, Josh fell asleep.

Slowly, I shuffled under the sheets and scooted closer to him. My nose twinkle, picking up the scent of alcohol.

I frown - Josh left to go drinking? Is that what all guys his age do?

Throwing my legs off of the bed, I tiptoed towards the cabinet and grabbed the bottle of pill, then the mini-fridge for some water. I know Josh doesn’t like drinking cold water in the morning, preferably a warm one. Placing it beside the nightstand, I reach for the trashcan just in case he needs it.

Unfortunately, the following morning was horrendous as Josh woke up and puke to his right - where I was sleeping.

Waking up with vomit all over their body is something no one should ever experience.

Josh tugged against my arm as I granted him another vicious glare. “Hay Bug, I’m so sorry.”

I threw my arms back. “I put a trash can beside the bed for you,” I didn’t bother to keep my voice low around the other students.

“Hay B-”

I stabbed him with my finger, “You puked on me, Josh, while I was sleeping,” I hiss slowly.

He bit his lower lip, enlarged eyes glancing down at me. “I’ll tutor you from now on,” he negotiates.

I turned my head, leaning my head against the tree, and ignored him. The wind grazed past our skins as I tucked my jacket over my knees.

“I’ll buy you lunch for a month.”

I glance at him.

“I’ll do all the laundry for the next month.”

I smile, “And you have to buy me a tiara for my sweet fifteen.”

He snorted, “You want a crown on your birthday?”

“Yes, I shall be a princess on my birthday,” I spoke in a coincided tone and flipped my hair back. “So, I want the best crown possible,” I unreasonably demanded, pretending to put a crown on my head.

“I’m not buying you a crown for your birthday, Vaughn. I’ll tutor, buy lunch, and do laundry, but the tiara isn’t going to happen.”

I pout and snap my fingers. “Drat.”

“But, I got a great gift in store,” he smiles.

A grin broke out, “Yay.” I threw my arms around him, “All is forgiven if you got me an awesome gift.” I tugged on my ears, strung with the earrings Josh gave me before.

After our mini-bickering, where Josh promised not to vomit me anymore, we resumed our average pace. Leaning against the lockers, Josh told me a joke, and I burst out laughing - feeling as if my underwear will soak itself.

Crystal pulled me away without warning. “What’s wrong?” I asked as some of the school athletics surround Josh. He has this aura that everyone wants to be around.

“This Taniyah girl is in your next class, right?” Her eyes were strained. I wonder if she needs glasses.

I nodded, seeing Louis standing a few feet away from us. Usually, he would be right behind Crystal, hovering over her petite body. However, he stood there with a single hand tucked inside his pocket - staring viciously in our direction. “Yeah, why?”

“Let’s meet her,” she said, pulling me towards my class, and I don’t even want to know how she knows my schedule since I’ve only shown Josh. I mean, she could’ve always asked him.

Crystal placed a hand on her chest and inhaled a deep breath before peeking her head into my classroom. I followed her stance. “That girl?” she pointed.

I nod, “Yeah.”

“Oh, she is fucking gorgeous.” She nodded, “With that face, she got the right to be a blunt bitch.”


Crystal stood up straighter and walked into class, capturing a lot of attention. She stood in front of Taniyah, who continued typing on her laptop. Lifting a hand, Crystal crushed the screen down, causing Taniyah’s left eye to twitch.

I grab Crystal’s shirt, “What are you doing?”

“Can I help you?” Taniyah hissed.

Crystal squinted her eyes and leaned in towards her. “I heard you called me a bitch.”

Whispers spurred around us as other students crowded the door.

Taniyah’s eyes snapped towards me while I mouthed: “Sorry.”

She crossed her legs. “So what?”

“I like you.”

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