Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXVII. I Don't Blow

Hailey’s POV:

What? “What?” everyone said what I was thinking.

She grinned and sat down, resting her chin on top of her palm. “Don’t go to the Golden Party with Hailey. Be my partner,” she placed a delicate finger on herself.

My mouth gaped open. “No! I asked her first!”

She scoffed, “She didn’t say yes to you.” Crystal flipped her hair. “Look, nearly 99% of the people here annoy the fuck out of me. So, I don’t want to bring anyone, but they kept bothering me about the plus one.”

“And how is that relevant to me?”

“With this party, your status can climb.”

Taniyah pointed at me. “If I want to rise in status, I would have agreed to the goldie locks invitation,” she said, and I looked at my blonde hair.

“You don’t want to be relevant?”

“If I want to become relevant, I would’ve befriended her,” she pointed at me again.

“Why her?”

Taniyah scoffed, “She’s easier to manipulate.”

I frowned, “Am not.”

She looks and grins, “Sure, you aren’t.”

Crystal stood up and dramatically gasped. “Are you rejecting me?”

Taniyah opens her laptop. “Yes.”

“And me?” I asked.

She sighed, “Yes.”

“Why?” I continued questioning.

“Simple. You’re both not my type.” Type? What does she mean by that?

“You know what? You’re missing out! We are both a catch!” Crystal held my hand and dragged us out.

That day, I didn’t know that we earned a whole new reputation with Crystal’s words.

Lunchtime rolled around, and we sat at the usual table where we threatened other kids to take over. Madison burst out laughing, covering her mouth when Crystal tells her about Taniyah.

“She rejected both of you?” Madison waved a hand over her face. “Oh, how I wished I was present.”

I sighed while Josh rubbed my back. “I got rejected,” I mumbled, resting my head on his shoulder.

One of the double doors burst open, showing Taniyah. “There she is,” Crystal hissed.

Ahmend grinned, “She’s hot.”

“Should we ask her to sit with us?” I asked. Taniyah grabbed her lunch, sat down at an empty table, and then plugged in her headphones.

“No,” Crystal responds immediately.

“Why not?”

“According to the TV dramas mom has been shoving down my throat, there is an order we have to follow. Particularly, after she rejected all of us.”

Madison twirled her hair, “She rejected you two. I don’t do rejections.”

Crystal waved her hand, dismissing Madison’s comment.

“An order?” I asked.

“Yes,” She took out a piece of paper and began drawing stick figures. “Since we are considered the popular students at Pandora Academy. First, we have to bully her.” She pointed her pencil at the stick figure surrounded by other stick figures, and I can’t tell who is whom.

“This is me, shoving her down at the lockers.” She circled herself, then pointed over at the scribble beside the figure. “This is you, knocking over her books while she is down,” I narrowed my eyes, wondering why she gave me a mustache. “Around us are other kids who happened to pass by and was bored.”

She looked up at us, “Follow me?”

I shook my head, “Not really; I don’t understand a single thing.”

“Okay, so moving onto step two,” she ignored my confusion. “The bad boy of the school will come and save her.”

“What? Where is this bad boy coming from?” Ahmend asked, tilting his head. He grinned, “Is it me?” he tugged against his leather jacket.

“So, this bad boy comes and tells us off because we are mean to the new girl,” Crystal continued, ignoring Ahmend’s comment.

I inhaled the information, trying to make sense of it.

“Then the next day, we snapped at the new girl for throwing the school’s order out of whack!” she began scribbling all over the paper, causing Madison to choke on her taco.

“I still don’t follow what you’re trying to say,” I spoke slowly, hoping she will understand.

“Next, we pushed her into the edge where she snapped at us, and then, she went out on a date with the bad boy. Afterward, he will dump her ass. See how she likes rejection!” she laughed evilly.

“Me?” Ahmend points a finger at himself.

I placed a hand on her forehead. “Are you okay?”

She rolled her eyes, “Perfectly healthy,” she pouted. “I just want my revenge.”

“Where are you going to get your bad boy to save her?” Josh asked, and I gave him a what-the-fuck look. That’s the question you want to ask?

She clasps her hands together, “That’s right! I need to go find a bad boy!” Ahmend cleared his throat. She looked around the table, tapping her fingers against the surface. “Mason,” she sang and twirled her head towards him. I almost forgot he was there. “Can you work a leather jacket?”

Mason grabbed his lunch, stood up, and walked away.

Ahmend cleared his throat louder.

She turned towards Tyson, then sighed, “You got too much of that good-boy-next-door look,” she mumbled, then glanced at Josh, “Cousin?”

“No,” he responded in a cold tone, “Never pull me into one of your sick revenge plans.”

“Me! What about me?” Ahmend screamed.

Crystal rolled her eyes.

He grinned, “Afraid you would lose me, baby?”

“My standards are higher than your dick,” she countered, cracking a carrot between her lips.

“Babe, you’ll be surprised. This thing here-” he pointed two fingers down, “got a choking hazard.”

Madison smirk, “Isn’t it that the thing they usually put on small things?”

Everyone burst out laughing, including me. Hiding my face in Josh’s chest, I tried to calm myself, but it wasn’t working. Ahmend’s face was bright red, eyes darting in a revenge sort of way.

I stifled laughter. “She’s so delusional.”

“Just like her mother,” Josh replied while shaking his head.

The days continued passing by peacefully, and I decided to join track and field despite everyone’s protests. Crystal wanted me to join karate with her, while Madison said I should be in the student body. Josh told me not to listen to what they say and do what I like.

I like running, so I decided to join it.

Stretching my legs with my partner, named Leslie, the girl I bump heads with in Josh’s class - Kick Em 143. A smile broke out when I heard Josh’s voice echoing on the other side of the field. Josh is the captain of the soccer team who was training in the center of the area.

“So, when are you going to make your move?” Leslie asked while grinning.

I reached for my toes, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Leslie snorted and bent towards one side. “Please, everyone knows Josh, and you are an item.” We went back to the other hand. I saw Jasmine rushed towards him. “Better make your move before another girl wiggles their way in.”

I frowned when Josh and Jasmine laughed.

Leslie reaches for the sky. “Jealousy will get you nowhere, Vaughn,” she grunted.

“Josh can date whomever he wants.” And no one better than the captain of the girl’s soccer team.

“Neither will denial.” She reached for her toes.

After we finished stretching, Coach Camelo came up and told us to do some laps to warm up our body. Running in circles, sweats beam down at me as I attempt to keep my pace steady. I closed my eyes and shook my head each time I looked at Josh and Jasmine together.

Leslie passed by me and smirked, “Anger is bad for the soul.”

I clenched my sweaty palms and sped up, attempting to pass her. No matter how fast I ran, Leslie somehow manages to be five feet ahead with a grin on her face. Soon, another runner passed by me.

After we finished, I held my pins over my knees, attempting to breathe. Coach Camelo walked up, dark lens glaring at me, and I straightened myself out, “Vaughn, this is a warm-up, not a competition. You’re young, so I understand why you want to show off, but know your current limitation.”

I frowned and nodded, “Sorry, Coach Camelo.”

She patted my shoulder, “I saw how you were during try-outs. Don’t let me down.”

After practice, I settled down on the benches and took off my running shoes. A breath of relief surfaces while a cold bottle is pressed against my burning cheek. “Don’t push yourself too much,” Josh said.

I pouted, laying down on the metal bench while Josh settles on the dirt, face a few inches away from mine. “My legs hurt.”

He grinned, “It’s because you were running around in my dreams.”

I knock his head and chuckle lightly. “Dum. Dum,” I said before chugging the water and handing it back to Josh.

He drank the rest, pressing the back of his moist head against my chest while our eyes gazed up at the sky. Above us was a deep shade of blue, but not as rich as the guy sitting beside me.

I began whistling a tune and glanced at Josh, who rolled his eyes. “Show off,” he grumbled, slapping the dirt with his hand.

He doesn’t know how to whistle. So, I teased him by whistling another tune.

“I don’t need to know how to whistle,” he stated.

I smile, moving my legs. “It’s okay if you don’t know.”

“Whistling is for people who blow, and I don’t blow,” he boldly declared, causing me to snort.

I shook my head then exhaled, “Josh, do you believe there is someone for everyone?” I asked, noticing how Jasmine was looking at us from a distance.

The silence was lingering around us as the distant voices somehow seemed to grow. There were only a few students on the field, laughing and fooling around with one another. The beating inside my chest slowly steadies itself. Both legs were dangling on the side as I waited for his response.


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