Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXVIII. Males' Behavior

Hailey’s POV:

“I’m a virgin by choice,” Josh said.

“Yeah, no choice,” Crystal replied. She slapped a hand on her thigh with her head tilted back.

Josh rolled his eyes, knowing Crystal is joking. After all, Josh could lose his v-card anytime he wants. I gripped my books at the thought of that.




“Yeah. I want just one. Someone whom I can laugh and smile with even after death.”

“After death?”

“Yeah, someone I want to be with even in the afterlife.”

“That’s corny.”

“I consider myself a sucker for romance.”


Crystal tugged at my arm. “So, when are we going to go shopping?”

“For what?”

“The Golden Party...duh.”

“Didn’t you just get a bunch of new clothes from Paris?” I asked.

“I meant for you.”

I smiled, “I have a dress.” I have a single dress hidden in my closet, somewhere. Growing up with the shape of a pumpkin, I prefer baggy sweats and massive boyish t-shirts over dresses. The only reason why I have that dress is because Josh brought it for me.

Crystal rolled her eyes, “Please, don’t tell me it’s that dress that makes you look like a walking stick of corn.”

“That dress does not make her look like corn,” Josh responded.

“You only say that because you’re the one who got her that dress, without my approval,” Crystal snapped.

“Dad likes that dress.”

“You brought that dress with Uncle Matt? The man who says his wife looks good wearing a dress that makes her look like a Chinese New Year envelope.”

Josh pointed a finger at her, “That was one time.”

I couldn’t disagree with Crystal’s statement. Once, Mrs.Greyson decided to allow Mr.Greyson to choose her dress for a party, and she ended up looking like a Chinese New Year envelope, mainly since he did her eye makeup with a shade of gold.

Crystal placed a palm in front of Josh and turned towards me. “Ignore the fashion criminal. We are going party shopping.”

“Who’s going party shopping?” Ahmend’s voice popped up with two females attached to his arms per usual, along with a sly grin.

“We are,” I replied. I waved at the girls, who rolled their eyes at me. I don’t even know why I try to make friends outside of this circle.

“Oh, cool! When are we going?” he asked.

“Not we-” Crystal circulates her finger, “but we.” She hung an arm over my shoulder.

“Why can’t Josh or I go?”

“Girl’s Night.”

Madison passed by us with Mason at her side, per usual, along with the group of students lurking behind them. “Great! I’m in!” she responded, without looking up from her cell phone. She left the hallway before Crystal could rebuttal.

“Please?” Ahmend added.

“You’re not going,” she replied firmly.

“You’re not a dog, so why are you being such a bitch.”


Quickly, I pulled Crystal back before it escalated any further and smiled. “Sorry, girls’ night, but maybe you can go out with Josh.” I pushed him closer to Ahmend. The moment the girls giggled when his body crashed into them, I immediately regretted the choice.

Ahmend wrapped his arms around Josh’s waist. “Fine. We will have a boys’ night, along with Mason and Tyson!”

He dragged Josh away before he could respond. “Our boys’ night will be so much better than your girls’ night. We will even have a shirtless pillow fight, and you won’t see it!” he screamed down the hallway, causing Josh to facepalm.

A few days passed, and we settled in Madison’s ample room. By we, I meant Crystal, Jasmine, and I. Glancing around, I realized one side was dark blue with a hint of a grey outline. The other side held light blue with the same framework. The darker side is Madison’s side, while the lighter one is Mason.

I smiled and cupped my hands together. “So, when are we going to the stores?” I asked.

Madison scoffed, “Sweetheart, the stores come to us.” She snapped her fingers.

The door burst open while dozens of people waltz inside with rails of clothes and a suitcase of jewelry. That set up everything around us while everyone sips their teas like normal.

Have they been waiting outside for Madison to snap her fingers?

Once they finished, the girls stood up and strolled around while I shove another grape into my mouth. They would ask questions while each person accompanied them, answered it.

A lady stood behind me with a creepy smile. She wore a similar outfit as the rest consisting of a white top and pencil skirt. I want to finish my bowl of grapes...alone.

I popped another one and slowly stood up. Hesitantly, I walked around, and she followed me. Beads of sweat dripped down my neck. I can feel her breathing against it.

Crystal turned towards me and held up a thinned diamond necklace, then burst out laughing. “Why do you look like someone is holding a gun to your head? Chill Hay, she is your fashion consultant.”

I turned back towards the lady behind me while she continued smiling, a crazy robotic smile. “I’m looking for a dress for the Golden Party,” I said.

She shook her head. “Don’t worry. I won’t bite.”

“I hope not with the payment you guys will receive today,” Madison mumbled.

Slowly, the random strangers disappeared, and everyone began trying out the dresses. My eyes widen, seeing the girls stripping in front of one another. Madison turned towards me, and her bong bong began thrusting in the air. “What? You’re not going to try on the dresses?” she asked, as I tried my best to maintain eye contact.

I grabbed a dress and went into hiding in a corner. When I took off my shirt, I peeked over to see everyone staring at me. “What?” I asked, hiding my chest.

Madison and Crystal smirked, “Let me see,” Crystal spoke in a playful tone, wagging her fingers in front of her pink bra.

I shook my head and stepped back.

Madison stepped forward. “Come on; we are all females born with similar anatomical parts.”

I glanced at the bathroom door and rushed towards it, attempting to peel it open. “Open! Open!” I screamed. Jasmine is using the toilet. I bang at the door, and it opened.

“Hold her!” Madison shouted. Jasmine immediately wrapped her arms around me.

I screamed so loud; I’m sure the whole building can hear it while the birds flutter in the air.

Sitting in the corner of the room, I cradle myself back and forth. Arms wrapped around my legs, I bite my lower lips.

Madison sat at her vanity table, applying on a red shade of lips - still in her underwear for some inexplicable reason. “Oh, don’t cry, baby. You’re still growing,” she cooed me.

I looked down at my flat chest and mentally cried.

Crystal crossed her legs on the bed while checking out herself in the hand mirror. “Be proud of who you are.” She pushed up her boobs, which is the same size as mine. “If not, there are some functional push up bras over there.”

Jasmine stared at herself in the mirror attached to the wall. “I’m thinking about getting implants,” she said.

I choke on my saliva.

“Why?” Crystal asked, running her fingers through her locks.

“Soccer...Sports...I want people to stop mistaking me as a male,” she said in a dull tone before placing her hands on her chest, which is smaller than mine.

“Who thinks you’re a guy?” I question, still sitting in the corner.

“Everyone,” she turned around. “Like everyone thinks I’m their bro. Once in a while, I like someone to place me in the category of a hoe.”

I blinked a few times, “You want people to think of you as a hoe?”

“It was an expression,” she replied blankly before sitting beside Crystal. “I want guys to like me too.”

I pouted, unable to stop myself from thinking of Josh and Jasmine together. Could it be that Jasmine does like Josh?

“I want guys to stop laughing at me when I tell them I like them,” she confessed.

Crystal put down her mirror. “Confession time?” she gasped, then clapped her hands. “My turn!” She raised it, then straightened herself. “I like it if guys stop looking at me like I’m a hole they can fill.”

“Amen to that sister,” Madison replied. She applied on a new shade of lipstick then turned around. “I like it if people stop saying I can’t take charge of the student council because I’m a fucking female.”

They look at me. “I like it if...I don’t know,” I shrugged.

“Come on! You must have something,” Crystal urged.

I shrugged, “Everyone seems nice here.”

“Of course, because Joshie Pooh can’t do anything wrong, right?” Madison said teasingly, as a mischievous glint wanders inside her eyes. “You all want to see something?”

Everyone leaned in, “What?”

Madison stood up and rushed towards her desk. She pulled out a black laptop and connected it to the flat screen on the wall. “Before Mason left for guys’ night, I may or may not have attached a camera to his glasses.”

“What?” Everyone screamed as Madison did a few clicks on the laptop and a video of Josh, Ahmend, and Tyson popped up. Mason is wearing the glasses, so he isn’t on screen.

Steadily, I crawled away from the corner towards the bedside. I chuckled when I saw Josh arm wrestling with Tyson - clearly winning. Tyson bangs his hand on the wooden table as everyone screams around him. After a few seconds, Josh crushed Tyson’s hand. He groaned and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Oh, fuck you!” Tyson shouted playfully.

Madison microwave some popcorn, “Soda?”

“Water is good for me,” I replied.

“Pepsi,” Jasmine stated.

“Coke,” Crystal mumbled.

After some time, Madison came back with popcorn and drinks. I shoved the popcorn into my mouth. “Isn’t this wrong? To spy on them?” I asked.

“We aren’t spying. We are merely studying males’ true behavior when female species aren’t presented,” Madison replied.

Sounds reasonable. I nodded and turned back to the screen. They didn’t do much except sit around the room and drink alcohol.

“God, this is boring,” Crystal grunted, hanging herself on the bed when they began talking about sports.

“Let’s watch a movie,” Jasmine suggested, and I nodded. Madison leaned towards the screen.

“Hey, out of all the girls. Who do you guys think is the hottest, bangable,” Ahmend asked, and Madison stopped. “For me, it would be Madison,” Ahmend said.

Madison smirked, “Only in your dreams, Laghari.”

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