Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXIX. Winston

Hailey's POV:

“I’m pretty certain if she ever heard you say that. She would reply on the line of - only in your dreams Laghari,” Mason said.

I wonder if its twin telepathy at its work.

“Then, I shall wait for her in my dreams,” Ahmend grinned. He looks at Tyson.

Tyson puckered his lips. “Crystal hot. I would bang her if she didn’t treat me like air..”

“You’re overestimating yourself,” Josh said, hanging his head against the wall as his cheeks turned pink. “She needs air to breathe Acharya.”

They all burst out laughing.

Tyson shook his head, “You guys know what? I’m certain she doesn’t like me because I’m gay.”


Josh takes the bottle away from Tyson, “Yup. You got enough tonight.”

“What about you Everhart?” Ahmend asked Mason.

“I like-” he began humming, “I like Hailey,” he said, and everyone seemed to froze, including me. Why is everyone looking at Josh?

“She’s nice,” he said. “Not too much of a bitch and not too tomboyish.”

“I wonder who is the bitch and who is the tomboy,” Tyson snickered.

“Well, I’m not going to be in a relationship with my sister. That is-” Mason shuttered.

“We aren’t talking about relationship dumbass. We are saying who is the hottest.”

“Oh, Maddy,” he said, and everyone froze again.

“You bet your scrawny ass I’m the fucking hottest,” Madison replied. She placed the can of soda in the air and toasted to Mason’s comment.

“That’s disgusting. You think your sister is hot?” Ahmend shuttered.

“Yeah. I have to or else she would punch me with a cake again.” The screen shakes due to his nodding. Again? At that moment, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of childhood Mason had.

“Let’s stop talking to the person with the sister complex,” Tyson suggested.

“What’s wrong with thinking your sibling is hot?” Mason question. “I mean, I think you are all sexy, bangable.” All the guys scooted further away from the screen. “I call them as I see them” he stated, “Ahmend your mom-”

Ahmend stood up, “Don’t you speak about my mummy with that filthy mouth of yours,” he said in a deadly tone. “I don’t condemn violence, but I will slap the living daylight out of you.”

Mason turned towards Josh, “Your dad-”

Josh place down the can and held his hands over his ear. “I’m not listening,” he hummed.

I couldn’t help but giggle seeing this side of him.

Ahmend looks at Josh, “What about you? Let’s make you feel uncomfortable. Who do you think is the hottest?”

“Why are you even asking?” Tyson snickers.

Josh threw an arm in the air. “Guys.”

“Hailey,” they all sang my name.

I crawled closer to the TV.

Josh groaned, hiding his face with his hands. “Why are you all saying her name? I mean Hailey isn’,” he said. He ran his hand down his forearm, seemingly shifting uncomfortably.

I sat there, staring at the screen, unable to understand my current emotions.

“Who then?” Tyson said tauntingly, while everyone focused on him.

Josh cleared his throat, scratching the nape of his neck. “They’re all just pretty you know. All of them. That’s all.”

“But who is the prettiest?” Ahmend taunts him.

“If I have to pick one. You have to also," Tyson said.

Josh cleared his throat and mumbled.

“Oh, come on! Whom are you kidding? You want to fuck Hailey. Admit it,” Ahmend said.

“I don’t want to fuck Hailey,” Josh threw a pillow at Ahmend before standing up. “I need to take a piss,” he walked out of the bedroom.

“I think you took it too far dude,” Mason said.

Madison turns off the screen. “Well, that was certainly entertaining,” she chuckles.

I continue staring at the black screen attempting to sort out the turmoil emotions inside of me.

Afterward, we all went our own ways. I decide to stay with Crystal, instead of going back to my bedroom. "You okay?" Crystal asked.

"Yeah. I mean, why shouldn't I be okay?"

Crystal exhaled softly, "Go to sleep."

Laying on the bed, I stare at the ceiling. I shouldn’t feel this...uncomfortable but I do. It makes sense that Josh doesn’t want to bang bang with me. After all, he doesn’t see me that way. I sigh, rolling to my side and forced myself to go to sleep.

The morning arrived faster than anticipated. When I finish prepping myself in the bathroom, as in, throwing water on my face to wake myself up. I drag my legs out of Crystal’s bedroom seeing her still under the covers.

Exhaling another yawn, I walk back to my bedroom, placing the ID against the door, the lock click. Lazily, I put my hand on the handle and open the door.

I didn’t expect this sight.

This very taunting scenery this early in the morning that forced me to wake up.

A naked guy.

There is an unknown naked guy in my bedroom.

I swallow, seeing inked tattoos of crosses, unknown words, and odd pictures all over his muscular, tanned body. “Who are you?” his voice, deeper then Josh but lighter then most men, a hint of...Italian? He stood there with a boxer in his hand.

“I...I am Hailey,” I forced myself to stare at his auburn eyes.

“Well, Hailey. Mind closing the door? If you haven’t noticed. I’m naked.”

Gently, I close the door and stare at the room plate. This is definitely my room - 143. What I didn’t understand is why is there a naked guy in my room. I shake my head, swiping my ID once more. It must be a mistake, a delusion.

I open the door to see a guy wearing a pair of blue boxers.

I was right.

I am delusional.

There isn’t a naked guy in my bedroom; he is wearing boxers.

The guy exhales and walks towards me. He grasps my wrist and pulls me inward, slamming the door shut. “I told you to close the door.” My body trembles as his minty breathe brush across my features. The thumping inside my chest only rang louder as I gaze into his eyes.

At that moment, I didn’t know what to do except scream: “Help! Help! Help!” From the top of my lungs. Grasping the rape whistle Josh got for me, I blew on it while pressing the alarm dad brought for me.

The door beep and slammed open, showing a sweaty Josh. His eyes pinned towards the guy holding me. “Who the fuck are you?” he spoke in a lethal tone, before grabbing me and pushing me behind him.

“Who am I? Who the fuck are you two?”

Josh tighten his fists, while I grasp tighter onto his sweatshirt. “Get out of our bedroom before we call security.”

“I should be saying that,” the guy stated, “This is my room.”

We all stayed quiet, but I can still feel the tense hormones in the air. The guy exhales, and walk towards his luggage which was rudely placed on top of our bed. He grasped an envelope and threw it at Josh who reflexes works at its tip-top shape. Josh opened the envelope and scanned the papers inside. I went on my toes attempting to read it, but Josh’s body blocks most of the words. Steadily, he lowers the documents. “You’re-”

“Ricardo Winston.”

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