Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXX. Lemme at Him

Hailey’s POV:

“Who?” Josh squished his eyes, analyzing the guy in front of us.

“You don’t know who I am?” Ricardo questions. He crossed his arms and allowed them to flex towards divination.

“Am I supposed to know who the fuck you are?”

Ricardo crunches his jaw from side to side as he steps in front of Josh. “This is my bedroom. Get the fuck out.” He glanced behind Josh, deep brown pinning at me. “You too. You little pervert.”

I cover my mouth, muffling the excess gasp. “I am not a pervert! This is our bedroom. You’re the pervert! Breaking into other people’s bedrooms and being naked and all that!”

“Yeah!” Josh quickly agreed with me, “Why are you breaking into our bedroom being all nak-” he paused and turned towards me, ”Naked?”

I quickly nodded, “That pervert flash at me!”

Josh scooted me further back, “What the fuck! Breaking and entering is one thing, but to flash your small jerky stick at my girl?” He covered my eyes.

“Small jerky stick?” Ricardo’s voice sounded offended. I lowered Josh’s hand, and Ricardo scoffed, “You two were the ones who broke into my bedroom. I mean, there is one fucking bed in here, and unless you two are fucking. This is my bedroom.”

“We are not boom booming!” I clarified, not wanting any misunderstanding. I smacked Josh’s arm, “Tell him, Josh! Tell him how we aren’t engaged in such activities.”

Josh side glance at me, “Yes,” his tone somehow dulled. “Currently, we are not engaged in such activities.”

“See!” I point a finger at Ricardo. “We just happened to sleep in the same bed without any baby-making activity.”

Ricardo grabs a pair of pants from his suitcase and slips them on. “That is fucking weird.”

“No! It’s not. Josh’s parents sleep in the same bed before with each other without doing it.” Boom! “My parents didn’t do it until they are mar-”

Josh grabbed my shirt and pulled me back. “Are you seriously believing what you’re saying?” he whispered, eyeing Ricardo.

“Why not?”

“Hailey. My parents, including me, have like eight kids. I think I lost count a long time ago.”

Ricardo grabs a few shirts and smells them before throwing on what I presumed to be a clean one.

“Your mom told me that she and your father slept together before they got into a relationship.”

“True. But, you do know that your mom was pregnant with you before marrying your dad, right?”

My brows crunched, “She was?”

“Wait. You didn’t know?”

“Oi,” Ricardo said, and we turned towards him, “Mind discussing your parents’ love lives elsewhere, other than my bedroom?”

Josh stood up straight and walked towards him. “You better get the fuck out of our bedroom before-”

Ricardo grabbed his shirt and pulled him inward. “Before what; you figlio di troia.”

“Before I fuck up your face.”

Ricardo smirked, “Vai a farti fottere.”

They stood there, head to head, menacingly glaring at once another. Steadily, Ricardo’s eyes roll towards me, causing my heart to skip a beat and not in a romantic way either; more of you’re making me poop my pants kind of way.

“Don’t look at her.”

Ricardo lazily glances back at Josh, “I can look at whoever the fuck I want.”

Josh chuckle, a very brief one before the tip of his tongue poked out of his mouth. Before I could even blink, a fist was thrown in the air. My mouth gap opens and a short shrill escapes when Josh thrashes Ricardo across the face. Automatically, my hands block my mouth from screaming any further.

Ricardo smirks before wiping the edge of his lip. “You little fucking-” before he can finish, Josh threw another fist at him. However, this time, Ricardo dodged it. He grabs Josh’s fist, and without hesitation, he threw his own punch.

“Woah!” I heard Crystal scream, and I turned my head to see her standing there with Louis behind her. There were a few other students behind them. She placed an arm in the air and chanted: “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Please, Crystal. Now, it is not the time!

Not too long after, the students behind us follow her chants. They screamed at Josh to beat up Ricardo. Others chanted for Ricardo to mess up Josh.

After the wave of shock passes, I rush towards the two guys who were brutally throwing fists at one another. Crystal pulls me back by the shirt, potentially choking me. “Are you crazy? You want to get between two guys who probably eat rocks as a meal and stop them from fighting?”

Crystal isn’t wrong. If I enter the fight, I would only get hurt. “We need to stop them!”

She waves a hand in the air. “Josh can take car-” a loud bang caught our attention, and I looked over to see Josh on the floor. Blood was oozing out of his forehead, leaking towards the forming bruise on his cheek. He groans, pressing his hand on his head to potentially decrease the painful pressure.

Instantly, I rushed towards him as Ricardo made his way. He grabbed Josh by the shirt and lifted him in the air. I went on my toes and wrapped my arms around Josh’s head. Ricardo loosened his grip as we fell on the floor. Josh groan and placed his hand on his ribcage. My eyes widened as he spat out blood.

I know my body was shaking because my hands were trembling, “Josh! Josh! Someone call the ambulance!” I cried.

Not too long after, the ambulance arrived, taking Josh to the hospital. I sat beside Josh, who was on the bed with Ricardo across the room. Holding onto his hands, I send Ricardo the nastiest glare I can gather, “If something happened to Josh! You’re going to pa-”

“Excuse you,” Ricardo groaned, lifting his shirt for the EMD to evaluate. The words were stuck in my throat, realizing Ricardo had his own injuries above the tattoos. “He was the one who punched me first.” He gave off another painful grunt when the EMD placed pressure on his bruises. “And all because I look at a girl,” he scoffed, “who isn’t even that hot.”

I inhaled a deep breath, attempting to calm down my emotions. However, a part of myself told me to open the door and throw Ricardo out of the ambulance; while it’s still moving.

“And extremely underdeveloped,” he said, eyeing my body.

That was my breaking point. I threw myself at Ricardo, close in clawing his eyes out, but the other EMD held me back. “Lemme at him! Lemme at him!”

I’m usually not the violent kind, but Ricardo Winston, a guy I met merely an hour ago, knew how to push my buttons.

Settling ourselves in the hospital room. I continued glaring at Ricardo, who was resting on the bed across the room. Josh was still lying on his bed, unconscious at the moment since they were pumping a lot of drugs into him to ease the pain. There were two policemen outside, ready to take action if things go downhill.

“You probably didn’t get the hint, but I am not interested in you,” he said, scrolling through his phone.

I didn’t respond, merely glared.

“Stop looking at his face,” Josh said.

“Joshie Pooh,” I pouted, seeing him slowly attempting to sit up. I helped Josh sit up straight, not missing the eye roll from Ricardo, “You should rest some more.”

He shook his head, “I’m good,” he said, placing a hand on the broken rib, causing my heart to squeeze. I sent Ricardo another glare but chose to pinched my cheeks, causing me to look back at him. “Don’t look at him. His lack of intelligence will make your IQ drop.”

Ricardo scoffed while shaking his head. “Why you-”

Someone cleared his throat, and we all turned towards the door to see Mr.Davenson. One foot at a time, he steps into the room and settles himself on the couch. I watch as the secretary sway behind him, formally locating her position. He crosses one leg above the other and wraps his hands together before releasing a deep breath. “It seems that we ran into some...misplacement,” he cautiously chooses his word.

That sentence is translated into: Paperwork mess up. My bad.

Somehow that sounds sarcastic in my head.

“However, I want to know why the three of you didn’t calmly, like adults, make your way to the school office and properly discuss this minor misplacement? Instead-” his voice raised, “you two choose to disobey the school conducts!”

“Mister Greyson, as the captain of the soccer team and a fellow member of M.I.N.D. I expected more than this type of behavior from you.”

He looks at Ricardo. “Mister Winston, I understand that you’re a new transfer here,” he said. He made his way towards Ricardo’s bed. Ricardo rests there, unwilling to budge or tremble. “I don’t know what they taught you in Italy, but here, this type of behavior is unacceptable.”

Mr.Davenson stood there firm and rigid before fixing his suit. “Do you all know how many years Pandora Academy went without a single physical fight?”

We didn’t respond.

“We never had a physical fight,” he said as the vein on his temple continued popping.

“I called your guardians and informed them of today’s events,” he said.

I can’t believe it, less than a month at school and I’m already in trouble.

Not too soon after, I got a call from my parents. They were relieved that I was okay and assured me that it wasn’t my fault. Perhaps, since I confessed and cried throughout my confession; they didn’t have the heart to scream at me.

“Hailey!” I heard Mrs. Greyson’s voice, and I turned to see her shuffling down the hallway with Mr.Greyson and all of Josh’s brothers behind them. Mr. Greyson’s eyes seem to pop at any second, begging Mrs.Greyson not to run any faster. She grasps my arm. “How is my baby?”

“He’s fine, Mrs.Greyson,” I reassured her. “He’s inside-” I point a finger at the door, and she thrust herself in the room.

“Mom,” Josh said, grunting slightly at Mrs. Greyson’s intense embracement.

“I got the call,” she cries, “Oh, my poor baby.”

Mr.Greyson sighs, pressing his fingers against the bridge of his nose.

After some time, Mrs.Greyson finally calmed down. She hit Josh’s arm, “Mom!”

“Why, you little rascal.” Her personality turned, and she grabbed his ear then twisted it in a gruesome manner. I look down to see some of the boys placing their hands over their ears, face scrunching as if they consume a bitter lemon. They know precisely how Josh feels.

“Mom! Mom! I’m still a patient!”

“Patient? Patient! I heard what you did from Mr.Davenson! A fight? A fight!” She screamed, causing all the boys to take a step back, including Mr.Greyson, “Did I not teach you any better, Joshua Lynn Greyson!”


Josh’s younger brother began snickering, and I couldn’t help but follow along. In the corner of my eyes, I notice how Ricardo was lying on the other side - alone.

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