Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXXII. You're Fine

Hailey’s POV:

“No!” Josh and Ricardo screamed.

“Why not?” Mr.Davenson asked.

“A-Are you crazy?” Josh spluttered.

He lifted a brow. “Eccentric,” he corrected Josh before standing up. Mr.Davenson settles against the corner of the desk. “Is it not a good idea to you, Mister Greyson?”

Josh stood up, “Of course not!”

It’s not a good idea for me either.

Why doesn’t anyone ask how I feel about this situation?

“Fine,” Mr.Davenson responds.

Josh slump back down on the chair. “Thank you,” he threw an arm upward.

“Miss Vaughn and Mister Winston could be roommates together,” Mr.Davenson said, causing Josh and my eyes to widen.

That is an even worse idea.

“What?” we screamed simultaneously. Ricardo continued to sit there.

Mr.Davenson settles down on his chair and opens a folder. “Since Mister Greyson is against rooming with Mister Winston. I got no choice but to separate you two.” He points a finger at Josh and Ricardo before pulling the fingers apart.

“Why does Hailey have to room with him, though?” Josh asked.

Yeah, why does Hailey have to room with him?

“Because your room has a single bed,” Mr.Davenson folds his hands together. “Did you two know you only have one bed?”

I glanced at Josh and who looked downward. Steadily, his body maneuvered down as his legs extended. He held his chin against his knuckle and bit his thumb, “Oh.”

“May I know why there is only one bed in your bedroom?” Mr.Davenson asked. Since Josh wouldn’t answer, he looks at me.

“Because...I can’t afford a bed,” I whisper in a low tone.

He looks at Josh, who stares at the painting to his left.

Mr.Davenson clears his throat. “Since Mister Greyson was in that room first. It seems fitting for you to stay in that bedroom. Unfortunately, I cannot allow Miss Vaughn to stay since there is only one bed. Hence, I will move Mister Winston and Miss Vaughn to a different dormitory since the Golden Dorm is full.” He looks at Ricardo, “Are you okay with that?”

Ricardo looks at Josh, who was glaring at him. He smirks, “Not a problem with me.”

“Any objections?”

I was too stunned to say anything.

“No! No! No!” Josh profoundly rejected the proposal. I’m quite sure if I could speak, I would reject it too.

“Then, what do you suggest?” Mr. Davenson’s question.

I looked at Josh and pleaded for backup.


Sitting on my spinning chair, I sigh. I grab the hem of my shirt and pull it over my legs. I rest my chin against my knees and stare at the strange men entering and exiting the bedroom to install the bunk beds.

I glance to my side to see Josh sitting on his spinning chair, arms crossed, and a massive pout on his face.

Mr.Davenson stepped inside and nodded in approval of the new bunk beds, “Good,” he said and looked around. “Anyone got any problems?”

Josh continued sulking.

Ricardo steps forward, “I want to sleep at the top.”

Josh glared at him, “I don’t fucking care.”

“Language,” Mr.Davenson warned him. “Now, I expect each of you to sleep on your own bed,” he looked at Josh, who sulks even further. He didn’t try to hide his displeasure towards the situation. Mr.Davenson shook his head before stepping out of the bedroom.

When the men finished installing the bunk bed and carrying in the smaller bed, they closed the door, leaving only the three of us.

After a few seconds, Josh stood up, “Let’s go, Hailey,” he said. Before I can respond, Josh grabs my wrist and pulls me towards the door.

When we reached the local park, I continued eating the ice cream Josh brought for me earlier while he paces back and forth, complaining about Ricardo. He places his hands on both sides of his head. “Like I cannot believe we have to room with him for the whole year! I can’t believe urg!” He was too frustrated to form a sentence.

Josh settles beside me as I scoop another strawberry ice cream into my mouth. “Can you believe him?”

I nodded but didn’t say anything. I hum in the delight of the cooling sensation.

“Hailey,” Josh snapped. “Are you listening to me?”

I glance at him before pulling the spoon out of my mouth, “Of course.”

He stood up and shook me by the shoulders, “You’re not listening to me!” he groaned. “Hailey!”

“Okay! Okay!” I didn’t want to bicker with Josh. I place the ice cream down, “But, in my defense. Josh, you’ve been talking about how bad Ricardo is for like three hours! Maybe-”

He places a finger in the air, “Don’t.”

“Maybe if we try to get to know him.”

“Don’t say it.”

“He wouldn’t be so bad.” Yes, I said it.

“I am not talking to the guy who violated your eyes.” He circulates his hands near my face, and I slap it away, “And broke my rib.”

I shrugged, “You did hit him first.”

“Hailey! Are you on his side or mine?” He whined.

I rolled my eyes, “Joshie Pooh.”

“Don’t you call me Joshie Pooh after you rolled your eyes. Now, answer the damn question.”

I sigh, “Your side, of course.”

“Don’t you say you’re on my side after you sig-”

I shove the ice cream into his mouth, and he stops talking, “Josh. Shush,” I said. I’m near my breaking point. “Just try to get to know him. Okay?”

He licked the spoon and took another scoop. “Why are you defending him?”


“No, mamma...I understand. Uncle is here. So, I’m not lonely.”

“How’s your health?”

“Mamma...I don’t hate you.”

“How long are you going to keep her there?”

“She’s miserable, and you know it. That’s why her health keeps getting worse each year.”

“Get out!”


“I’m not defending him,” I said, taking my cup of ice cream away from Josh. “I’m just saying...give him a chance. Maybe...he isn’t that bad.”

Josh continued to look at me. He doesn’t trust my answer.

“You guys got off on the wrong foot, but least try to be civil?”

He sighs, sliding his body downward and crossing his arms. “Fine. I’ll try to be civilized.” I smiled. “But only because you asked me.”

After Josh and I finished the ice cream, we decided to walk around the park a little while longer before going back to the dorm.

“I need to use the restroom,” I told him when we passed by a small coffee joint. He nodded and settled at a table while I walked towards the bathroom.

Checking all of the stalls, I walk towards an empty one. Locking the stall, I inhaled a deep breath before settling myself beside the toilet. I went on my knees and closed my eyes. Placing a finger inside my mouth, I deepen it until it hits the back of my throat.

A rush of nausea ran through me immediately, and I vomited everything I ate with Josh earlier. The past year, when I was trying to lose weight, my parents disapproved of my methods. I realized that the training camp was not enough. However, I didn’t want my parents to worry about me. So, I devised this method.

When I was in middle school, I heard how a girl would throw up after eating a meal in the bathroom stalls.

She’s pretty.

She’s skinny.

She isn’t fat, like me.

So, I thought...why not?

I held my hands against the toilet seat as the tears drizzled from my eyes. After a few seconds, I exhale and slump against the cold tiles.

“Why would you even eat that ice cream? You’re fat enough, Hailey.”

“I’m not fat,” I whispered to myself. I placed a hand on my flat stomach.

“Fatty Hailey. Fatty Hailey.”

“You’re not fat anymore,” I refuse to look at the content inside the bowl and flush it immediately.

“Fatty fatty Hailey is a fatty.”

“You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re fine.”

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