Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXXIII. Being Civilized

Hailey’s POV:

After some time, I stood up and walked towards the sink. Looking at myself in the mirror, I noticed my hair was a mess, and my face was paler than usual. Turning on the sink water, I splash it on my face and grab the paper towel. After I clean my face, I look at the mirror once more and practice my smile.

Inhaling a deep breath, I open the door and walk out of the restroom. Josh looked up from his cell phone. “What took you so long?” He asked, shoving it into his back pocket before he stood up.

I chuckled and scratched my head. “I was playing a game on my phone and forgot about the time.”

Josh shook his head before karate chopping my head lightly. “How many times do I have to tell you?”

I groaned, “No playing games while sitting on the stool,” I pout my cheeks, still tasting the light bitterness. “Geez. You sound like your mom,” I grumbled before walking away.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Take that back! I do not sound like my mother!”

Not too long after, we were back in the dorms. Standing inside the bedroom, I glance at Josh, who resumes his pouting.

Ricardo was sitting on the top bunk across from us. From what I have seen, he had made himself comfortable with the messy sheets and wrinkled pillowcase. I tilt my head, seeing an old teddy bear in the corner of the bed. Looking back at Ricardo, he stared at me with pure intensity, challenging me to question the stuffed animal. I decided not to ask about it.

I elbowed Josh’s waist, causing his upper body to move slightly. He exhales through his nostrils before lifting his hand towards Ricardo.

“What do you expect me to do with that?” Ricardo asked.

“I am making an alliance.”

Ricardo leaned forward, legs dangling on edge. “An alliance?”

“Yes, since we are all living together for the next year. We should try to-” Josh stopped talking and began grumbling, so I elbowed him once more, “try to be civilized.”

Ricardo laughed, a burst of legitimate uproar laughter. “You know, I’ve heard things about your father, Greyson,” he said, and Josh lowers his arm, twisting it with one another in front of his chest. He waits for Ricardo to speak further. “You’re nothing like him. Are you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re quite...dull compared to your father.”

Josh’s mouth formed into somewhat of a smile, a crooked one as he ran his tongue across his cheek. Ricardo leaped off the top bulk and held out his hand, causing Josh to lift a brow. “Look. I don’t like you. You don’t like me. Your family doesn’t like mine, and my family isn’t too fond of yours.”

After some time, I realized that it wasn’t a surprise for the Greyson and the Winston to know each other. After all, the Greyson leads the international shipment center, and Winston is one of the powerhouses in Europe. Yes, I did a bit of research between them after discovering that their families know each other. However, I didn’t think they didn’t get along.

“We both know that’s a fact,” Ricardo continued speaking. “However, I promised someone important that I won’t cause any more trouble, and from your mother’s reaction, she wouldn’t want you to be in any more fights either. I’ll do my business, and you continue yours.”

Josh’s eyes narrowed, somehow in a deep threatening sense, which is odd. Josh’s personality isn’t like this; he isn’t the ruthless type.

Josh grasps Ricardo’s hand. “Remember where you stand. This isn’t Italy.”

A chuckle seemingly left Ricardo’s throat before his eyes skew towards me, “Don’t worry. I’m the type who understands my boundaries. Plus, I’m not into stupida bionda.”

Before I can grasp what happened, Josh held Ricardo by the collar, “Don’t you fucking disrespect her.”

I held Josh’s wrists, not understanding what happened. I thought they were coming to terms. “J-Josh!”

“And here, I thought you would be happier,” Ricardo pushes Josh back, causing him to stumble slightly. “You should watch that temper of yours, Greyson,” Ricardo said. He grabbed his leather jacket and walked out of the door. He turns around, “Nothing blind people like rage.”

Josh scoffed while I attempted to understand the situation.

“Josh! What was that?” I yelled.

“He-” Josh puff his cheeks while I wait for him to finish, “He is a fucking asshole,” he grumbled before walking towards the bathroom. Josh closed the door, and the shower water began rumbling.

“What is going on?” I threw both hands in the air. “Why are they acting as if they are on their period?” I groaned, tilting the upper half of my body backward. My feet twirl to the other side of the room, and I realize there is a single bed for me.

I gasp, completely forgetting about the bickering between Ricardo and Josh. “I get my own bed,” I whisper underneath my breath before rushing towards it. Immediately, I leap on the bed and flop my body on the clouds.

When the stars came out, I continued chewing on my pencil as Josh and Ricardo began their nightly routine. I held the sheets over my body, attempting to read the textbook in front of me. Ricardo was on one side of the room, spinning on his chair. Earlier, when he came back, his body smelled like smoke. I concluded that Ricardo smokes. Josh was on the other side, throwing a ball up the ceiling. It must be nice, to be them, to either not care or smart enough not to study.

I exhale, staring back at the book while sending a short prayer. Ricardo and Josh went to bed soon enough while I still tried my best to memorize the human bones. Taking a few blinks, I turn my head to see the time; 2:12 am. I ran my hands down my face, knowing it’s useless for me to study any further.

I closed the book, setting it on the nightstand, and turned off the lamp. Making myself comfortable, a yawn lingers in the air before I find the right position.







My body jolted, feeling an arm sliding across my waist. Instantly, I bolt back and turn my body—a hand covering my mouth before I can scream while a body leaps on top of mine. Taking a few blinks, my eyes adjusted to the darkness, seeing a pair of ocean eyes.


He grinned, a genuinely mischievous one before he leans his head closer to my ear. The thudding inside my chest rings inside my mind. “Shhh. We wouldn’t want to wake up our new roomie.”

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