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XXXVI. Spoon Me

Hailey’s POV:

I sigh, pressing my head against the cool cafeteria table. Never would I expect to work with two people who probably hate me. Taniyah Sosa, understandable, since I did bother her. Ricardo Winston, again reasonable, since I was the reason why he got suspended before even starting school.

Josh continues running his fingers through my hair, attempting to coo me. I notified him about my situation earlier. He said he would try his best to be there for me whenever I meet Ricardo and Taniyah. However, with his school duties, I doubt he can be there often.

“So, Vaughn, are the rumors true. I didn’t know you were that type of girl,” Ahmend said.

“What rumors? What type of girl?” I asked, planting my chin against the table.

Josh smacks the back of Ahmend’s head. “Don’t you call her names.”

Ahmend feels the back of his head. “I’m just joking.”

“What rumors?” I asked once more.

Crystal shot Ahmend a nasty glare, silently telling him to shut up.

“What rumors?” I demanded an answer.

Ahmend cleared his throat before looking away. “It’s just...words been going around how-” he scratched the back of his head, and Crystal smacked his arm. “What? I didn’t know she didn’t know! Are you two sure you’re cousins and not twins?”

Crystal and Josh look at each other. “Ew. No. I never want-” they stop synchronizing.

“Don’t know what?” I was feeling antsy at this moment.

“You. Josh. Ricardo. The three of you are-” he grabs the bun on Josh’s plate and places it on top of his hot dog.

“You’re doing it all wrong,” Crystal clarifies.

“Oh right,” he threw away the bun and grabbed the hot dog on Josh’s plate, then slipped it in the hot dog bun, “that.”

To think he is a Prince...Royalty.

Madison appeared from behind and smacked him in the head, the exact place Josh hit him, causing his face to grimace harder than ever. “May I remind you, Hailey is fourteen,” she stated. She sat down with Mason.

Mason adjusted his glasses and sat there, pretending to be air.

Madison planted her cheek against her palm. “So, what’s going on? I heard this Winston kid is messing up my school mojo, and I hate it when something is out of order.”

“Why don’t you tell Mr.Davenson to expel him? You’re his favorite student, after all,” Josh grumbles. He kicked his fruits back and forth with his fork. I know Josh dislikes Ricardo, but I never knew his hatred was that deep.

“Yeah! Expel him! He got me in trouble!” said the girl who punched him earlier. Crystal is the type that talks with her fists, not her mouth.

“I kind of like him,” Ahmend smiles, “He reminds me”

“He’s a whore too?” Crystal said, causing everyone to snicker lightly.

“Handsome!” Ahmend smacks the table. “Bad boy type!” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Like me.”

Everyone, including me, couldn’t help but roll their eyes.

Crystal shook her head, “Wow.”

“Finally, open your eyes and see all this fineness?”

“The only thing you manage to turn on is my middle finger,” she grinned, lifting a finger in the air.

We all burst out laughing, but my laughter slowly died down as Jasmine made her appearance. “Hey, guys. Mind if I borrow Greyson?”

Josh stood up and messed up my hair. “I’ll see you later,” he said, grabbing his lunch tray. I watch as Josh throws away his trash and places his tray on the top of the trashcan. Josh and Jasmine began talking about something, and I couldn’t help but twist the skirt on my lap. My eyes continued following them until they disappeared through the double doors.

“I’m going to get some water,” I told Crystal, who nodded.

My legs went slower, the closer I got towards the food stands. “You saw that? It’s Joshua and Jasmine,” a girl whispered.

“It’s JJ. What do you expect? They have been together since freshman year.”

“Together? I thought Joshua got a girlfriend?”

“What? No. Everyone knows Joshua and Jasmine are a thing.”

The discomfort inside my stomach only aches further as I continued listening to the rumors soaring inside the cafeteria. It’s not the first time I heard someone talk about Josh and Jasmine being together. Josh informed me that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but what if he does like Jasmine like the rumors say?

I held a hand over my stomach and quickly escaped out of the cafeteria. Driving my body near the most isolated bathroom in school, I clutched my body over the toilet and vomited all the contents from earlier.

“Keep dreaming, fat pig. Josh would never want to be with you.”

I hate it.

These voices.

Struggling to remove myself from the bathroom stall, I limp towards the mirror. A ghostly reflection made its appearance, and I quickly splash water on myself to wake up. Giving my face a few slaps, I shook my head. The beating inside my chest halted when I heard a toilet flush.

Pinning my eyes towards the bathroom stalled behind me; it opened. Taniyah stepped out of the stall and walked towards the sink. She lifts the handle, allowing the water to gush against the white tiles. Placing her hand underneath the automatic soap dispenser, it gushes out liquids. Taniyah rubs her hands together before putting them underneath the water. After washing out all the dirt, she dried her hands underneath the dryer. I didn’t move, barely breathing.

Did she know what I was doing?

“Taniyah,” I called out for her before she had the chance to leave.

Taniyah exhaled and turned around. “I’m no snitch, so your pretty little head doesn’t have to worry about it.”

I grasp her wrist, causing her to snap back. Hesitantly, I withdraw my hands behind my back. “I know we got off on the wrong-”

“What are you doing?” she snapped, “I told you, I won’t tell anyone. I won’t blackmail you or some shit like that.”

I rub my forearm. “That’s...not it. I-I just want us to-”

“To what? Be friends?”

I twiddle around with my fingers. “I...Yes,” I lower my head. “And...Josh and Crystal aren’t bad. They...really aren’t if you get to know them.”

“And they are willing to give me the time of day?” I look up. “Look-” Taniyah drops her head momentarily before glancing at me once more. “I admit. You aren’t that bad, and I wouldn’t mind having brunch with you under different circumstances.”

“Then why don’t we?” I suggested, remembering how brunch is a normal thing at this school.

“But, I can’t say the same with the people associated around you. They’re self-entitled, egotistic, and frankly a bit too much for me to handle.”

“So, the answer is no?”

She releases a deep breath. “No.”

I nodded slowly, hanging my head down low.

“But, if you want, we can text.”

I smile, “Really?”

Taniyah nodded, and we began exchanging numbers. That was the moment that shifted my life, the time when I finally made my first friend from Pandora Academy. Someone I don’t know from childhood.

Taniyah lifted her hand, and I leaned back slightly. She points at my face. “You still got some vomit,” she said, and I quickly wiped it off. “I don’t know what you’re going through, but this isn’t the solution,” she said before walking out the door.

Laying on the bed, I roll back and forth, waiting for Taniyah’s reply.

Tani: No. I’m busy.

Twinkie: What about Friday?

Tani: No.

“Who are you texting?” Josh asked.

I look up, seeing him hovering over my shoulder. Quickly, I cover the phone screen. “No one.” I’m not sure whether or not I should tell Josh about Taniyah. She dislikes being in the spotlight, and I don’t want to lose her.

He narrows his eyes. “Suspicious response.” He crawls on all four on my bed.

Immediately, I retracted myself against the bed frame. “No! No! Privacy!” I press my phone farther into my chest.

Josh exhales before flopping on his back. “I’m losing you already,” he grumbled before rolling himself into a burrito with my blanket.

I put down the phone and rest beside the burrito. “Joshie Pooh,” I poke the large roll who refuses to respond.

I wrap my limbs around him. “It’s not like that, you know. You’ll always be my number one. It’s just...since I’m in high school now. I want to be a bit more independent, you know?”

Josh poked his head out of the burrito wrapping. “I’m your number one?”

I nodded.


I nodded faster.

He de-burrito himself then wraps the blanket around me and tangles us together inside. I swallow, feeling Josh’s hard body pressed above me. His mischievous eyes twinkle as a cunning smile made its way onto his slightly chubby cheeks, showing off his cute button. The temperature heightens as his minty breath scattered across my face.

Josh said something, but I was too enchanted to hear it.

“Wait. What did you say?” I asked.

“I said, be careful who you associate with, okay? Pandora Academy may seem all preppy and nice on the outside, but it can be dangerous.”

I smiled and nodded, “I’ll be careful. This friend of mine is actually really nice. She is...just awkward.”

Josh smiled before pinching my nose and unwrapping us. I exhale, feeling the fresh air layering on me. “Where’s Ricardo?” I asked, noticing it was late.

Josh tucked his hands behind his head. “Who cares.”

“You really don’t like him.”

“Wow. What makes you think that?”

I rolled my eyes before squishing his nose, which was rewarded with hearty laughter from Josh.

“Are you ready for our date this weekend?”

I grinned, probably an extremely stupid one, before nodding. “You are going to be the luckiest guy this weekend Joshua Lynn Greyson.”

Josh rolls to the other side. “Why do you have to say my full name. You know I hate it.”

I tug my body close to him and stop once my chest touches his back. He grasps my hand and pulls it over his waist. “That’s right. Spoon me.”

Joshua Greyson will be the death of me.

The weekend rolled around, and it was time for the Golden Party.

The party starts so well too. Josh picked me up and told me I’m beautiful. He even brought flowers, and we slow danced together. How in the world did I end up in the locker...with Ricardo?

I know my parents told me not to say bad words, but that night I couldn’t contain myself: “What the fuck, Ricardo! Move your hand!”

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