Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XXXVIII. Murdered

Hailey’s POV:

“Wow, this seems so real,” Crystal commented, and I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

He thrust the wooden chair back and forth.

“Hold him down,” Madison said.

Mason and another guy went behind him, each planting a hand on his shoulder. They proceed in tying him onto a pole-like structure.

The muffled sound seemingly increased: “Elp! Elp!”

My heart was pounding loudly as the whispers escalated around me. I held onto Crystal’s arm. “That guy doesn’t seem like he is enjoying it.”

“This is just a show,” Crystal snorted. “He’s an actor. Of course, he has to act like he doesn’t like it.”

My eyes widen when Madison grabs some knives. She said some words into the mic, but I couldn’t hear it; all I’m focusing on is the tied man. He cried genuine tears as Madison walked away. Then, she stopped; the spotlight focused on her.


The knife landed between his legs.

Everyone clapped.

I grip onto Crystal tighter.

“So, fucking cool,” she would say.


Another knife.

Above the head.


Barely missed his left ear.

The crowd got wilder.

I swallowed, “I need to use the restroom,” I said. I wasn’t interested in watching this horrific scene anymore.

Making my way towards the double doors, I look around for Josh, who seemingly disappeared.

Inside the restroom, I washed my face with cold water, grateful that I used waterproof makeup.

Then, sirens.

What’s going on?

I wiped my face off with a paper towel, cautiously scraping off the minimal amount of makeup that decided to be rebellious, and made my way back into the double doors.

Muffled sounds could be heard.

“Everyone. I repeat. Everyone will stay inside this auditorium until further notice.”

“What’s going on?” Madison asked.

I made my way through the crowd and towards Crystal, who seems as confused as me.

Then, I look forward.

There, he is.

Sitting there.

Covered in knives and blood.

“Miss, step back.”

“What’s going on here! You’re ruining my party!” Madison shriek.

“Murdered...This man had been murdered.”


“What do you mean murdered?” Madison snapped, “This is a sh-” she grabbed the knife from the man’s body and instantly screamed when the blood poured outward.

As if on cue, everyone screamed.

Including me.

“Settle down!” The man shouted, but we didn’t comply; instead, everyone trample over each other. “Block them! Don’t allow anyone to escape! The murderer is still in the roo-”

That caused everyone to scream louder and push harder.

“Crystal!” I shouted, reaching for her, but a group of people separated us.

Before I knew it, I was inside a room with three other people, all cradling themselves.

One of the guys reached for his phone, and I did the same for mine.

There weren’t any signals.

“Fuck this shit. I’m going home,” another guy said and rushed towards the door. He the hallway.

“I can’t do it,” a girl mumbles, “I can’t go back!”

“Wait...what?” I question.

She jumps out of the window.

“Wait!” I screamed, seeing her land on the ground. Instantly, she rushed towards the woods.

I look back, and the guy cradling himself in the corner of the room was gone.

“But, all of the horror movies said we shouldn’t split up,” I whisper.

And there I stood, inside the dark room, all alone.

The wind rushed inside the room, and I swallowed. I feel like I couldn’t breathe, like someone was choking me. There’s a possibility that someone may choke me later.

I grab my phone and shake it hard, praying I caught some sort of signal.


Something dropped to the ground.

I turn around, making my way towards the sound.

Wait, no.

What am I doing?

That’s the stupidest thing to do.

Instantly, I rushed towards the cabinets and hid inside. I peek through the gap to see a shadow lurking forward.

I grab my phone and mute it.

Yay for watching all those horror movies.

My heart was racing, and all I did was curled into a ball, praying Josh will show up with his karate skills. I grabbed the pepper spray and held it close to my heart.

Then, I remembered.

The rape whistle.

I place it between my lips, debating whether or not I should blow it.

Chances are, the person may leave.

If I do blow it, they will find me and kill me before someone comes.

A choked cry for help lingered inside my throat, and with the soft blowing, I could hear the light squeak of the whistle. I took it out of my mouth and held it firmly in my palm.

The shadow lurks closer and a teardrop.

This seemed like the end of the r-


The fear vanished when I clearly saw the face of my roommate.

I watch as he rummages through the desks, attempting to unlock one cabinet after another. Then, a click. He unlocked it. He searches through the teacher’s desk.

“What are you doing?”

His face snapped towards me, and his brows furrowed together in a displeasing manner. He closed the folder.

“Why are you here?” He rebuttal.

I inched closer to him. “Hiding from a murderer. Why are you here?”

“Me too,” he said quickly.

I grabbed the papers in his hands and gasped, “You’re cheating!”

He covered my mouth, “Why don’t you scream it louder,” he hisses slowly, “And don’t act so innocent. We both know why you’re here.”

I elbowed him and made my escape. “Yes! I’m hiding from a murderer!”

“The only thing being murder here is your family expectation for you to go to college.”

I frown at his statement. Well, that hurts.

“Don’t hide it from me. I saw your last quiz grade. You need these answers too. So, why don’t you just step out of those goody two shoes and admit you’re here for these,” he shoves the papers onto my face.

I pushed it back, “I’m-” I grunted, “Just put those papers back.”

Ricardo scoffed, “And what are you going to do if I don’t?” He laid the tests down and took out his phone.

“I won’t do anything because there are cameras around here, stupid! They are going to catch you, cheating!”

He rolled his eyes, “Look again.”

I turned my head towards the camera, and my eyes narrowed, unable to see the blinking red lights.

“The powers shut down a while back, Einstein.”

I whip my head around and pointed a stern finger, “You-”


“Shit. Someone is coming,” Ricardo said.


He covered my mouth, “Are you crazy?”


Ricardo grabbed the papers and shoved them in his jacket before kicking the cabinet close. Then, he dragged me towards the lockers in the back of the classroom while I furiously fought him.

This is kidnapping!

He shoved me inside the locker, and with my frozen body, I watched as he climbed inside with me.

“What-” he covered my mouth again.

I can hear it.

A scraping sound.

My eyes widen at the sight in front of me.

There were four people, each with a large sword-like material. Squinting my eyes, I could only see the masquerade masks.

“No one is here; let’s go.”

Three of them left the room.

I stare at the stone-like figure with the gold mask. He pushed a hand inside his pants and made his way towards the desk. The other hand lifted, making its way towards the handle.

The sweats continue to drench through my dress, and I can feel Ricardo swallowing furiously.

Then, a scream.

This is not what I signed up for!

His hand dropped, and he turned towards the door.

I exhale in temporary relief.

He stops and snaps his head towards us.

“Fuck,” Ricardo hissed into my red ear; his hand grips firmly onto the side of my waist.

“Come on!”

Without taking a single step in our direction, he walks towards the door.

I couldn’t take another breath of relief when I felt a hand on my bum. I bit the hand covering my mouth, and he groaned.

“What the fuck, Ricardo! Move your hand!” I did not believe what was coming out of my mouth.

He pushed me out of the locker, and I fell flat on my face.


Ricardo steps out, scouts the area, and makes a run for the window.

“What? What!” I scream louder than I should. Instantly, I got up and made my way towards the glass to see him long gone. “I like you less now!”

Expelling a sharp breath, I smacked the dirt off of the lovely dress and turned around. My heart stops beating when I make contact with the deepest ocean eyes.

“Found you.”

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