Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XL. Failure

Hailey’s POV:

Josh stood behind me, pressing his hands against my waist. His heated body was scorching every inch of my body, and I released a hazy breath. I glanced up, feel his warm breath fogging my neck. “Are you sure?” he whispered into my ear.

I nodded, “I need desperately.”

He gripped his hands tightly, then lifted me.

I smiled and grabbed my favorite box of cereal. He placed me down, and I smiled widely. “Thank goodness you’re here! That box of cereal was way up there!” I pretended to wipe the imaginary sweat off my forehead.

“Ready to study?”

I drop the cereal box, grabbed my backpack, and ran away.

“Hailey!” Josh screamed down the hallway.

“I won’t! I’m not ready!” His study sessions are a hellhole.

“I was talking about la-”

I was already gone.

By the time I got to class, I was out of breath. I settled my backpack down on the ground and was greeted by two familiar-looking people, one that shouldn’t be here. “Crystal?”

“Hi, HayHay,” she smiles widely.

Taniyah continues typing on her keyboard as if everything is normal. The click-clacking sound of each key doesn’t seem to bother anyone. The voices of each person weren’t particularly loud, but it wasn’t quiet either as we all waited for Mr.Timberland.

Taniyah stops typing, “Why are you here?”

“Because my mom thinks going to the same school as my cousin and HayHay will be a good influence on me.”

“Pushing aside that your mom drops you in a boarding school because you’re a spoiled brat aside. I’m asking you why you’re here in this classroom.”

Crystal smiles, “Wow. You’re still such a bitch, but I can’t stop liking you.”

Taniyah glances at me, “You seem so much more tolerable now.”

“Good morning class,” Mr.Timberland walks inside the classroom and closes the door. He places the suitcase on top of the desk and looks up. “How are-” he stops talking when he made eye contact with Crystal.

She places her hand in the air and wiggles her fingers. “Good morning!”

“Crystal Martinez?”

Crystal nods, “Present!”

“Why are you here?”

“Because my mom thinks going to the same school as my cousin and HayHay will be a good influence on me,” she squishes my cheek.

“No, I mean, why are you this classroom?”

“Weird. Tani and I had the same conversation earlier.”

“Oh God, please don’t call me Tani,” Taniyah shook her head.

Mr.Timberland brows furrow together. “Miss Martinez, I’m not sure if you heard about me-”

“Oh, I heard about you,” she winks.

“Then, you must know I’m not the type of person who likes playing games,” he settles his bum on top of his desk. “Why are you here?”

Crystal exhales, before rummaging through her bag. She stood up and handed Mr.Timberland a note before settling back down with cupped hands. Mr.Timberland scans the note before his hand drops to his thigh. “How is it possible for you to get kicked out of a classroom?”

“Well, you know those rumors you always hear of a teacher hating a student?” Mr.Timberland nods. “Well, in my case, my previous teacher hates me alot and wanted me to be expelled!”

My head whips to the side, and I couldn’t help but drop my jaw.

Expelled?! What?!

Mr.Timberland presses his fingers against his seemingly throbbing temples. “And, Principal Davenson wants you here? In this classroom?”

Crystal nods, “He thinks that since HayHay is in here. Most likely, I will work harder to stay here with her,” she hugs me.

“Rumor says we are getting a new laboratory fully donated by the Martinez family,” someone said.

Steadily, Crystal turned around towards the voice. I thought she was going to beat up another person; instead, she smiled, “It’s not a rumor. It’s true. My step-father did indeed bribe the school. You’re welcome.”

“That’s not something to be proud of,” Taniyah said.

Crystal twists her chair towards Taniyah. “Well, because of me, students of Pandora Academy are receiving higher education. Pandora Academy nurtures the future leaders of the world; hence I am aiding the world. That is definitely something to be proud of,” she nods to her own declaration.


The door cracks open, and we all turn out heads towards it.

Mr.Timberland crosses his arms, “Mister Winston, nice to see you finally join us.”

“I woke up late.”

“I can see that,” he gestures a hand towards our table.

Ricardo made his way towards us. He dropped his backpack and sat down. Then, he looks at Crystal. “Why are you here?” His tone doesn’t sound pleasant.

Crystal exhales, “Because my mom thinks going to the same school as my cousin and HayHay will be a good influence on me. So, here I am.”

Ricardo opens his mouth, but then he looks at Mr.Timberland, who shook his head. Then, he closes it and looks away.

“Now, there are two matters I would like to discuss today.” The air suddenly tenses, “The first would be your group projects. I hope you started it.”

The four of us stare at each other.

“What group project?” Crystal mouthed.

I grab the paper outline that Mr.Timberland printed out and slid it towards her. Crystal scanned through it and raised her hand.


“I believe it is unjust for me to participate in this group project.”

“Under what grounds?”

“Under the grounds of - this is my first day in this classroom.”

“Reason rejected.”

Crystal frowned before raising her hand again.

“Whatever it is-” Mr.Timberland discussed, “Talk to me after class.”

“I can’t talk after class,” Crystal responds.

“Why not?”

“Because we only have five minutes to get to our next class. If I stay and talk to you, then I will be late for the other class.”

“I will write you a slip.”

“You will lose time in teaching your next class.”

“Fortunate for both of us, my next class is a free period.”

“I can’t be inside the classroom alone with a teacher. I don’t know what may happen between us.”

Wow. Crystal is really trying to get out of this project.

“The door will be open.”

Crystal dropped her head on the table. I patted her back, “That was a good try,” I attempted to comfort her.

“Second, I would like to discuss upcoming exams.” I wonder who turn down the temperature because it suddenly got cold. “It seems like someone had stolen the key for the exam.”

Silence. Dead silence.

Uncontrollably, my eyes waiver towards Ricardo, who seemed bored of the whole situation.

“Now, if anyone happens to know anything; please, feel free to talk to me anytime. You will be completely anonymous, that I promise.”

Again. Silence.

Mr.Timberland exhales, “Pandora Academy,” he said while unzipping his laptop. “Honesty, Integrity, and Dignity. It’s quite important.”

He took out his laptop, “Well, I’m not upset.” He smiles, “Since I am an amazing teacher. I actually wrote five different exams.”

Everyone grunted.

“But, whoever stole one of the exams can use it as a practice exam. Better yet, share the exam so everyone can practice.”

Everyone grunted even harder.

After I attend all of my classes, it was time to face the nightmare.

Joshie Pooh: Study session?

Hay Bug: Can’t. I need to meet up with my classmates to do a project for Mr.Timberland’s class.

Joshie Pooh: Oh. I remember that. Good luck.

What does he mean by good luck?

I look up from my phone towards the three classmates.

Crystal is playing a game on her phone.

Taniyah is typing on her laptop - like usual, probably playing with stocks.

Ricardo is sleeping.

Then, half an hour pass.

“Shoo. I lost,” Crystal mumbles, “Stupid kid from Japan.”

“Um-” No one was paying attention to me. “Shouldn’t we start discussing the project.”

Taniyah exhales, “Fine. What do you guys want to do?”

“We should create a fashion company!” Crystal suggested.

“Overdone,” Taniyah responds.

“How about a magazine company?”


“Real estate?”

“We’re supposed to start this company from the ground up, and the deposit itself is too much. Plus, the return rate takes too long.”

“What about developing something new?” I suggested.

“Such as?”

I shrug, “Robots are cool.”

“We’re going to fail,” Taniyah said.

Crystal exhales, and turn her head towards Ricardo. She grabbed an eraser and threw it at him, “Yo. Spaghetti, wake up.”

He grunted and turned his head.

She threw a pencil.

“I fucking swear. If you throw-”

She threw a highlighter.

He sat upward and glared at her.

Crystal smiles, “Good morning, spaghetti.”


“Well, it would be nice if you contribute to our group project,” Crystal stated.

Ricardo exhales, and leaned back, “Fine. Where are we?”

Somehow, it feels like Ricardo is getting used to Crystal taunting like behavior. I give him props. He is a fast adapter. “We need an idea,” I said.

He stares blankly at the three of us, “You mean, we been here-” he looks down at his phone, “for nearly two hours and there isn’t a hint of an idea what we will do?”

“We didn’t want to make the final decision without you,” Crystal said.

“What idea do we have so far?” Ricardo question.

Crystal hands him a piece of paper. I didn’t even know she took notes.

The paper is blank.

“Those are our ideas!” She said proudly.

Ricardo looks at all three of us, “We are going to fail.”

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