Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XLI. Drag Away

Hailey’s POV:

“Well, what’s success without a little failure? Am I right, spaghetti?” Crystal nods vigorously to herself. “Since we fail today. Let’s meet again tomorrow for success.” She quickly packs up her stuff and dashes for the door.

“Well-” Taniyah closes her laptop, “I’m out.” She left.

I look at Ricardo. “Bye,” he said and left.

At least, he is nice today. Usually, he wouldn’t even say anything when he leaves. That nap must have put him in a good mood.

I play my fingers on the empty sheet of paper, “Well...You’re still here, Hailey. You can do it. You don’t want to fail and not go on the trip with Josh.”

I got nothing.

I drag my failure self back to the dormitory.

“Hi, Hailey!” Austin chirps.


“How is the project for Mr.Timberland’s class?” I told Austin about the class project before. I hope he will give me some pointers on how to make a company. He said he only played a minor role in creating the company. Business is not his forte.


I drag my legs towards the elevator.

It dings, but it wasn’t my floor.

“Hey, Hailey!” It sounds like Ahmend. “A few other people and I are going to the pool. You in?” I can hear feet shuffling around me.


“What’s wrong with her?” A girl whispered.

“Mr.Timberland’s company project.”

Various of: “Ooooh,” surrounds me.

The elevator dings, and I drag my legs out.

“Well, if you and Josh change your minds. We’ll be on the roof!”


I stop in front of the door, feeling an ominous sensation. I snapped my head around to see no one. Steadily, I unlock the door, and it creaks open. It’s dark. I took one step after another while reaching for the light.


I scream, slamming my body against the wall. All the content in my back fell out. “What the dragon nut?! What are you doing?!”

The lights turned on, revealing an annoying face. “Did you see your face?!” he shouted, pointing a finger at me. “You were like-” he stops talking, then squishes his head back, widening his eyes and mouth, attempting to imitate me.

I was unamused and itchy to punch his face.

When we are in public, Josh always catches many people’s eyes. They would always think he is cool, intelligent, mature, or intimidating. But, when we are in private, he would behave like this.

Josh was rolling on the floor, snorting like a pig uncontrollably while his shirt tucked on top of his head.

“Why?” I whispered.

Josh’s laughter finally died down, and he rested all four limbs on the carpet. His hair swayed across his ocean blues, and he smiles. My heart thumped when his dimple came into view. “Because it’s funny,” he would say.

I grab all my stuff and step on his stomach.

He grunted, rolling himself into the fetal position, “No sense of humor today, I see.”

I placed all the stuff on the desk and sat down on the rolling chair. Josh came over and massaged my shoulders, “There. There. Relax. I got you.”

I smile, “My feet ache too.”

He nods, “I will massage those too.”

Soon, we made it to bed.

I laid on my back as Josh massaged my feet. “God, that feels good.”

He chuckled and shook his head.

I rest an arm over my eyes, “I don’t want to go to school anymore. School is too hard.”

“Shall we drop out together and be hobos underneath a fine bridge?” He suggests.

“Don’t tempt me,” I took away my arm, seeing Josh with a smiling face. “What did you do your project on for Mr.Timberland’s class?”

“Gardening and Landscaping.”

“Wait...What? Did you just say gardening and landscaping?”

He nods, “Yeah. My partners and I cut peoples’ yards for like three months. We took data on how many yards we cut, hours inputted, price ranges according to the locations, expenses cost it took to set up the company, etc. etc.”

“How did it work out?”

“We got a B. According to Mr.Timberland, it was a good idea, but it’s been monopolized across the states. We couldn’t firmly establish a company, particularly since our charges were too high compared to the pay rate of workers who physically did the yards for half the prices because the majority of them are immigrants. In conclusion, if we were to create the company in a real-life setting, we would only traffic half or less then half of the actual pay.”

I nodded, “That’s not a bad idea.”

He shrugs, “I knew we weren’t going to get an A.”

“Then, why did you agree to it?”

“Easy work. Easy data. Easy passing grade. I calculated that even if I got a B on the projects, as long as I A’s two of his three exams. I would get an A.”

I clapped slowly.

“Thank you. I appreciate the non-sarcasm in your response.”

I smile, “Will always be here when you need it.”

He laughs, “Did you eat yet?”


My stomach growls.


“Okay. Maybe, I’m a bit hungry. Just a little bit.”

He exhales before crawling towards me. My hair blew as Josh flops beside me, “Please, take care of yourself.”

I turn to my side, “I am taking care of myself.”

Steadily, his lip curls into a sweet smile. “You’re beautiful. You know that?”

His declaration was so sudden that it caused my heart to race a thousand miles. Okay, that may be exaggerating, but it did suddenly feel hot.

So, of course, to his sudden declaration. I responded the best way I could think of: “I want to eat Chinese food.”

Josh dropped the awkward topic and took us towards a casual Chinese restaurant.

“This place has really awesome Chinese food.”

Okay, maybe it’s not so random.

We headed inside the restaurant, and to our doom and gloom, we met our roommate.

He sat there, in the middle of the empty restaurant, eating chow mein.

The chopsticks were halted halfway in the air, still with the noodles tangled on the ends.

I’m impressed.

He knows how to use chopsticks.

The three of us started a staring competition until a man greeted us and conveniently sat up across from Ricardo.

We ordered tea and a few dishes.

“Maybe, we should all sit together,” I said.

Josh halted his chopsticks - yes, he also knows how to use chopsticks. I’m not envious at all. “Why?”

“He...seems lonely.”

Josh tilted his body, then went back to his original position, “I think loneliness suits him that dark, mysterious persona he’s going for.”

I turn around, seeing Ricardo sipping on soup. He glanced upward, and his eyes squished. He dropped his spoon, stood up, and paid.

I look back, “I feel bad.”

“You feel bad when you find out you killed bugs whenever you walk, but you got over that.”

“Josh! You’re really mean right now,” I threw the towel on my lap down and stood up. “And I never got over it! I just pretended I did!”

“Where are you going?”


“Why are you upset?”

“I’m not upset! Why would I be upset that you decided to bring up an embarrassing part of my past!”

I actually had to pee.

Once I finished washing my hands, I realized the restroom didn’t have paper towels. I wipe it on my clothes and walk out.

I got dragged away from my route.

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