Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XLIII. Private Tutors

Hailey’s POV:

A girl pushes me back, and my shoulder crashes against the lockers, causing a loud bang to echo throughout the room. The girls around me smirked while keeping a round distance, not allowing me to escape.

“Excuse me, but that was rude,” I responded. My lips tilted downward into a frown.

The girl shoved her hands into her pocket as the lollipop inside her mouth skewed from one direction into the other. She tilted downward, popping the candy out of her pale lips. “Yeah...and what are you going to do about it?”

This happens.

Let’s say not everyone at Pandora Academy approves of me.

There was a scowling sound on my side. “Look. She thinks she’s all good because our Joshua pays a bit of attention to her?”

My eyes narrowed as my grip tightened around my books. “He’s not your Josh,” my tone was bland.

“Joshua belongs to everyone, not just you, slut.”

“Noun. A woman who has many casual sexual partners,” I respond, I did not have a good day today. With the past suddenly re-emerging and the fact I bombed all my exams, I was in a terrible mood.

Her head tilted, a single chuckle leaving her mouth. “What?”

“That’s the definition of the word slut. Synonyms would be promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore, floozy, tramp-”

She crosses her arms, “I know what slut means.”

“If you truly know what it meant, then you wouldn’t have misused it.”

She snorts, “We all know you slept with Josh, you slut.”

I smirk, tilting my head slightly while batting my lashes. “Yes, many times.”

Of course, we don’t sleep sleep together, but we do sleep together.

“What to know a secret?” I whispered while everyone stayed quiet, as their eyes narrowed with curiosity. “I was the first girl who slept with him too,” I sighed, placing a hand on my chest, feeling the erratic heartbeat, knowing it’s not a good idea to make a bunch of wealthy girls mad. “I remember how he laid on my chest, telling me not to leave.”

That was actually my oldest memory of sleeping with Josh. It was when I was five, and he was seven. There was a thunderstorm, and Josh clung to me all night and begged me not to leave.

The girl to my side flinches forward, holding a fist in the air, looking as if she was about to throw a punch until the girl in front of me stopped her. “Enjoy it while you can, Vaughn, but you’re a nobody. Soon, Joshua will realize it.” She took a step forward while I stumbled back until I couldn’t go back any further. “All because you’re in a fancy dress doesn’t make you a princess. Know your fucking place, commoner.”

Even though I’m not a scholarship student, everyone knows my family isn’t wealthy. It’s not hard to put the pieces together in why I’m able to attend such a prestigious school.

I bit my lower lips as my hand curled into a fist, viciously inhaling her vanilla scent through my nostrils.

“What’s going on here?” Josh’s voice leaps through the hallway as his eyes trance towards all of us. Steadily, the girls opened up a path for him and Mason, who was still as quiet as always. Josh grabbed my shoulder, tilting me towards him, and my eyes met with his. “Everything okay?”

I bit my inner cheeks, “No. Everything is not okay.”

Instantly, I turn towards the girl from earlier and grab her by the shoulder. Her brows furrowed, and I slammed my fist across her cheek. Her head banged against the lockers as she fell onto the floor, holding onto her face. The girls rushed towards her while I blew my blonde hair from my face.

“He doesn’t belong to anyone.”

I know I’m going to have to make another visit to the principal’s office.

I turn towards the other girl, “I may not be a princess, but at least I have class.” I twist my body towards Josh, who simply gazed at me with a blank look. “Let’s go. I seriously have class, and I think I’m tardy.”

I walk towards class without listening to anyone’s response.

Josh pulled me back, “Hey. What’s wrong with you today?”


He exhales, “Hay Bug, Don’t withdraw from me again.” I look the other way. He stepped forward, placing a hand on my cheek and made me look at him. “Please.”

“I failed all my exams,” I bit my lower lip and took a few blinks. “I don’t understand. I studied so hard, and you tutored me really hard, but I still don’t get it.”

Josh exhales and hugs me. “Hey, they’re just tests. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“It means I’m stupid.”

Josh pet my head, “No, you’re not stupid.” He pulls me back, “Look. It just means we need to find a new studying method for you. That’s all. Okay?”

I nod, “Thank you.”

“I really have to go.”

“Next period should be free period, shouldn’t it?”

I shook my head, and with much discomfort, I handed him my red slip - Hailey Vaughn, to room A-4 during free period.

“Wow,” he mouthed, then looked up from the slip. “This doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.”

“It’s red.”

“Red is not always a bad color.”

“When is the color red a good thing?”

“You like strawberries, and those are red.”

I grab my red slips and fold them back into my pocket. I zip my backpack open and hand him my exams. Behind the papers, I can hear him clearing his throat. “Well, we take four exams per class per year, so one not-so-great exam doesn’t mean much.”


“Okay, but-” he smiles, “I have good news about the red slip.”


“Red slips mean you did so poorly that they are willing to allow you to take another exam. Yay!”

“But...But Halloween is coming up. I was going to be a banana this year.”

“We can be an ice cream banana split next year.”

“We were going to go trick or treat at the wealthy houses.” Don’t judge me. I’m fourteen. I’m young.

He pets my head.

When I entered the room, I met with a few expected and unexpected faces.

“Going in?” I turn around to see Mr.Timberland with a wide grin.

Without responding, I took a seat.

Mr.Timberland crosses his arms and exhales as his eyes scan the room. “I had never seen such horrendous exam grades from freshman before.”

Such a statement can never be a good start.

“Now, transitioning from middle to high school can be quite difficult. However, that’s not an excuse for failure. So, I have assigned each of you to a tutor, ensuring you will pass.” He looks at the door, and we all follow, “Tutors come in!”

When I saw Josh walk in, I waved at him. He smiles and waves in return.

My brows scrunched when I saw Crystal.

“Why is she up there?” Taniyah asks.

“Miss Martinez is up there for extra credit.”

“If she failed her exam, shouldn’t she be down here?”

“She needs attendance credits.”

“Wait-” I said, “then that means-”

“Miss Martinez is actually one of our highest-scoring freshmen.”

Crystal flips her hair back, “I know what you’re all thinking. Beauty and brains.”

“Exactly,” Mr.Timberland claps his hands together, “which is the reason why you will personally tutor Miss Sosa.”

“Tani!” Crystal squeals.


“You know if you stop playing with stocks in class. You may have passed your classes. Just a word of advice.”

Taniyah growls in silence.

“Now-” Mr.Timberland lists off tutors to the students. I grin wider and wider when the list of tutors shortens, and Josh is still available.

Then, Mr.Timberland stops talking.

Josh raises his hand, “Um, Mr.Timberland?”


“You forgot me,” Josh looks at me and smiles.

Hesitantly, I raise my hand, “And me.”

“Oh, no, I didn’t.”

“Well, so does that mean Hailey and I-”

Mr.Timberland snickers, “You two think I’m going to put you together? Miss Vaughn, I know who tutored you before the exams, and I must say the results say it all. You two are not good study buddies.”

“Then, who is going to tutor me?” I ask.

The door clicks open, and rhythmic click-clacking of heels made its appearance. “Ah, and here is your tutor.”

“Madison?” I question.

Madison lifts a hand and wiggles her fingers.

I’m afraid.

“Then, who am I going to tutor?” Josh question.

Madison bursts out laughing, “This is going to be good,” she said. “Because guess who I ran into outside.” Madison twisted her head and took a step aside.

Oh, the world is ending.

“Mister Greyson, I believe you are familiar with-”

“Ricardo? You want me to tutor Ricardo Winston?!”

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