Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XLIV. Swing

Joshua’s POV:

No matter how stimulating it sounds, waking up with a boner slapping against your lower abdomen is never fun.

Mainly, if you’re waking up at 4:21 am with the girl you’ve been attracted to ever since elementary school in your arms.

Believe me; it had never been this hard until puberty slapped me in the face at eleven.

One moment my voice pitched, then the next day, it dropped like someone shoved a rock into my throat. Then, the hair - there was hair everywhere. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, one summer, I grew a whole foot - which resulted in a forehead slammed at every door frame, and branches became my enemy.

It was definitely awkward, bathing with Hailey at that age - especially when she kept poking my erecting dick. It only got more awkward when our mothers caught us bathing together when we’re not supposed to.

Our parents forbid us to bathe together when I turned ten, and I never understood why - until that day.

Dad sat me down and explained everything - with details and diagrams - on how my body was changing.

I was sexually attracted to Hailey, who was nine.

I never want to have that conversation again.

I tried to stop hanging out with Hailey after that, but God, she smells so good all the time.

Not too long afterward, her parents noticed my more than friend attraction to Hailey. That and they caught me kissing her when I was twelve, and she was ten.

I convinced Hailey that I liked this girl - which isn’t a lie because I did like her - and I didn’t want to be a bad kisser. I probably should’ve come up with a better excuse, but I was twelve and apparently horny.

So, that summer, Hailey and I made out in my bedroom for the very first time.

First and last.

Mr.Vaughn was not happy catching his only ten-year-old daughter sitting on her so-called best friend’s lap.

I definitely got an earful from everybody.

I even made Mrs. Vaughn’s watch list, and she likes me more than my own parents!

Mom threatened to disown me if I pulled that kind of trick on Hailey again.

Dad secretly gave me a thumb up. Then again, he lost his virginity at fourteen in the backseat of a car with this unknown girl, so he isn’t precisely role-model material.

Mr.Vaughn suggested I somehow disappear during a snowstorm...during summer.

I slip my hand across the bed and onto the nightstand, tapping on the glass screen, realizing I have a little over half an hour before soccer practice. Releasing a hazy breath, I held Hailey, then rolled over, and tucked the blanket on her body.

I promised the Vaughn that I wouldn’t confess my feelings to Hailey until she is sixteen and nothing sexual until she is eighteen.

I’m willing to wait for Hailey.

I move the hair away from her face, and she snorts.

Because she’s worth it.

I change into my running clothes and plant a light kiss on her cheek.

“Wow, can you be any more obvious?” I turn around to see the thorn on my side. It would’ve been so damn perfect if that guy wasn’t here.

My jaw cracks and I turn around, “Good morning to you too,” I whisper, despite knowing Hailey sleeps like a log.

He stares at me momentarily before leaving the room.

I assume he is also out for a morning workout.

I may have run into him several times, much to my displeasure.

Hailey snorts.

I laugh slowly and turn on the humidifier before I leave the room.

After a few laps around the campus forest, somehow, I ran into the eyesore.

I passed him.

He sped up.

I sped up.

He went faster.

I wasn’t going to lose.

We were both out of breath by the time we reached the dorms.

“Why the fuck were you running so fast?” Ricardo question.

“That’s my normal speed.” Lies. I feel like I’m dying.

He scoffs, “That was my slowest speed,” he said before heading inside the dormitory.

When he was out of sight, I crashed to the ground. It feels so nice and refreshing.

“Competing so early in the morning?” I look up from the ground to see Ahmend; in his workout clothes. “You know-” he sat beside me, “sometimes I feel like you’re just using Hailey as a shield to cover up the fact that you swing.”

I glanced at him, and with all my energy, I smack his head. “I hate that guy.”

“That sounds like someone who is clearly still in denial.”

I sat upward and wrapped my arms around my legs, allowing my little brother to breathe in the process from the glorious wind. “Hey, I heard some girls are messing with Hailey.”

He waves a hand in the air, “Don’t worry. I had a good talk with them,” he said, and I nod. “I can’t believe she actually punched one of them.”

“She had a rough day.”

“Always have an excuse for your little girlfriend, don’t you?”

I smile.

Ahmend scoff, “Must be hard to keep up that good boy facade, ain’t it?”

“What are you talking about? I am a good guy.”

“Greyson, for as long as I’ve known you, you’re anything but a good guy.”

I playfully shove his shoulder, “Shut up.”

“Seriously, though. You’ve known Hailey for a long time. She won’t stop talking to you if you push her around a bit.”

“I just don’t want her to dislike me, you know? Plus, I promised her parents I’m going to wait, and I’ll honor that.”

“You’re the only guy I’ve ever met who is willing to stay a virgin until his twenties.”

I smiled and shook my head, “You’ll know when you find the right girl.”

He gags, “Then, I hope she never shows up.”

Ahmend exhales and stands up, “I’m serious though, Greyson. Hailey seems to be the type of girl who needs a little push. I mean, it’s clear that she likes you.”

I smile at the thought.

Of course, I knew Hailey likes me.

It’s kind of obvious.

Especially with the How to Not Fall in Love with Joshua Greyson board rules she has hidden underneath her desk cabinet.

“But, you never know-” Ahmend sang, “Girls are odd creatures. One day they may like pink and the next-” he turns his head right when Ricardo walks out of the dormitory with a cold water bottle, “they may like blue.”

“Are you calling me pink?”

He shrugs, “I call ’em as I see ’em.”

“Get the fuck out of here.”

He smirks, “Just saying, Greyson. Nice guys finish last, and I ain’t talking about sex.”

When I got inside the dorm room, Hailey was gone. I took a nice shower and hopped onto my laptop. The only sound in the room was the click-clacking of the mouse and keyboard.

“Paint a picture for you and me

Of the days when we were young.”

When Anne-Marie sang the last word, I clicked on the mouse. 2002 was the last song on the 15th CD I made for Hailey, one for every year, disregarding whether I was present in her life.

When I got the CD out of the laptop, it was still warm. I grab the pen and write For My Hay Bug with my best writing skill. It looks like scribbles but legible.

I placed it inside a case and hid it inside the locked cabinet. I stood up and stretched my ached muscles before messaging Hailey. Unfortunately, she is still in her study session with Maddison.

God, I hate that girl.

It’s not like she’s a horrible person, but that’s the problem. If she were an awful person, then Hailey would’ve taken an automatic dislike towards her. Hailey is the type who is easily persuaded to do new things, and Madison likes new things.

Since Hailey was busy, I went to the cafeteria and ate with some other people.

“It’s been so long since I’ve last had sex. I think my virginity is growing back,” Ahmend said, taking a bite of his steak.

“I don’t think that’s possible,” Jasmine comments.

I look up from my hot dog to see Mason entering the cafeteria. While everyone discussed Ahmend’s potential power to regain his virginity, I made my way towards him. “Why are you here?” Usually, Mason is with Madison. Not one will move without the other.

“Madison wants some alone time with Hailey,” he responds in his usual bland voice.

“Wait. You mean, they’re alone. Right now?”

“Yeah. That’s what I just said.”

I groaned, fighting the urge to say some unnecessary words.

“Don’t worry,” Mason said. “Madison knows Hailey belongs to you.”

“That’s all the more reason she would be doing what she will be doing!”

“Well, maybe next time you wouldn’t push Trey down the pool.”

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