Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XLV. Okay

Joshua’s POV:

I close my eyes and remember the day I pushed Madison and Mason’s older brother Trey down a pool. I was upset that he got all of my mom’s attention. I was a big momma’s boy - guilty - still am.

“That was like ten years ago. I was six. Why is she still bothered by it?” I question.

“You know how protective Madison is with her siblings.”

After I pushed Trey down the pool, he got extremely traumatized and barely left the mansion. Madison had hated me ever since.

Also, their mom and my dad don’t exactly see eye to eye, either.

If it weren’t for my mom and their dad’s high patience, our families would probably kill each other on sight.

I scratch my head, “Sorry.”

Mason shrugs, “It’s fine.”


Mason has autism, and sometimes it’s difficult to talk to him.

“I heard you and your girlfriend broke up. Sorry to hear that.” Yes, definitely the topic to discuss.

He shrugs, “It happens.”

For Mason, the hardest thing he has to deal with are emotions.

“Well-” I pat his shoulder, “I’m here if you need me.”


I pat his shoulders twice and left in search of Hailey.

I saw Tyson on his phone, “Yes, dad. I’m fine.”

I stop to wait until he finishes.

“Yes, dad. Yes. Yes. I will call you more often. I love you too. Bye.” He turns around, and his eyes widen.

“Your dads?”

He nods, “They asked if I will go back for Thanksgiving.”

“Nice. Have you seen Hailey?”

He shook his head, “No.”

“Alright. Bye.”

He grabs my wrist, “Hey. Can I talk to you about something?”

I look forward to the empty road, “Sure.” I want to leave.

Tyson scratches his head, “So I have a problem.”


“Last night-”

There was a long pause, so I said: “Okay?” To get something out of him.

“Last night I went into this guy’s bedroom and-”

“I’m out.”

“Josh! I’m serious!”

“Look-” I place two hands in the air, “I got nothing against the LGBTQ community. You guys do whatever you guys want to do. Just don’t tell me about it. I mean, I don’t share my sex life with you all.”

“You don’t have a sex life.” Yeah. Everyone knows that I’m a virgin. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“Yeah. So?”

“Anyways, just hear me out, okay?”

I exhale, “Alright.”

“So, we were making out.”


“And then he unzipped me.”


“And then, he whips his dick out.”


“He grabbed both of our dicks and rubbed it together.”


“And then, I realized...I don’t like it.”


He grasps my shoulders, “I think I’m straight!”

“...............O.........kay? Good for you?”

“I’m not supposed to be straight!”

“Why not?”

“My dads! They expect me to bring home a boyfriend for Thanksgiving!”

“Why would they think that?” I ask, ready to make a sprint. Tyson is my vice-captain, but he probably won’t be a faster runner than me, right?

“I told them I would bring home a boyfriend! I got a good boyfriend, and now I found out I can’t even wank with the guy.”

I pinch the bridge of my nose, “Look. Just tell your dads the truth.”


“I may not be gay? I like girls?”

“Easy for you to say. You have heterosexual parents!” He scoffs, “You don’t understand!” He stomps away.

I threw my arms in the air, “Honesty is the best policy, right?” I scream.

He flips me off.

“Well-” I mumbled underneath my breath before resuming my Hailey hunt.

And there she is, hanging herself beside a random wall. I pull my hoods over and sneak towards her. Placing two arms in the air, I open my mouth, ready to scream.

“Josh, I can see your shadow,” she said in a dead voice.

I took off the hood, “What’s wrong?” I made my way towards her front.

She looks up. Her bags had bags, “Will you push me down the stairs?”

I assumed Madison tutoring session didn’t go so well. “What happened? Are you pregnant?” I joked.

“Yes, and it’s your baby.” Even when she said that as a joke, my heart decided to skip a beat; I swallowed to calm down the sweats that suddenly surfaced.

“Oh...okay, let me find us the nearest flight of stairs,” I said. I rolled up my sleeves and stretched my arms.

She gasps, “How can you say such a thing? You’re willing to kill our baby?” Her playful tone returns.

“Kill? That’s such a strong word. You got into an accident, sweetheart.,” I emphasized.

She pinches my cheeks, “Why can’t you be my tutor?”

“I failed you...remember?”

“Ah...yeah,” she exhales, “How’s tutoring with Ricardo?” I don’t understand why she is so concerned about that guy.

“It’s going so well as if we never studied.”

“You two never met up for a study session, did you?”

I smile, “I ran into him a few times.”

She shook her head and rested on my shoulder, “Please, carry me back.”

And I did as my Hay Bug requests.

Everything is going smoothly, which means something terrible is about to happen soon.

Books slam in front of me. Keep in mind; I’m outside in the parking lot.

I took out the lollipop, “Yes?”

“Tutor me.”

“You’re not serious.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Do you not see what we are doing?” There are a few guys behind me with fishing poles.

“You guys are seriously going fishing?” He asks.

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

Ahmend smiles, “Let the dude go with us, and when we are done. You can tutor him,” he punches Ricardo’s arm. “I got you, dude.”

“Don’t ever touch me again.”

“Man, you’re as sour as everyone says.”

Ricardo ignores Ahmend and looks back at me, “You’re supposed to be tutoring me. It’s been two weeks.”

I exhale, “I’m going to be upfront. I only signed up because I thought I was going to get paired up with Hailey.”

“Yes, so she can get kicked out of here.”

“I would’ve tutored her properly this time.”

“And sitting on your lap is a great tutoring method.”

“I’m not tutoring you.”

Ricardo grabs all the books from the ground, “Fine. Since Hailey is getting tutoring sessions from Madison, I’ll ask her to tutor me on what she learned afterward. Personally.”

I grab his shirt and drag him towards the car, “I’ll tutor you at the lakehouse.”

No fucking way am I letting them be alone.

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