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XLVII. Cookies and Cougar

Joshua’s POV:

After thirty minutes, Ahmend screamed: “Stop! Are you tutoring him, or are you chanting for the devil?”

“What?” I question.

“This was how you tutored Hailey?” Tyson asked.

I shrug, “Yeah.”

“Who in the world can understand that?” Ahmend chug down the water bottle.

“I see,” Ricardo said. He grabbed a pencil and wrote down the equation I mentioned earlier.

Ahmend set down the water bottle, “You understood that?”

He nods, “Yeah.”


Ricardo opens his mouth. But nothing came out. Instead, he continues writing.

“Holy shit,” Ahmend said. I turn my head and raise a brow.

Diagonal from us was a woman. A simple one. Similar to one of many I saw whenever I go to some sort of party with my family. Tall. Slim. Fair size rack. Her southern asset didn’t weigh her down either. The red hair is different.

Oh, she got cookies.

I could see the grin on Ahmend and Tyson’s face. Even Ricardo was caught in her web but quickly poured all his focus on the textbook in front of him. staring at the fish he just reels up. His eyes narrow before he pulls out the measuring tape to make sure he can keep it.

No interest.

Absolutely none.

Cautiously, she cast out the rod and sat down. She sat down with one slim leg across the other.

“Look at those tits, man,” Ahmend said, attempting to reach for them despite the large distance between us. “The things I would do to them.”

“Nine. She’s a solid nine,” Tyson said.

“She’s not a number,” Mason said. “I think she’s a female.”

I pat Mason’s shoulder, “Good job. Very observative.”

He nods, “Thanks.”

“Don’t feed his behavior,” Ahmend said.

“But, he’s not feeding me,” Mason responded.

Ahmend rests his head against his palm and groans. Tyson stood up. “Where are you going?” Ahmend asks.

“Hopefully over there,” Tyson responds.

Ahmend stood up, “Why?”

“Her! She is the reason.”

“You’re gay.”

“Oh please, I’m bisexual at the most. Gay? I don’t think so,” Tyson said mockingly.

Ahmend grasps his shirt, “She’s mine.”

I grabbed another can of soda and drank it. Damn. I could use a fight right now. Hopefully, they both fall into the water. That would be funny. I searched for my phone just in case that happened.

Tyson scoff, “She’s mine? She isn’t something you can objectify.” He smacks off Ahmend’s hands, “Now if you’ll excuse me,” his voice somehow deep, “This man got to go get his lady.”

Thirty seconds later, we could hear laughter.

Tyson fidgeted back and sat down on the lawn chair with his head hung down low.

“What happened?” I ask.

He pulls out a cookie from his pocket, “She said I could have a cookie, and I should go home to my parents.”

We all burst out laughing.

“Well, bitches, I got a cookie.” Tyson bit his cookie. “A damn good one too. Shit.”

“I want a cookie,” Mason mumbled.

Ahmend cleared his throat and stood up. He tilts up the sunglasses, “Well, if you excuse me, boys,” he winks.

“Five dollars says he’ll fail,” I said.

Ricardo looks at me, “Ten says she’ll laugh right in front of his face.”

“Fifteen says he won’t even get a cookie,” Mason grumbles.

Forty-five seconds later, we could hear a loud laugh from the woman.

We all hand over Ricardo ten each.

Ahmend walks back, “Bitch didn’t even give me a cookie.”

We all hand over Mason fifteen dollars each.

“What? You all think you’re so good?”

I shrug.

He glares at me.


“What?” I said.

“You go. Go get her handsome.”

I rolled my eyes and took another sip.

Ahmend scoff, “I see. Scared to be laughed at, eh?”

My eyeball rolled towards him, “Please.”

Ricardo chuckled.

“You got something to say?”

He scoffs, “Nothing.”

“You put shame in Greyson’s name,” Ahmend said.


“Come on. We all know if your dad was here. He would’ve bagged that pussy in seconds.” The most challenging part of practicing sexual abstinence is having a father who was the whore of the town. No one would ever allow me to forget that my dad was literally a legend.

How I never live up to the legend’s name.

I know he’s taunting me. I just know it. I set the bottle down and stood up.

“Woah!” Ahmend holler, “Little virgin is about to get his cherry pop.” He swings his dick around.

I point a finger at him, “Her number and no more.”

Ahmend shrugs, “Just trying to give you a little ego boost.”

I place out a hand, “Give me that fishing rod.”

Tyson hands me one.

“Now, give me a fish.”

Mason’s brows crunch before he grabs the appropriate size fish and hands it to me.

I went to the other side of the lake then squatted down beside the girl. She didn’t move.

“Hey,” I said.

She turns her head before a grunting sound leaves her throat. “The answer is no, kid.” She’s probably tired of high schoolers hitting on her.

I force a smile, “My hands are dirty. I was wondering if you can take a picture of the fish and me then send it to my phone. My girlfriend wouldn’t believe me when I told her I went fishing. She thinks I ditched her.”

She chuckles and turns her head slightly. “Really?” I can tell she doesn’t believe me. She sat up, “What is your girlfriend’s name?”


She tugs a brow, a seemingly colored one. I never understood it—the desire to pull off your eyebrow hairs just to draw it back on. I went with Hailey to get her eyebrows done once, and she cried the whole time. But then she went back. Sometimes I feel like girls are their own type of species.

“What’s her hair color?”

“She’s blonde.”

“Why don’t you ask one of your friends over there to help you?”

My lip twitches momentarily at her response. She had been watching all of us long enough to see each of our faces. I don’t know if I should be flattered or scared. “Because I told them I would get your number so they would stop calling me a little virgin.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“That my friends are jerks?”

“That you’re a virgin.” She smiles, “But that too.”

“Miracles happen.”

She sat upward, one leg cross above the other. “How does Hailey feel about you getting my number?”

“Sad.” I lean closer, “So, I’m hoping we would never see each other again after I brag a little to my friends. You know, teenage boys got to show off once in a while.” I smile, “Mind helping me?”

She smiles, showing off teeth that are whiter than mine. I need to go to the dentist. “Sure.” She leans over and grabs her phone from the bag, then stands up and takes a photo. After a few seconds, I can feel a buzz in my pocket.

“Thanks,” I said.

“What’s your name, kid.”

I shrug, “Sorry, but I’m not into older ladies.”

She chuckles. Her head hangs low momentarily before it goes back up. Her hair flips slightly over her exposed shoulder, and the grin only widens. “You’re kind of cute. You know that?”

I shrug, “Yeah. I get that often.” I pull out my egotistic side. It’s not the first time someone considers me attractive, and I know it won’t be the last.

She took a step towards me. Her height somewhat matches mine. Steadily, she tilts her sunglasses up, revealing a deep green. Interesting. Red hair and green eyes. Maybe, her hair is dyed. “Well, if things with Hailey don’t work out.” She places a pale hand on mine, “This old lady will be here to hold you.”

“No, thanks.” I smile, “I’m not interested in someone who’s old enough to give birth to me.”

She may look good, but I can tell she is as old as my mom. Being in bed with my mom? No, thank you.

I walk away.

I stop and turn around, “Can I have a cookie?”

She laughs a low flirtatious one before her head tilts to the side. “You called me old and expect me to give you a cookie?”

“My mom always gives me a cookie.”

She bit her lower lip and nodded. With her slim fingers, she grabs a cookie and lays it in front of me. I took a few steps towards her and grabbed the cookie. Without a single warning, she leans in closer and kisses my cheek. I can feel her breasts pressing against my arm. “Payment to mommy for the cookie,” she whispers.

I hope she doesn’t think I’m one of those young guys who want to hook up with rich older ladies.

“What?” Ahmend’s voice boom from across the lake.

I would be lying if I said my body didn’t heat up. “Thanks, lady,” I said before turning around.

She smirks, “See you around.”

On my way back, I held up my phone, and everyone groaned.

My only mission is to get a number, not to sleep with her.

So, good for me.

I pat the cookie on Mason’s cheek. He grins and munches on it. The guy got a hardcore sweet tooth.

“I can’t believe she actually gave you her number-” Ahmend continues to stare at the phone. “and a kiss.”

I smirk, “What can I say? I’m a Greyson.” I can’t put the shame in my family name. They’re notorious for being players, so I got to show off my skills once in a while. I may look aloof with the fact that everyone knows I’m a virgin, but sometimes it does get exhausting. Particularly with the wad of animals around me, always hollering about their score of the day.

“Hey,” Mason said, squatting beside me.

I brush off the cookie crumbles on his face. “What?”

“Sex isn’t that great.”

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