Billionaire's Childhood Love

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LX. Loads of Tears

Joshua’s POV:



Everything came in a rush.

I hop into the car. Joel threw my bag into the trunk and started the car. The ride back seemingly felt longer than necessary.

“What happened, Joel?” I ask.

Joel exhales, and the story begins.

Two days ago, a young girl went to dad’s company and claimed she was his daughter. It turns out she has been stalking him for the past few weeks. I’m not surprised. Dad has some batshit crazy stalkers. Dad thought it was one of those crazy ladies or kids who wants a piece of the Greyson’s fortune.

It happens.

Dad’s old lovers appeared and claimed they had his kids.

So, he did a DNA check to shut her up.

It came back positive.

Holy fucking shit.

When the car stopped, I didn’t wait for Joel to open the door and rushed into the mansion. Screw all that etiquette.

Everything and I meant everything was broken.

“Josh!” Jada rushed towards me with a few other terrified looking maids behind her. She started speaking in Spanish, but it was too fast that I didn’t understand. I may understand a bit of Spanish, but I’m not fluent.

“English Jada! English! You know I can’t understand when you talk so fast!” Jada was the one who tutored me in Spanish. She taught my brothers and me by not giving us what we need unless we ask in Spanish.

Jada inhales a deep breath. “Your father is in his study. Your mother is in the bedroom. And that puta is in the guest room.”

I assumed puta meant that girl who claimed to be my father’s daughter.

“Josh!” I look upstairs to see a crowd of boys rushing down. They pushed and crowded one another until every single one of them was in front of me.

Caleb held my shirt, “Are mom and dad going to get a divorce?”

Theodore cried: “I don’t want a divorced!”

Mike held my leg. “M-Mommy m-mad.”

Calvin stood in the back and cried harder; only incoherent sounds left his mouth.

Then, the rush came. They all talked at once, babbling about how our parents are going to separate.

After half an hour, I was able to comfort them. I assured them that our parents aren’t going to divorced, as far as I know. And, finally, they went back to their rooms.

I pressed my fingers against my throbbing temples before I ran my hands down my tired face. “Where is Miles?”

“He’s asleep in his room.” Being a child sounds great right now.

“And mom?”

“Still in the bedroom,” Jada replies. I head upstairs. She grabs my arm, “Josh. She’s really not happy.” In other words, the demon had surfaced.

I smile, “I’ll be fine.” But, have an ambulance stand by just in case.

I knock against the door.

No response.

I knock again.

“Go away!” Something broke against the door. I never knew mom could be so aggressive.

I clear my throat, “Mom. It’s me! Josh!” Please, don’t kill me.



“No one else is out there with you?”

I look around, “No!”

“Okay! Give me a second.” I can hear the sound of the vacuum. She’s cleaning up whatever she broke. The door unlocks, and steadily it opens.

I’ve never seen her look so horrible. “You look beautiful as always, mom.” Even I didn’t believe what came out of my mouth.

Mom forces on a smile, “Why are you back here?” She hugs me and ignores my stupid comment earlier.

“Mom-” I look into the room. It was a complete mess, either broken or shredded into pieces. I swallow, “I thought I could visit you. I miss you.” I need to soothe her before we talk. Hopefully, I won’t make another stupid comment.

Mom’s smile widens, “Gosh.” She grabs a handful of my cheek. “You’re such a smooth talker...just like your father.” She pulls my cheek, and I groan. “What did I say about behaving like your father!”


“He-He-” Mom inhales a sharp breath through her plugged nose. “I should’ve seen this coming.” She bit her trembling lower lips. “I knew what type of man your father used to be. I shouldn’t even be surprised if a two years old came and claimed to be his kid.”

Then, the eruption came.

Loads of tears.

I held her in my arms, “Mom.” I pat her back. “It’ll be okay, mom.” I support her back into the bedroom while avoiding the glasses on the floor.

Mom loves hanging family pictures up. Every photo with dad in it was smashed to the ground. There were some scratches on his face. Yikes.

She sat down at the edge of the bed, and I settled beside her. “I’m sorry you had to see me like this. You shouldn’t.”

I wipe off her tears, “It’s okay, mom.”

She looks at me and smiles, “You’re such a good son.” I’m confident that some of her pregnancy hormones play a factor in her behavior. Of course, I wouldn’t tell her that.

I return her smile, “I’m kind of behind. Can you tell me what happened?” I know what happened, but I need to hear all versions.

Mom blew her nose and held the tissue in her hands. “This morning, your dad brought home this young girl,” she said. “Then, he told me that she would be staying for a while.”

I nod but didn’t intervene.

“Thought it was someone from your father’s side. Never saw her. So, I said: Okay. I trusted your father, so I didn’t even consider that she’s his mistress or anything because he promised me! Your father said I was the only one!”

I patted her back and held her hand.

“But then, that puta-” Mom had been hanging around Jada too often, “came up to me this evening and told me that she is his daughter!”

“You’re angry that dad has a daughter.”

“I’m angry that your dad didn’t tell me! That shithole decided to keep it a secret! Fucking liar!” I rarely hear mom cursed. Moms don’t swear. At least, not in front of her children. Well, my mom doesn’t do that. So, I was taken aback.

She’s scary.

The memories of my childhood flood back.

“You know what?” Mom struggled to stand up, but she did anyway. She marched towards the closet and grabbed the suitcase.

I rush after her, “What are you doing?”

She grabs random clothes and shoves them inside. “Your dad wants to lie and keep his other family a secret from me? From us? His family? Fine. Let him do that! The other family can have him! No one wants a lying ass!” She continues to shove in more clothes. “Tell your brothers to pack up! We’re leaving!”

I grabbed mom’s hands, “Mom. Look at me. You’re not thinking logically right now. Let’s take the night to rest, and if you still feel like leaving tomorrow. I’ll help you.”

Mom sniffs, “Really?”

I nod and support her towards another room. Far away from the suitcase and her passport. I helped her lie down in the bed and tuck her in. “I’ll tell Jada to bring you a cup of water-” and maybe sleeping pills just in case you get up in the middle of the night. “and I will definitely help you if you want to sleep tomorrow.”

Mom nods in compliance. “Alright. You all have to come with me. I’m not leaving any of you behind with that bastard.”

I smile and nod.

I learned that sadness leads to anger, and an angry woman is a dangerous woman. An angry pregnant woman is a devil.

Steadily, I close the door.

I search for my phone.

It’s gone.


I must have dropped it somewhere.


Immediately, Jada appeared. She must have been hiding at the end of the hallway. “Bring mom a cup of warm water and sleeping pills. Safe for pregnancy, of course. Increase the guards around the mansion and make sure mom doesn’t leave. If she does, find me...immediately.”


“Call the doctors to prepare just in case mom goes into early labor.” With the stress she accumulated, she may.


“Where’s dad again?”

“Study room.”

“How is he?”

“Probably more crushed than your mom.”

“Okay.” I took a step forward, “I lost my phone. Mind finding it for me?” If I tried to find my phone in this empty blackhole called a house, I might never talk to dad.

I dismissed everyone and headed towards dad’s office. I knock on the door. No response. I knock again. No response. At least no one threw anything at me. Steadily, I open the door, and the scent of alcohol crashes into my senses. “Wow,” I mouthed and shook off the tingly sensation.

I open the door only to see bottles of alcohol lying on dad’s desk. He somehow maintains a composed behavior while typing on his computer. If I said he looks fine, I would be lying. He seems much more horrible than mom.

“No. For the last time, we aren’t getting a divorce. Go back to your bedroom.” I can tell you two things. One. Dad is in no mood to talk. Two. The boys probably hassled him about divorce earlier.

“Dad. It’s me.” I closed the door.

Dad looked up from his laptop, and he took off his lenses. He lays them on the table and exhales, “Why are you home?” I can tell everyone is happy that I’m back.

“I heard a few things happened around here.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Nothing?” I head towards him. “Mom tried to pack up and leave earlier. You’re telling me that’s nothing?”

Dad’s lips twerk slightly, “She tried to leave?”


He groaned and ran his hands all over his face. “Fuck,” he mumbled underneath his breath.

“Dad.” I stood in front of him, across the desk. “Please, tell me she’s not your daughter.”

He tucks his lips between his teeth and rests his forehead against his knuckles. “I don’t know. They’re testing.”

“Again,” I included. “You’re supposed to say they’re testing ag-” I groan, “Dad!”

He slammed a fist against the desk. “She’s not my daughter!”

“The test is positive, and you’re telling me that she is not your daughter?” I scream louder than him.

Dad slumps down on the leather chair, “Fuck.” He hits his laptop multiple times until it shatters. “Fuck!” He exhales sharply through his nostrils. “I can’t accept this. She can’t be mine, Josh.” He looks at me. “I told your mom, assured her, that you all are my only kids.”

I sat on the couch, “What are we going to do now?” I ask. “Mom is furious, and I told her that I’ll help her leave tomorrow if she still wants to go.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Then, what am I supposed to do, dad? Let her leave tonight? Maybe, imprisoned her? This isn’t one of those crazy stories in a book.”

Dad’s body tilted back against the chair, and he stared at the ceiling. I hope he’s not considering it.

“Her mom. Found out who she is?”


“Do you remember her?”

He shook his head, “I don’t.”

I want to yell at dad, but I know there’s no use.

The chair squeaks, “You need to help me, Josh.”


“Keep your mom here until I sort everything out.”


“I’ll call the academy and tell them you’re staying home for a few days because of family emergencies.”

Technically, this is a family emergency. “I-”

“Please, Josh. If your mom leaves, it will make things harder. You know her.”

I expelled a breath, “All right.”

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