Dark Moon (ManxMan)

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How do you tell someone who's in love with another person, you are mates? Aetos is a man of many attributes and patience is one of them. After being alive for six hundred years, patience is a thing that you learn. However, the more time he spends with Colson, the more he wants to grab the man by the waist and kiss him. Besides his problem with confession, a child trying to get his fathers together and a surprising news from the Luna of Astir pack, there's a new enemy on Astir. An enemy who hides in the darkness of nightmares. *** book two of the Hevalan series. (Can be read as a stand-alone) ***amazing cover by Azianthiel

Romance / Fantasy
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The Prophecy

One of the travelling lamp
one who is't yen f'r cruor
At which hour the travelling lamp did kiss the moon, in the dark shalt the lighteth shineth

One of the sun
One who thirst for blood
When the sun kissed the moon, in the dark shall the light shine

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