Did we have sex on March sixth?

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A car accident didn't only knock Jenifer Stratton right off of her feet, but it also knocked one year from her memory. After hearing of her sudden personality change during said year, she is quite happy to never regain the memories. Except for the fact that she is pregnant, and has no idea who the father is.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

This is story is unedited and the first few chapters were written years ago, so the writing style may change as you read on. Once I've finished it, i will then go back through, edit to the best of my abilities, then add in more detailed descriptions.

Chapter 1

“So, let me get this straight,” Chris sat behind his mahogany desk in his plush leather seat, staring at me with amusement. Chris and I didn’t have much of a history together. In fact, he was my ex-boss, and we’d gone on one date–which unfortunately led to him becoming my ex-boss. “You were involved in a car accident two months ago?” I nodded when he paused for confirmation. “Yet on the same night, you’d had had sex with some unknown guy. You then wake up two weeks later from a coma, only to be told that you are pregnant, and have amnesia. Is that right?”

“Yes.” I ground my teeth when he leaned back into his chair, and laughter bubbled from his throat. “Is something funny, Chris?”

“I’m sorry,” his lips still twitched when he composed his features, letting me know he wasn’t. “It seems you’re in a real screwed up situation, and you know I’d love to help you, but we just don’t have any positions available for you right now. I’ll write you a reference for–”

Idiot. “I didn’t come here for my job back, Chris.” He raised an eyebrow in silent question. “’I’m here because I need to ask you a question,” here it came, the dreaded question I hadn’t perfected to ask yet without a blush staining my cheeks. Chris was an asshole with a capital A, and the thought of him answering my question with a ‘Yes’ terrified me, though I was pretty much one hundred percent sure the answer was a no. Still, he was on my list.

“Okay.” Here it came, the big question. I cleared my throat and squared my shoulders and ignored the heat that instantly settled on my cheeks.

“Did we have sex on March sixth?”

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