The Story of Greed

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This lycan is different. She's a predator, one that thrives by seducing men and crushing them under her heels.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Lights shimmered off her dress, greedily demanding the attention of every man in the room. The wolves in suits stared at her as if she was dinner, unaware that the angel in gold was the true predator of the night.

She walked deeper into her latest playground, looking up at the chandeliers to feign innocent wonder.


Her heels turned her to face a possible victim.

That didn’t take long.

She couldn’t blame the young man. She had mastered seduction and flowered into the deadliest rose on Earth. Her colors, scent, and the way she seemed to flow with the wind allured men her way. It wasn’t their fault that they couldn’t tell that she was poison ivy disguised with petals.

“Hi,” she breathed.

“I was just wondering if you would be up for a dance later on in the night?”

“Yes, of course.”

With a pleased grin, he extended his hand. “I’m Rowan Maxwell.”

Maxwell Corporations. Heir to his father’s line of hotels. Impressive, but not good enough.

She accepted his hand, hiding her strength from their handshake.

“I’m Jane. It’s lovely to meet you.”

She looked over his shoulder and saw Matteo Greco. He was the richest man in the room– the juiciest prey.

“Excuse me.”

Her heels clicked steadily as she approached him. He was sided by two bodyguards, but she wasn’t worried. Their brawn wouldn’t be enough to block her venom.

The men descended down the stairs. After careful timing, she forced a gasp and threw her balance to the wind. The bodyguards jumped to action the second they heard the thud of her body, searching for danger.

“It’s fine. Move,” her prey ordered from behind the wall of men.

Deeming her as harmless, Matteo extended a hand out to her.

“I’m so sorry,” she sniffled as she looked up to finally meet the eyes of her next victim.

“I saw you at the fundraiser,” Matteo declared, taking in every inch of her body. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, well– I got news that my father is sick again. I was just about to call my driver.”

Matteo raised one of his dark brows, noting her empty hands. “I think that will be hard without a cellphone.”

She looked down as if realizing that she was missing something. “I must have left it inside!”

To finish the painting of a mistress in distress, she covered her face.

Matteo took one of her wrists, soothingly rubbing her skin with his thumb.


“I can take you home if you wish. My name is Matteo Greco.”


“No, I wouldn’t want to intrude...” she struggled.

“I insist. What is your name?”

She licked her lips. “Jane.”

The name was as fake as her act. She wasn’t a rich heiress or a human for that matter.

She was Greed– a constant state of hunger in the flesh.

“Where are you staying? Based on your accent, I get the impression that you are not from around here.”

“I’m from Italy. My father and I are here in France for business.”

More lies. She had traveled a long way from the United States to carry out her scheme. She didn’t like choosing prey from the same country; that was too dangerous.

“I will take you to where you are staying, then. Is that alright?”

She nodded, taking a step forward. “Yes, please. I’m staying at the Stratosphere Hotel.”

Matteo guided her hand to the crook of his arm like the gentleman that he was. The thirty-year-old millionaire had just gotten bitten by the snake, and the poison was coursing through his body.

They walked to his limo. The bodyguards went to their own vehicle, following close behind.

She made sure the privacy window of the limo was up before commencing phase two.

“I just want to... apologize again for disrupting your night,” she whispered before hanging her head with scripted shame.

Matteo’s hand cupped her jaw and lifted her face. She didn’t meet his gaze, focusing on his lips instead.

The poison spreads.

Matteo’s fingers flew to her hair, hooking her face forward so they met. She offered no resistance even as his hands began to massage their way to her ass.

She trailed a hand up her thigh, reaching for what she knew was strapped there. Before the millionaire knew what hit him, she uncapped the needle and drove it into his arm.

He was knocked unconscious immediately, unable to handle the drug.

The sight of the powerful titan slumping over triggered her delicious high. Her chest warmed with satisfaction after another successful mission. Matteo could now be added to the long list of men who had been intoxicated by her venom.

She began to rob him, unstrapping his watch from his wrist and pulling out his wallet.

With a wicked laugh, Farrah pulled the door aside and jumped out of the moving vehicle. She rolled as she landed, and then ran off to her next adventure.

Where to next?


This is the fourth book in The Deadly Sins series.

This story will update on Saturdays.

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