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Dakota is turning 20 and excited to meet her mate. She will finally have her own family and the love she always wanted. Growing up she never had any of that since she grew up in an orphanage and at the hands of different people from the pack. Every wolf gets their mate at 20 and instantly feels that pull towards them. But she won't be ready for what life has instore for her.

Romance / Fantasy
Ilenia Encinas
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Chapter 1


I've been waiting all my life for this moment that I would turn 20 to finally feel my mate's pull. Every wolf has one and our pack appreciates their mates. The Red Moon Pack always holds a big celebration every year where every neighboring pack brings their young twenty and up pack members that don't have a mates to see if they find their mate. This year is my turn... I will finally find my mate and make a family with them. I'm lucky my birthday falls one day before the big event they call "THE MATE RITUAL".

Growing up in a pack orphanage and not knowing who my parents are or where makes me want to have a family of my own. I will never let my kids go a day without feeling my love for them. I'm not treated badly what so ever and our alpha always made sure that we always had what we needed. But it is always unlikely to adopt an orphan in packs because mates always want their own kids. I grew up with different pack members taking care of us. Their was only five of us in the orphanage since it was very unlikely for packs kids to loose their kids unless it was due to rouges.
But today is the day I leave behind this life of loneliness and join many of my friend's little club of the mated. My two best friends mated each other last month and it has been sickly watching them goo over one another but I wont lie that I crave that as well.
As I was in my own thoughts thinking about what my mate might look like or if they where from our pack or a neighboring. I heard someone at the door. My wolf was at ease so I knew it was just my friends Jace and Jazmine coming to say happy birthday and pester me will questions.
"Come in guys!"
Making myself busy trying to find the dress I was going to wear for the event tomorrow, I didn't notice it wasn't Jace or Jazmine coming in but the alpha's son coming in.
Turning around I was thrown with his scent and then I felt it. I felt the pull everyone kept mentioning, I felt the tingles, and oh god his smell. It was like sweet honey with a hint of vanilla. It was like I was wrapped in a thick layer of him and I was willing to let it suffocate me.
"I- umm... hello" I didn't know what to say or due I never would of thought that he was the one. That he was my mate... But then it hit me like a ton of bricks. He already had a mate he had mated 4 years ago when he turned 23 and our alpha was going to pass the alpha title to him the day after the big event when everyone was still basking in the freshly mated afterglow.
Did he really find his mate? Was my wolf wrong? When I thought that, I felt how my wolf was uneased and growling at the thought of another woman being mated to him. At the thought of him not waiting for us. Did the moon goddess hate me? Was this just a mistake?
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