Passion by the Sea

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New Friends

Gilbert arrived home to find Sadie cleaning up after breakfast.
“Was starting to wonder when you’d turn up,” she grumped.
“Come on sis, you knew I would. I’m just going to grab a quick shower and change. At this rate, I’ll be late for work.”
“As if you cared.”
“I can’t help it if it’s not the job for me. You know it never was.”
“Dad would be turning in his grave to hear you say that.”
“You want to do the job then,” he snapped leaving her staring after him.
“Damn dad, why did you do this to us.” she sighed and finished drying up.
Gilbert stomped into the kitchen in jeans and a thick plaid shirt pulling Sadie into his arms.
“I’m sorry. I just want to follow my dreams, not his.”
“I know. And you will, one day,” she cupped his cheek, kissing it. “Here’s your lunch. I’ll see you tonight before I go to work.”
“Love you, sis,” he smiled giving her another quick hug, picking up the bike keys he left.
Sadie listened to his motorbike roar as he took off until silence returned.

By midday, Staci had most of the lounge clean and tidy. In the middle of the lounge was a cardboard box full of his ex-girlfriend’s stuff. Picking it up he dumped it outside in the rain with a smile locking the door behind him. The locksmith had done a brilliant job of the external doors so unless she broke in, she had no way of retrieving her things.
Laughing he made his lunch and another coffee before going upstairs and repeating the process, before throwing another box outside in the rain. He knew someone would tell her what he’d done, and it would eventually get back to her. Smiling at removing her from his life he returned to the lounge switched on the TV and put on his favourite movie letting the sounds flow over him as he laughed at the antics of the comedy.
He didn’t hear the knocking on the door, his headphones cut out all sounds except what he was listening to. It was the vibration of his phone in his pocket which had him closing his eyes, anxiety set in. Opening his phone, he saw it was Katie. Knowing he needed to get it over with her answered her call.
“Hello, Katie. Fancy you calling.”
“What the fuck do you think...”
“You’ll find all your stuff outside. I’ve changed the locks. Have a nice life,” he replied
“Don’t you dar...” he ended the call and blocked her number with a smile on his face and went back to his movie.

Katie Rinaldi looked like a drenched cat. Her hair and clothes plastered to her body when her phone call was cut off.
“Bastard,” she snarled. Looking at her soaking wet clothes and belonging in the front yard. Sighing she stepped off the porch dragging the boxes to her car when a motorbike pulled in behind hers. “Move your fucking motorbike asshole,” she shouted at Gil as he stepped off his bike.
Not hearing her, he took off his helmet, shaking his hair he smiled at her.
“Having a bad day are you, love?" he chuckled.
“Give me a hand.”
“Hell no. I’m not one to help those who trample other people’s feelings, darling.”
“What the fuck,” she snarled.
“You wanna screw you go back to your lover with your rather wet belongings. I’ll probably see you again sometime, though I’d prefer not to.” and walked off to the front door.
“The fucker won’t let you in,” she shouted.
“Watch and learn,” he smirked.
He called Staci who promptly opened the front door letting Gil in and closing it after him. Katie stood there, gobsmacked.
“Fuckwit,” and slowly shoved the two boxes in the back of her Prius. Getting in her she started the engine wondering if she dared knock the motorbike over. Sighing, she thought better of it and backed down the drive, her window wipers moving fast as she slowly drove away.

“Well, that was interesting. I presume she’s your ex?”
“Humm,” he grinned and turned back to the lounge. “What are you doing here? I thought you were busy.”
“Checking on you. It seems you’re feeling a bit better today.”
“Well tossing her stuff out was fun and I had the locks changed.
Do you want coffee?”
“Yeah. That would be good.”
“Sit down then,” he wandered off not realising Gil was watching his tight butt as the muscles moved with the flow of his body.
“Shit,” he muttered when his dick twitched. Putting his helmet down, removing his leather jacket he sat on the sofa. “What you watching?”
“It’s finished. You can stay and watch another if you want unless you need to get home.”
“Dinner’s not until seven tonight, so no hurry. What movies are on offer?”
Staci returned to the lounge handing him a mug of coffee and a booklet with a list of his movies.
“Take your pick, Gilbert,” he grinned curling up in the corner of the same sofa, his right leg under his bottom. “My library is extensive.”
“Bloody hell,” he said, flicking through the pages. “A movie fan to be sure.”
“Yeah. It’s better than reading.”
“Hell no,” he looked up at Staci. “Reading is way more fun; you can let your imagination run wild instead of letting directors choose for you.”
“I suppose,” he sighed. “I’m dyslexic and it’s real bad. I can’t read much at all.”
“How the hell...hang on you can’t read?”
“I can, just not well.”
“What about trying audiobooks?”
“Can’t say I’ve ever thought about them,” he shrugged. “You picked a movie?”
“Warcraft. Bloody amazing movie.”
“Nice choice.” Staci put his mug down, getting off the sofa he moved over to the wall taking out the DVD he bent over to put it in the machine.
“Damn,” Gil muttered, adjusting his hardening dick praying Staci wouldn’t notice. Gil couldn’t help it. Staci had a lush butt, firm and...
“You ok Gilbert?” Staci looked over at him with a frown.
“Yes. Fine. Nice coffee. What brand do you use?”
“Huh. You sure you’re ok?”
“Just put the movie on and get your butt back on the sofa, Staci.”
“Right.” He turned back to the player, picking up the remote and pushed ‘play’ backing into the sofa he curled up again, reaching for his mug of coffee, his eyes on the movie.
Gil’s eyes were wandering over Staci’s face and body trying to understand why he was attracted to a man who wasn’t into men. It was a weird experience and one which was making him edgy. Thankfully he was hiding it well and Staci hadn’t noticed.
Staci’s stomach growled loudly, distracting them both from the movie... which had nearly finished. Staci laughed and looked at the clock.
“Time for dinner, you sure you don’t want to join me?”
“Nah. Sadie will have made dinner. I’d best get.”
“I didn’t realise you were married,” he laughed. “You don’t come across...”
“I’m not. She’s my sister. The barmaid from the other night. Actually, she owns the bar,” he shrugged.”
“Yeah. She’s done well for herself. Anyway, I’d best be going. I’ll see you at the weekend. Call me if you need.”
“Thanks for all you’ve done,” he smiled escorting Gil to the door. “I’m not sure what I’m doing over the next few days. I’ll need to work tomorrow and Friday.”
“Well you’ve got my number,” Staci opened the door letting Gil out. He pulled on his helmet, patted Staci on the back. “Take care of yourself.”
“You too.”

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