The Devil's Untainted Possession

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"It is because... You have caught the devil's attention, little angel." Evangeline Ramsey (18), a young girl who just begin her college life in New York. She was pure and innocent, a type of girl whom guys will be targeting. She lives alone in one of the biggest city in the world, trying to be properly educated for her mother's sake. When she returned from her part-time job, she discovered her apartment was burnt down leaving her into nothing. No money. No clothes. Nothing. Until... She stumbled the devil who came to rescue. James Greene (32), one of the most successful bachelors the city ever had. He was the owner of the Greene Corporation and the CEO of Greene Consulting. People thought of him as a charismatic person and treat everyone around him gently. Unknowingly to them, he hides the darkest secret behind his beautiful face. After he was left broken heart by his first love, he decided to forget about love, forever he thought. Until he caught an Angel with hazel eyes in front of him.

Romance / Drama
Jennifer Lee
Age Rating:



Right after I opened my eyes, I heard someone’s breathing right next to me. I looked beside me, an unknown woman was sleeping. Oh yeah, I f*cked her last night.

This was the only was for me to forget everything. F*ck someone and then move on. I had always doing this since the day my parents leaving me alone in this f*cked up world.

I was still on the age where I need my father to teach and supported me to become his successor.

I was still on the age where I need my mother to comfort me and took away my pain and also to decided her will be daughter in law.

But one accident took them away.

It only took only one f*cking accident and they were gone in an instant.

I didn’t even have any chance to say on how much I love them.

I lost all the chances and they will never know on how much I appreciated them.

After I woke up, I immediately wore my shirts and pants. Leaving a note for... What’s her name again? Maria? Melissa? Maybe I should write something without mentioning her name.

I left some money to pay for her breakfast and taxi to drive her home and then I walked out.

I looked at my watch and it’s already 11 AM. Thank f*ck that I took a half day off today. I was so f*cking tired and need some rest. But I should get back to my office soon because I will be having an important meeting after lunch. I should get myself breakfast. Coffee will be enough for me.

I drove my car off to the usual cafe. The Coffee Club.

When I got there, I went inside and took my usual seat. I waved my hand to the brown hair waitress who always served me. She immediately came to me after she took a glass of water from the Bartender. She put the glass on the table and looked to me. She has hazel eyes, matched perfectly with her long curly brown hair.

She smiled to me and I know what’s coming. “The usual, sir?” As I expected. I always came here for a cup of coffee and it appears she was the one who always served me. Well, I preferred her actually because the rest of her co-workers were too noisy for my ears. And because of that, she remembered what I will always order.

“Yes, please,” I said to the young girl and she excused herself. I took the newspaper from the shelf and read on it. It didn’t take long until the girl back with my order. She put down the cup and I thanked her. I just wanted her out from my space immediately.

While reading the paper and sometimes take a sip from my coffee, I couldn’t focus. My eyes were set on the words in the paper but my mind was in somewhere else.

Someone else, if I may said.

I put the paper down and took out my iPhone from my pocket and unlocked it. I chose the gallery files and picket out her picture. I took it while she wasn’t looking at me.

She looked so beautiful. Her long brunette hair and her blue eyes.

She was my world. My everything until the bastard came out of nowhere and destroyed everything.

“Here’s the water, sir.” Suddenly the usual waitress came and put another glass of water on my table. I mumbled a thank you to her, sending a hidden message to just immediately walk away from me.

I then put the phone down on the table to drink my coffee, unknowingly I put it on the very edge of the table causing it to fell down to the floor. The young girl immediately picked it up but she didn’t give the goddamn phone to me. Instead, she was looking at her picture for a moment.

I snatched the phone away from her. “I--I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” she said it quickly. Good think she realized her mistake.

“That’s okay,” I said. When I thought she will walked away from me, she was still standing there and smiling at me. Is something wrong with this woman?

“She’s beautiful,” she complimented her. Of course she is. She’s so beautiful causing me able to fallen hard on her.

I was happy hearing her complimented about her. But unfortunately...

She wasn’t mine.

She belongs to someone else.

And that pained me.

She has succeeded melted my cold heart by allowing me to loved her. Allowing her to enter my heart, but in the end...

She broke it and I had to returned to my once cold heart. Leaving me another scar to bear for the rest of my life.

I looked at her picture once again, hoping for something impossible. Imagining she was mine. But this little waitress beside me didn’t know that. She probably thinks the young woman on my phone was my girlfriend and weirdly enough... I could tell this woman was feeling something about me.

Don’t you dare, little girl.

I looked at her. Setting my eyes onto her pretty hazel eyes. “She’s my beloved one,” I said to her.

Just give up. I’m not a man for you. My heart only belongs to one Angel and her only.

With that, I put the phone back to my pocket and pulled out my wallet. I gave ten dollars to her as I remembered the macchiato’s price was $4.75. “Keep the change,” I said to her and walked away from the cafe. Time to return to my office.

When I reached my office, I parked my car at the basement and took elevator to take me to the top floor. I looked at my watch and I still had fifteen minutes before the meeting began. I could read the report again. When I got to the floor, I stepped out and headed to my office.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Greene,” Christine greeted me while standing, showing me her now slim body.

“Hello, Christine.” She was just back from her maternity leave and she was quick to had a diet and made her body returned like before she got pregnant. Seeing her there, it only remind me of her. She was there few months ago but now she was gone. Gone to another man’s hands.

Stop it, James. Forget about her. Forget everything.

After I entered my office, I sat on my chair and read the report for the meeting. I need to focus on my jobs for now. No time for women now. This project meant a lot to me. It was big and it will caused another fortune if it succeeded. No, it has to.

My mind was split into two. About my project and also her. Love was really annoying. Oddly, it could strengthen me. Maybe just like people said.

Love was a weakness, but it could also be your strength.

Even though she has broke my heart, I couldn’t hate her. I could never hate her. She was my precious first love. Even though she had rejected me, I will always kept her in my heart. I remembered she shared tears when she dumped me. It wasn’t her fault but she considered it as hers. She chose him but she was sad because she broke me.

She was really an Angel.

The sounds of the phone disturbed my from thinking about her. I mentally cursed of the idiot who disturbed me. I picked it up. “Hello?”

“Um, my apologies for disturbing you, Mr. Greene. But, you have a guest.” I could hear Christine’s voice.

“A guest? Who is it? Tell him that I’m busy,” I said to her.

“I said the same to her, but she-- Wait, ma’am! You can’t go in there!” Christine shouted at my guest. She said her, who could it be?

Before I could get my answer, someone forcefully opened my office’s door and finally revealed the guest. Seeing at her figure, it just made me felt more tired.

“Hi, James!” she said to me and my mood immediately ruined because of her.

I could see Christine was confused on what to do. I put the phone back on my ear. “It’s okay, Christine. I know her. Tell me if the meeting will begin.”

“Certainly, sir.” She put the phone down and walked to the door and closed it behind her. My attention immediately sets on the disturber. “What do you want, Helen? Can’t you see I’m busy?” I asked coldly to her.

“Aaw, here I am want to comfort the heart broken of the Mighty James Greene. Is that what I get from my good intention?” she asked playfully.

Helen was my junior in high school, the same year as Jason. Since long ago, she had problem with schools because she lost her parents when she was sixteen. It broke her and with her uncle adopted her, it changed her. Made her uncontrollable, drinking and doing drugs anywhere. Fortunately because her adoptive father was the town most success Lawyer, he could easily shut the media off.

Honestly, I don’t care. I also did the same to the media about my affair with those women. So, I don’t have any rights to shut her.

The only mistake that I ever did was...

I f*cked her before. She was my first woman. Fortunately enough I wasn’t her first man. It will be annoying if I was her first man.

Helen then walked towards me and sat on the table. She was looking at me with her flirting green eyes. She wagged her blond hair and moved her body forward to me. “You know what I want,” she said with a low tone. She was flirting with me. Too bad her ways doesn’t effect me.

I scoffed her. “Is your head that bad? I told you before that I’m done with you. I don’t need you in my life,” I said coldly to her.

“Rather than f*cking random women, why don’t you f*ck me instead?”

“And let the news spread out that you are my woman? Sorry, but no thank you. I don’t want to be in the gossip news with a low woman such as yourself.”

“Really? Then, how about Catherine Ross?” Hearing her mentioned that name, she got me. I was not that surprised on how she knew that name. Her father was stupidly meddling with my business. Maybe I should have a word with him someday. To shut his mouth.

“That is none of your business. If you came here just to give your body to me, then leave. I am busy.”

“Oh? Busy thinking about the b*tch who broke your heart?”That’s it!

My control finally snapped. I stood up from my chair and roughly grabbed her shoulder. She hissed with pain but I don’t give a damn about it. Helen went out of line by calling Cathy as a b*tch. She doesn’t deserve that title. She was far away from that. Far away from her.

“Don’t you f*cking dare call her with that. She is not like you. You are the b*tch. She is not.” I pushed her, causing her almost fall down. It doesn’t matter if she fell. She needs a good spank because of how she act. But no, I wasn’t going to do it for her. I refused to spank a wh*re. If I wanted to spank, I wanted to spank my woman not her.

“Damn, it seems you are fallen hard on that woman. Too bad Ricardo Williams got her first. As far I know, you are doing a business with him. Why did you do that? I thought he was your rival?” Again, she got another information from her father.

“Like I said, it is none of your business,” I repeated my words again on her. Looks like she need that because of how empty her head was.

“Maybe he was challenging you because he got your woman. He want to show off on how happy he is by f*cking the girl you love.” I glared at her. Sending a message to shut her filthy mouth. But she doesn’t. She was just grinning at me. But before I could do anything to her, someone opened the door and it reveals...

“Excuse me, Mr. Greene. You meeting will begin in three minutes.” Christine appeared. Thank f*ck!

“Yes, Christine. I will be out in a second,” I said to her.

“Spare ten minutes. We’re not finish yet,” Helen ordered to Christine. Who does she think she is? She wasn’t the boss here. I am. And she doesn’t have any rights to ordered my Secretary.

“Excuse me, ma’am. But I only take order from my boss and my boss is by coincidentally standing right in front of you. If he ask me to spare another ten minutes, I will gladly do it. but you...” She shook her head. “I refuse to obey it.”

I could see Helen’s face became red. It was like she was ready to grabbed her hair and pulled her down and slapped her face. “Why you little b*tch!”

“Stop it!” I shouted at her and Helen’s attention was back on me. “If you dare lay a hand on Christine, I will call the security and drag you out from my office. You can’t show your face here anymore,” I threatened her.

“You think you can do that?” she challenged me.

“I warned you, Helen. You do not want to see me when I’m seriously angry,” I challenged her back. Her smile immediately gone from her face and then she grabbed her bag and walked towards the door with a very pissed off face. Finally!

I grabbed all the stuff and went out from my office. “Let’s go,” I said to Christine and she followed me behind. “Thanks for you help there. I appreciate it.”

“No problem, sir. I just can’t stand on the way she mentioned Cathy. The stupid b*tch needs to learn her place.” Her words caught me. Christine build a friendship with Cathy when she was working here. Even though they were only together for one day, both of them already build a friendship bond to each other. She considered Cathy precious just like me and she won’t let anyone insults her best friend.

We got into the elevator and headed to the meeting room. “Um, Mr. Greene?” I looked at her but she didn’t set her eyes on me. “I need to apologize first about what I’m going to say to you.” What does it mean? Don’t tell me she’s going to resign?

“I think you need to move on from Cathy,” she said and here I thought she wanted to resign from my place. But then again, even Christine realized about my feeling. “You should find another woman to replaced her. Someone who will love you dearly.”

Even Christine said the same just like Cathy. I remembered she was hoping that I will get myself a very nice girl one day. Someone who will loved me. My woman.

When the elevator reached the floor, I walked out first leaving Christine behind me. In front of the door, I stopped as Christine grabbed the knob but my words stopped her.

“Thank you for worrying about me, Christine,” I said and she sets her eyes on me. I slightly smile to her and together we entered the meeting room. My former rival was already there, sitting on his chair. When he saw me, he smiled and stood up from his chair together with his secretary.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Greene,” he greeted me. Me and him probably didn’t have another problem anymore. But, I still slightly hated him especially seeing on how happy he was - finally proposed to his girlfriend and will get marry in the next few months. Marry the girl whom almost become my wife.

“It’s nice to see you again, Mr. Williams.” Seeing him, it only conclude one thing in my mind.

Maybe I will find my true Angel one day.

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