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Darkness Finds the Heart

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Once known as Dracula, Xavier Harcard had the world at his fingertips. One woman could change that..That woman was a Helsing and she alone could topple his empire.or claim his heart..

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Chapter 1

Xavier Harcard sat behind his desk. His eyes were intent on a file folder that was marked Hart, Khryssa Leigh. He had his people give him as much information about this woman as they possibly could. Her birthday was 28 February and she was twenty-five years old. Dr. Hart had graduated from medical school at the age of twelve. The following four years, she had earned two more degrees. One in law and the other in business, all three of her degrees came from the University of Texas.

He thought that odd, with a mind like Dr. Khryssa Hart possessed, she could have gone anywhere in the world to study. Apparently there was a streak of loyalty in the woman.

Reading further down the information, it stated that she attended school in Texas because they were the only medical school in the US that would allow for such a young person to attend. He rubbed his chin, thinking. She was from a very prominent political family in the US. That alone could make this woman very helpful, besides financially.

The psychological information proved to be quite interesting as well. She was classified as an INTJ from one of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Reading further, the type was described. INTJ stood for introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment. Harcard tapped his fingers against the mahogany desk top with a smile. She had no known mental or physical health issues. Brilliant and not overly emotional, Khryssa Hart sounded even more intriguing as he read.

It was also noted that she was not in any sort of relationship. She was not on any social media that could be found, also interesting Harcard thought. Flipping to the front of the file once again, he smirked at the picture attached. It was a candid shot taken when the woman did not know anyone was near. She had a disarming smile and was truly extraordinarily beautiful. Harcard read on. Khryssa Hart's favorite food was coffee, taken black. Coffee is now considered a food, he frowned. Surely that had to be a joke.

His intercom beeped. “Yes Greta?”

“Mr. Harcard, Dr. Khryssa Hart is here to see you.” His assistant replied back.

“Send Dr. Hart in. And Greta, bring her a cup of coffee, black.”

“Yes Sir.”

She was young and looked it. Harcard already knew the woman’s age. Dr. Khryssa Hart walked closer and stood before Harcard’s large desk. She was quite tall, having to be six feet tall if she was an inch. Long dark hair was neatly tied at the nape of the neck, allowing for soft ringlets to cascade back and out of the way. She had eyes to match the hair, brilliant darkness that sparkled like the clear night sky. Those eyes were fathomless depths that drank in every single detail, including Xavier Harcard.

A delicate smile curved a generous mouth. The color of her unpainted lips was a sight to behold. They were a beautiful wine colored softness. Every fiber in her being seemed to speak to him and he yearned to stroke her skin. He wanted to see if she was as delicate as she appeared.

It was in that instant that Xavier Harcard knew he wanted her. Being the man that he was, Harcard usually got what he desired. He rose from the luxury leather seat as she entered.

"Mr. Harcard, it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m Khryssa Hart. I realize that you have been dealing with my father over this matter of acquisition. Since it has progressed this far, I figured it was better that we met. I do hope you accept my apology that we have not had a chance to get together sooner." When she offered a hand, he took it. Her grip was strong and confident, but not overly so. She had no need to put on a show. Khryssa’s voice was like wine and roses but Harcard could not place the accent.

He was rather impressed with the fact she did not announce her title. It showed strength that her name was enough and did not need to be accompanied by anything more.

“It is a pleasure Doctor. Please have a seat. I accept your apology, not to worry." Xavier Harcard's voice purred with a warmth that was nearly tangible.

Khryssa Hart sat gracefully. Long legs were tucked back and slender hands smoothed down the hem of her skirt. It was not nervousness, merely a gesture of propriety. Looking to the man before her, she smiled a polite smile. “I do appreciate it Mr. Harcard. I do not like to leave arrangements such as these to just anyone.”

Greta stepped into the office, briefly. She brought the younger woman a large cup of coffee with no accompaniments. Greta had moved quickly with her employer's demand. She spoke softly. “Dr. Hart, coffee for you if you would care for some.” Setting it down on the table next to the woman’s chair, Greta turned to leave quickly.

Khryssa smiled warmly. Dark eyes lit up with the scent of coffee drifting near. “Thank you very much Greta. It is appreciated.”

Xavier nodded to his assistant when she left and did not say a word. He was pleased to the fact that the young woman before him had used Greta’s name.

For the last seven years Dr. Khryssa Leigh Hart had been working on her own company, it was a small pharmaceutical firm. Along with that venture, she had been finishing up her fellowship in oncology.

It was just a year ago that her company had finished a study that Khryssa herself had started in medical school. It was a new treatment for tumors. It worked on both malignant and benign types. Absolutely brilliant was this new discovery, it had already passed the FDA guidelines and was looking to be marketed soon. Her goal was to make it the most affordable and the most effective treatment on the market for cancer.

The young woman loved research and being a physician. Alas, she hated business side of her career choice. To Khryssa, it was tiresome and time consuming. Dealing with the business end of things was time that could have been spent in the lab. These would be her last dealings with the business world, if she had her way. She was selling the company that she had started.

"Since you have already agreed on the negotiation points Mr. Harcard, I trust that you have read over the paperwork. Our lawyers are downstairs waiting for a suitable expectation of benefits to be reached.” A smile was added to the end of her words.

"Yes, you are wishing on a fraction of a percent of the net profit of the firm’s proprietary products for the first ten years. Why so low doctor?" He truly was curious. She had asked for very little in return monetarily.

"Because Mr. Harcard, I want a job. I do not wish to run a company and all that goes along with it. My father does not have the time to devote to the pharmaceutical world. I do not have the desire in that capacity. I would rather be in the lab. Besides, the labs of Harcard Industries have the money to provide much more extensive equipment than what I can provide on my own." A small shrug was given. Yet, she never broke eye contact with Harcard.

"You wish to be the director of the newly founded pharmaceutical branch of Harcard Industries." It was not a question.

"Correct." The reply was simple and direct. There was no hesitation in her voice.

"The terms are, of course, agreeable Doctor. You know that the terms are set by the contract we both have written and read. I was merely curious to your reasoning through. I also wished to meet the brilliant woman that was able to turn an idea into a multi-billion dollar venture in so few years."

He paused, smiling, before continuing with his thought. "I would like to extend an invitation to you for dinner. I would enjoy hearing more about how this project came to be." His mind was whirring. He did not want to see her leave so quickly. There was something about this woman, far more than her beauty, which seized him.

"I am afraid I am going to have to decline. I have family here and I am spending time with them. But, thank you Sir. Perhaps another time we shall enjoy this dinner Mr. Harcard?’ She extended a hand once more while smiling. Rising from the seat, she stood tall and there was pride to the way she held herself.

"I insist.” Xavier Harcard was not pleased with Khryssa’s refusal. He would not fight her over the refusal, yet.

Xavier stepped out from behind the desk; he took her hand in his and stroked the soft skin in a gentle manner. He held her hand for a moment too long, enjoying the warmth of soft flesh. Harcard wasn’t sure if she noticed or not.

“I must ask about your accent, I believe I was told that you are American.”

Soft laughter escaped parted lips. It was a question often asked. “I was born in London to American parents. My father was in the military. We returned to the states when I was six. I have dual citizenship between the UK and the US. After we returned to the US, we still made a good number of trips back and forth to London. I spent the next several years spending 6 months in the US and 6 there. Once I finished with my fellowship, at about sixteen, I moved to London permanently. The accent confuses most people. I have been told by a linguist that the accent is fairly local to the northern part of London but the speech pattern is typical for an American in the southern part of the US.”

“Interesting Doctor, very interesting.” With a gesture to the door, his hand brushed the small of her back, escorting the young woman down to the lawyers.

That evening, Xavier Harcard sat back behind his desk with his eyes closed and fingers steepled against his lips. The sun had already set, but he didn’t even notice. Harcard's blond hair was tussled from his own strong hands running through it.

How could I not have known about the beauty that was Khryssa Hart, he thought. Anger from the surprising revelation coiled around his heart like a tight fist. He was not overly fond of surprises. She would be dangerous to him. Such attraction was not something he had felt in many years, perhaps centuries. Until this day, he no longer thought it was possible.

A smile crossed his lips that lacked warmth. The venture with Dr. Khryssa Leigh Hart should prove to be quite interesting. He was looking forward to getting to know the woman much better.

Tapping a fingertip against his lips, he wondered of her taste. Sweet or spicy, which would it be? A shrug of broad shoulders, Harcard knew he would find out soon enough how her blood would taste, hot, against his lips. He had not lived for six centuries to deny himself what he desired after all.

And no one challenged the man once called Dracula, ever.

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