Darkness Finds the Heart

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Chapter 10

They were both tired when they reached the jet. They had been up far too long, Xavier took Khryssa to the back cabin of the plane. It was a private bedroom that he used when traveling long distances. Pulling her onto the bed with him, Xavier wrapped her in his arms. The both settled into a deep sleep for the trip home. Once they were back on the tarmac at the private airport of Harcard Industries, Khryssa checked her cell phone. There had been seventeen missed calls.

“This is not good.”

“What is wrong Khryssa?”

“I think my phone blew up with people trying to reach me while we were gone.”

She scrolled through the voice to text messages, cringing slightly. “I need to make a couple of calls before we leave here.”

Xavier nodded; he went up to the front of the jet to talk to the pilot and to give her a modicum of privacy. Khryssa returned the first call.

“Hi Papa, you have been trying to reach me?”

“Do you know what time it is young lady?” The voice on the other end shouted.

“It is around ten at night.”

“I have been trying to reach you for almost twelve hours Khryssa Leigh!”

Middle name usage, not a good sign she thought. “I was on a trip Papa. I did not realize I had to check in when I planned to go somewhere.” I think I am 26. That is what it says on my ID card.

“You realize that while you have been missing that Harcard was missing as well? We thought he had you!”

Technically, that would be a yes. “Papa! I was with Xavier Harcard, nothing happened. The plane just landed. I will be heading home shortly.” She sighed.

“DAMNIT KHRYSSA! You know who he is! You know what he is capable of doing. Why are you so insistent on risking your life? I was ready to call your parents and the police. The police might not have done anything on my word alone, but if your father had known and gotten the embassy involved....." He let the words trail off "Do you not think of the repercussions of your behavior?”

Khryssa spoke through clenched teeth. "ENOUGH! I am an adult. This is not a new revelation either. You know where I work. I apologize for the fact that you needed to get in touch with me and I was not able to answer my phone. I am not at your beck and call. What I do is not any of your concern. Do you understand?” She was furious.

Henrik Helsing knew that he had crossed a line with his extremely stubborn great-granddaughter. “I am sorry Khryssa. We worry about you. You work too closely with Harcard. He will hurt you one of these days. Your usefulness will wear off and either he will kill you or he will turn you. Please understand this.”

Pinching the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger, Khryssa counted backwards from ten. Still not calm enough to speak, she tried from twenty. “Papa, I know you worry. I am fine. I am absolutely fine. You need to trust me.”

“Do I have any other choice Khryssa?”

Khryssa knew it was bad when her Papa called used her first name continuously like this. She had been simply Khrys or Khryssie for as long as she could remember. “No, you don’t. Good night Papa.” She didn’t wait for a reply, disconnecting the call immediately instead.

Xavier came back in. He had heard everything, of course. “Are you alright Khryssa?”

She nodded and rose from the seat. “You know this part of my family as well as I do. The fact that I am within eyeshot of you sends them into a panic.”

He cupped her cheek with his hand. “I will do everything in my power to see that you come to no harm, from me or anyone else.”

Turning her head just enough so that his hand moved, Khryssa kissed his palm. “I know.” She tried to smile, but there was an underlying weariness to it. “Shall we?”

“But of course my dear.”

Xavier had his driver take Khryssa home. It was at her insistence. He did not like the fact she would not be with him that night, but Xavier was not going to push. Walking her to her door, he kissed her goodnight.

“Does five o’clock sound good to you for tomorrow?” She asked.

“I have to wait that long to see you again?”

Khryssa chuckled lowly and kissed him again. “Good night Xavier. Thank you again, for everything.”

“Good night my enchantment, until tomorrow.”

“Until then.”

Stepping inside, she closed the door. Khryssa took only the time to shower and change before falling into an exhausted sleep. Unfortunately, the alarm went off at six o’clock in the morning. Groaning softly she rolled over and smacked her hand across the top of the alarm clock. It did not help, exactly seven minutes later it went off again. Third time is always a charm. Considering either getting up or throwing the clock across the room, Khryssa climbed out of bed. The first order of business was coffee.

After coffee, she headed out the door. Khryssa hurried off to the market down the road. Greeting the store owner, she went about the small store with purpose. The shopping took a while. She was choosy about what she needed and only wanted the best possible.

After a couple of hours she finally had everything that she needed. Pausing on the street, Khryssa made a detour. Heading into the wine shop she picked up a few bottles of wine. With her arms laden down with groceries, she rushed home.

The dinner that she was planning was a complex affair. Khryssa turned up the music, and began to work. The dishes themselves were fairly easy, it was just a long preparation. The day passed quickly. Dinner preparations were done, the finishing touches just needed to be added. The house was, as always, immaculate. A moment of panic set in. What to wear?

Running up the stairs, Khryssa cleaned up quickly. Buffed, polished, primped and ready to find something to wear. This was going to take a miracle she thought. Standing in her closet, wearing nothing but a scrap of silk that could barely be called panties, she looked through her clothing. Nothing she owned seemed appropriate.

Too dressy, work clothing, jeans, what was I thinking when I bought all of this went through her mind. Then seeing one thing that might work, it was a simple black silk shirt dress. Khryssa had never worn it. Actually, she did not even pick it out. Her mother purchased the dress for her on the thought that Khryssa might go out with the son of one of their friends.

The date never happened and the dress was never worn. Sliding the dress on, the silk felt cool and fresh against her skin. She did a quick check in the mirror. The dark material set off her pale skin perfectly. The hem skimmed just a few inches above the knee, but the long sleeves were more appropriate for the cooler night. Fishing out a pair of sandals, she was ready.

Deciding she needed to relax some before Xavier arrived, Khryssa went into the room she used as a studio.

Xavier arrived at Khryssa’s home at exactly 4:40 p.m. He eased out of the back of his chauffeured car; carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The late summer evening was comfortable. The light breeze felt wonderful and it ruffled his blond hair just enough to make him look touchable. He had dressed casually for the evening. Wearing a knit shirt and slacks, Xavier had the look of elegant coolness. An easy ride delivered him to the door quickly. Xavier started to knock and changed his mind. Opening the door and walking in instead.

Xavier Harcard stood in the hallway of the bright and spacious home in, simply listening. His head was tilted back and eyes were closed. He stood there lost in the music. The music, played on the cello, was enchanting. A hand lifted, as if he directed the piece playing. The piece was Malena by Ennio Morricone and it was simply enchanting.

When the music stopped abruptly Harcard’s eyes opened. Not a sound was made as he waited, head cocked to the side. The music started once more. The cello sounded bittersweet. It was something that touched the heart and soul with its sorrowful melody. This was a new piece. It was unlike anything he had ever heard before.

Taking a step forward, Harcard stood in the doorway of a near empty room. The blond wood floors were highlighted by the cream and pale blue walls. Khryssa sat in the middle of the room. Fingers on the strings and holding the bow with a certain grace that was so rarely seen, she looked perfectly serene. There was not any music before her. She was playing by memory. Her eyes were closed and curling hair brushed against fair cheeks. Khryssa did not realize that a killer watched her intently.

The piece wasn’t finished. She stopped abruptly and frowned, something was not flowing with the piece. Looking up when she heard the applause. There was a look of shock on her face.


She smiled gently and with a tip of her head to hide the blush that threatened to color her cheeks; she spoke.

“Thank you Xavier. I did not know you were here. In fact, the question at hand is what are you doing here this early?”

He gave her a half smile and stepped closer. His lips brushed against her forehead fondly. Khryssa blushed once more and murmured a thank you.

“I haven't heard from you at all today. Is something amiss?”

She shook her head gently and looked up at him. “I have been busy preparing for the evening."

Xavier stroked the back of his knuckles against the softness of her cheek. He watched her for a moment, before speaking.

“I was concerned.”

She stood up to put away the instrument. Her voice was soft as she worked.

“I apologize. I didn't mean to worry you."

Xavier believed her and a small smile appeared. “What was the piece you were playing?”

There was a shake to her head. “It was nothing, just something that I am trying to compose.”

Pulling her to him, Xavier curled his arms around Khryssa Hart. “It is beautiful, much like the composer. “The accented words were soft.

She laughed softly and pulled away. “Thank you. I am surprised to see you this early."

“My dear, it is not that early. It is nearly five now.”

“I must have lost time, again. I am so sorry Xavier.”

“You are fine my darling, after all I have wanted to hear you play for a while now.”

A brief kiss was brushed along his jawline and she turned and went to the kitchen. Xavier lingered for a moment, picking something up, before following. The older home was large and spacious. Far from the luxury that his exuded, Khryssa’s home was bright, cheerful, and airy, much like its owner.

Xavier had procured the recording of music she was playing. Taking the device and putting it on a small sound deck he allowed for his fingers to roam across the screen. Finding what he was looking for, Harcard let the music play softly.

The iPod was filled with Khryssa's own music This iPod contained only pieces she composed and played. Khryssa often times would record a finished or near finished piece. It was so that she could detect any flaws in the music. This was a rare find; she did not allow anyone to listen to this. The fact that she had left it alone with Xavier in the room. meant a lot to him. There was the most amazing piece on the playlist. It was Khryssa herself singing part of Lakme – The Flower Duet. Leaning back in the chair, Xavier Harcard once again lost himself in the music


"Yes my darling?"

Khryssa just shook her head with amusement and said nothing.

Setting the flowers down, Xavier went to her. Sliding his arms around Khryssa, he drew her close to his chest. Lips finding her soft full ones, he kissed her tenderly. Looking into her eyes, he spoke softly.

“I missed you.”

“Mmm? Already?” Khryssa’s eyes sparkled with warmth.

“Yes. “

“I have been thinking about you all day Mr H.”

“Mr. H?” Xavier sounded amused by this. “I do not believe anyone has ever called me by a pet name before.”

“Well I just rectified the situation.” She grinned at him.

"I suppose H stands for Harcard?"


"No? What does it mean?"

"Heroin. You are like a drug that I have no desire to give up."

The words rendered Xavier speechless for a moment. “So what have you been thinking?”

“Well mostly about how dramatically things have changed between us.”

“I hope you are pleased?”

“Very much so.”

She had just put the finishing touches on their dessert and placed it in the refrigerator.

“Yes. What have you prepared for us?”

“That is a surprise.” Khryssa winked at him.

Reaching for the bouquet, he drew a single flower across the nape of her neck. Khryssa shivered with the light touch. Stepping back, she turned to face him once again.

“For you my dearest.”

The bouquet was made of a dozen calla lilies, wrapped with a black satin ribbon that was edged in silver lace.

“They are beautiful. How did you know my favorite flower?”

Xavier gave her his best rakish smile. “I started vetting my employees even better.”

She laughed, shaking her head. Khryssa took the time to place them in a vase and brought them into her formal dining room. The table had been set before he arrived. The flowers matched the table setting perfectly. “Xavier if you would like to have a seat, I will be right in.”

“But of course my gracious hostess.” He stepped out of the room.

Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves and hoping that he would enjoy the evening’s offerings, Khryssa joined him in the dining room. She had set it up so that Xavier would be seated at the head of the table and she would be to his left. The seating was preferential in such a way since she was left handed. When she walked to him with the wine bottle, Xavier immediately stood up.

“Come here.” He commanded.

With a puzzled look, Khryssa placed the wine down on the table and went to him. Trying not to laugh, she schooled her features into a serious look. “Can I help you?”

“But of course.”

With inhuman speed, Xavier picked Khryssa up and set her down upon the dining room table. He stepped between her thighs and held her close to him. The wide eyed stare of his lover made Xavier chuckle. Large, strong hands cupped her delicate cheeks. Looking into her eyes, he willed her into letting go. It had nothing to do with his vampiric charm. Instead, Xavier bared his soul, silently, to the woman he loved.

Tears pooled in Khryssa’s eyes. She stared at the man before her. Xavier kissed his beloved gently and with the kiss the tears spilled down her cheeks.

“Why are you crying Khryssa?”

She shook her head and offered a feeble smile. “I never have had anyone look at me the way you do.”

“Their loss.” He kissed the tears off her cheeks.

“Would you like some dinner?””

“I want you more.”

“Hmmm. I think that could be arranged.”

“Oh do you now?”

Sitting in the chair, Harcard was between Khryssa's thighs. The delicate panties she wore were no more in his hands. Pulling her closer, with her ass right at the edge of the table.

She tried to pull away, but was held tight with strong hands. Harcard's hands stroked Khryssa's long legs. It was the first time he had tasted her like this. He went slowly. Teasing her. Khryssa whimpered softly in response. She tried to talk and the words would just not come together.

He sat back and witnessed his wide eyed love. With no need for words, Xavier picked Khryssa up from the table with ease.

Khryssa curled tightly against him. Her breaths were quick. Still lost in the physical memory of the pleasure he gave her, Khryssa whimpered more. The feelings that Xavier created made her believe what he had been saying all along. Her body was truly his.

Up in the bedroom, Xavier set Khryssa down on the edge of the bed. Starting at her feet, he began to remove shoes and clothing. Smiling at the bareness of her sex, Xavier brushed his fingers across the wetness. Khryssa tried to rise to help Xavier with his clothing and he wouldn’t allow her off the bed’s edge.

Harcard stood. Looking down at his lover, he drew a breath. She was aroused. He could taste her scent. Blue eyes closed, he savored it and her.

"I love seeing you like this."


"Yes. Ready and waiting. I can feel your need rushing through your veins, my enchantment. You are god's own masterpiece."

Sliding on to the bed himself, Harcard lay beside Khryssa, yet not close enough that he was touching her flesh. His eyes roamed her body with a predatory gaze.

"Touch yourself."

"Excuse me?"

"Touch yourself like I do in your dreams."

"How did - "

Xavier smiled. "I just do."

Swallowing, Khryssa nodded. The embarrassment was written across her features, but she did as he asked. Her fingers started at the flat plane of her belly. Slowly and softly, Khryssa circled her navel with a single fingertip. Just that single digit drew upwards. Her other hand laid upon her lower stomach, unmoving. The fingertip circled each nipple, flicking against the hardened buds.

A soft moan left her lips and it made Xavier smile. He imagined that it was his tongue she had dreamt about. The other hand pressed down against her belly, holding herself down when hips were tempted to buck upwards. The fingertip continued to her throat, rubbing and pausing there before traveling back down. Dark eyes were closed.

"Open your eyes my darling. Watch me as you do this."

Once again her cheeks colored with embarrassment, but she did as told. Eyes on him, she continued to stroke. No longer was it just a single digit. Her slender hand cupped around her breast, holding the full flesh. Her breaths were coming faster. Dark eyes widened with her excitement. Biting down on the lower tier of her lips, she tried to keep the cries at bay.

Xavier did it for her instead. Kissing her lips so that he may feel her cries pierce his soul. She tried to run her hands through his hair. Instead he gently placed her hands back to her own body. He wanted her touch badly; so this was torture for him as much as it was for Khryssa.

Unable to stand it any longer, Harcard unzipped his slacks and pulled himself free. He then lifted Khryssa so that she straddled him.

"Ride me lover. Touch me. Feel all of me."

Moving so that she could impale herself on him, she once again did as she was told. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair left most of Khryssa bared to him. Xavier smiled, watching her. His eyes closed when she took him fully. The pleasure was like nothing he had ever felt.

Large hands pressed Khryssa's knees apart. He wanted to watch. Taking her by the hips Harcard held her. She moved. Up and down with tight circles controlled by her hips. Slender hands covered the much larger ones. Khryssa's sleek lithe body danced above him. The idea was to have tormented her some. Instead, Xavier felt he was the one being teased.

By god, she felt wonderful.

Leaning down, Khryssa kissed his lips. Slow and sensual while long curls veiled them from the world. His grip tightened enough that it made her yelp. He relaxed the grasp just enough so as not to hurt her.

Unable to stand it, Xavier rolled. Forcing her beneath him, he took her again. His body heavy upon Khryssa's. It was the first time in her life that she felt so possessed. Long legs wrapped around his waist with her heels resting upon his ass. Their bodies moved together. As much as he took from her, Khryssa took from Harcard as well.

He knew her body well enough now that when he felt she was hitting near the peak of pleasure, he backed off. Frustration colored Khryssa's eyes. Which made him want to prolong the torment further.

Whispering in Khryssa's ear, Xavier drew her into his heart with the words of how she was well and truly his. She didn't fight the words, instead she floated with them in the ocean of pleasure he gave.

"Come with me Khryssa. Show me your unguarded self. Show me....you."

Faster and harder he drove into her sleek body. Both, slick with sweat, met upon the crescendo of pleasure and fell into the night. The laid together, both panting. Every so often, Khryssa would gasp and shake.

"Are you alright my enchantment?" Xavier was concerned.

Khryssa nodded, unable to speak for several heartbeats. "Aftershocks." She whispered.

Soon, they stilled. Laying together, drifting in their own sea of happiness.

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