Darkness Finds the Heart

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Chapter 14

Khryssa Hart stared blankly at the man before her. This was no ordinary man. This was Xavier Harcard, one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. He was known to a very few by another name, Dracula. And he just asked her to marry him.

“What?” Surely she was missing something or heard him wrong.

“Khryssa Leigh Hart, marry me and become my wife.” He paused to slide the ring on her finger.

He had brought the design to a specialty jeweler the day he had given her Calla. It was not just purchased for her. It was made for her. Each diamond, all fifteen carats worth, had been handpicked by Xavier himself. The platinum band was designed by him and made for her finger alone. It was more than expensive, it was priceless. She didn’t even look down at the weight upon her finger. She just stared mutely at the man.

After all that they went through recently and he wants to marry me, what the hell? That was what her mind kept repeating and it hammered home again and again. It made not a bit of sense.

“You are joking.”

“I have never been more serious in my life.”

“We barely know each other Xavier!”

“Then it is time we learn more.” He was very serious.

She turned to walk away, pausing to remove the ring from her finger first. “I cannot believe you are doing this Xavier. Why do you feel the need to torment me so?” Handing the ring back, Khryssa waited for him to take it. He didn't.

“Torment you? No my darling, it is not to torment you. You see, even in my mortal life, I could have had my pick of women. I did have my pick of women. When I met the woman that I would marry, she cared not that I was a prince. She cared not that I was a monster in the flesh. All she cared about was me. When she received the falsified news that I had perished, she killed herself." Harcard sighed before continuing.

"Since then there were hundreds perhaps thousands of women that graced my bed and even more that I fed off of their flesh. I met a woman I cared deeply for. Her name was Agathe and once she found out what I was, she wanted nothing more to do with me. For I was a vampire and that little bit of information tarnished her vision of us together."

Pausing, Xavier closed his eyes with the memories flooding back. "Any others that have tried to make me love them wanted me for the same reason you said no for so many years. What could I do for them? How could I make their lives more complete? What could I purchase for them? Of course there was always my favorite, how I could make them look with them being at my side.” Xavier’s lip curled in contempt.

“Your family is my sworn enemy and that never bothered you. You knew before you accepted the agreement to be employed by Harcard Industries what I am. You did not care. You have no desire for the wealth that I possess; you have plenty of your own Khryssa. Still material things do nothing to impress you. I have no doubt that you find me attractive. It is more of a pull from the soul rather than the physical trappings. You care about how my mind works and what my thoughts are far more than you care about what damned label is on my undergarments!”

Khryssa was shocked by Xavier’s outburst. Standing stock still, she did not know what to say. So he came to her once more. Running his knuckles gently down her cheek, Xavier spoke, his tone was gentle.

“You actually care about the man Khryssa. You do not care about the frivolous adornments that come with me. You possess the ability to make me laugh and you laugh with me. When I see your smile, I know that there is good in this world and not just the darkness that I have become. Your beauty is astonishing. Yet, there is so much more to you than that. Can you now see why I wish for you to be by my side? Can you understand why I wish for you to be my wife? I love you. It is not something that I say lightly either my dear.”

“Xavier, you tried to kill me last night. What the hell?”

“I lost control. I have been negligent in my sleeping habits and feeding habits. I wanted to spend every bit of time that I have available with you. Unfortunately, I did not know the consequences until it was too late.” It was mostly true.

Khryssa started to pace. She was nervous and it was very obvious. She loved him. It was the first time she had even spoken that out loud. He knew now and pledged his love to her as well. How can I do this? How can I even think about this? There is no way it will work. Tears slipped from her eyes and she turned to walk away once again.

“Khryssa, give us a chance. Please.”

“Do you not remember Xavier, I gave you a second chance. We ended up in Romania.”

“Do you love me?”

Fire heated her cheeks with the question that was posed to her. “Yes, I do love you.”

“Can you imagine being apart for long? Can you see yourself with another man that is not me?”

“No, I cannot imagine you being gone from my life. I could never love another like I love you.”

“You know in your heart that I love you, do you not?”

Khryssa nodded mutely.

Xavier went again on to one knee. Taking the ring that was held loosely in her hand, he slid it back on her finger. Bringing her hand to his lips, he kissed the soft skin with adoration.

“Once again I will ask you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife Khryssa Hart?”

Her heartstrings tugged. So without even realizing, she nodded. Tears were slipping down her cheeks; Khryssa knew this was not the way a proposal should be. She was not thrilled but rather a mixture of fear and love filled her with the thought of embarking on a new life with Xavier Harcard.

“Yes Xavier, I will marry you.”

Xavier rose quickly from bended knee, so quickly that she did not even realize it. Khryssa felt the embrace and kiss before she ever saw him. Laughter bubbled from within while their lips touched. He smiled against Khryssa’s lips. Picking her up, he walked through the vast home. He just wanted to hold her that much longer, rather than let her walk beside him. The hallways passed in a blur. Her vision narrowed to him and him alone. It wasn’t until Xavier placed her down upon his bed that she actually realized what was happening. Long legs wrapped around his waist instinctively. Arms, slender and delicate looking, curled around his shoulders. She leaned upwards as if to kiss him, but instead she whispered softly.

“Are you sure about this Xavier?”

“I have never been surer about anything in my life.”

“I am frightened Xavier.”

He stroked her hair and gazed into her eyes with such love that a tear slipped down her cheek once more upon seeing the look from him. “My beloved Khryssa, just know that I love you more than anything in this world or beyond. Know that I value you and cherish you more than I do my own immortal life.”

There was a crease of worry on her brow. Xavier pressed his lips across the crease to smooth the flesh. He looked into her eyes and smiled gently. When fingertips brushed against Khryssa’s cheek, she nuzzled to the touch. Finally, a nod was given, she believed him.

He wanted to touch her. He wanted to feel her flesh against his own. More than anything, he needed to be inside of her. Xavier began removing her clothing. It was a long process. He took his time to marvel at her body, and to touch, kiss every bit that he exposed. When she was finally bared to him, he removed his own clothing. Gazing upon her beauty and marveling at the soft sensuous curves that she possessed, he knew that he would never let her go. Xavier pulled Khryssa into his embrace. Holding her close to his heart, he spoke softly.

“You will never want for anything Khryssa. I know you do not care so much for the material things. You will have those, of course, but you will be cherished beyond what is imaginable. You will be loved to the heavens above and below. There is nothing you will ever want for again.”

She smiled, his words left her incredulous. Instead of speaking, she kissed him with a fierce love. He could feel it more deeply than he had ever felt anything before. His fingers swept across her body. She shivered in his arms with anticipation of what would soon come. Back arching, a long lithe body pressed up to him. He moved over her. Captured in his arms, there was nowhere else she wanted to be. They went slow. He teased her for hours. His fingers took time in sliding across her bare skin. She stroked him gently. Kissing his chest with deliberate slowness, Khryssa made her way downwards. Warm tongue circled around his navel and she dipped lower.

He did not realize what she was doing at first. Her lips kissed his manhood. The simple kiss made him grow that much harder. Trailing kisses down the shaft, Khryssa licked her way back up. The very tip was held between her lips while her tongue drew a slow tattoo across the turgid flesh. She teased him continuously, and he loved every second of her touch. When she slid him slowly, inch by inch, into her mouth he was not sure he could go on much longer. Xavier stopped her. Tugging Khryssa back up to him, he kissed her lips once again. Knowing each other with true intimacy was the only thing on either of their minds.

Knowing each other’s bodies in that instant and sharing the love felt with the other was what mattered most of all. They needed to feel the love, physically, that they shared. Pulling her on top of him, he entered her with delectable slowness. Khryssa rose upwards, pulling her hips back to give her lover a show. Soft sounds, little gasps and moans that left lips of wine, urged him on. Xavier coveted her. Through both of their fears of each other, he had come to realize that he needed this woman, he wanted her, and most importantly; he loved her.

Xavier filled her completely. Hard and thick, he penetrated her again and again. It was nothing like either of them had ever felt. They started to move faster in unison. Without thinking, to muffle the sounds of passion that flew past her lips, Khryssa leaned down and bit Xavier. Lips on his bare shoulder, teeth sank into now warm flesh. She did not draw blood. The pleasure he felt from the bite was profound.

Xavier gasped forcing himself in as deeply as he could. Turning quickly he pushed Khryssa down and pinned her to the bed, their passions mounted. She called out to Xavier. She called out to him, for him in plaintive need. Moving swiftly she rolled him back and onto his back once more. For the first time, she pulled away from him. He looked hurt at first. Then he realized what she was doing. Khryssa had crawled between his thighs once again. Her lips, that beautifully full and sensuous mouth parted and captured the head of his member. His hands gripped the sheets. Teasing just the very tip and fingers began to slide up and down the sticky wet shaft. Khryssa could taste herself upon the hard flesh and that made her passions mount even deeper.

Licking and sucking, her tongue flicked against the crown. Inch by maddeningly inch she took him deeper. Her raven head moving up and down and Xavier was mesmerized by the sight and the feel. He could not take anymore. One more stroke of her mouth and he would explode. Pulling her away, Xavier flipped Khryssa onto her belly. There was a hint of fear in her eyes to what he might do. Sinking deeply into her the warm wetness of her sex, he began what he started. Long slow strokes took her to the edge and back. He whispered words of love and desire in Khryssa’s ear. Her hips thrusting back against him, she called out his name over and over again. It was like a prayer, singing her love to the heavens. The night swept on. Long into the night their love making continued. It wasn’t until their passions were completely spent did they finally drift off to sleep together.

They slept in each other’s arms through the afternoon. When Khryssa finally awakened, she opened her eyes to the sight of her fiancée watching her. Xavier smiled, kissing her lips gently.

“Good morning Xavier.” Stretching gently against her lover, Khryssa returned his smile.

“Good afternoon to you my darling.”

She looked surprised at the mention of afternoon. “Is it truly afternoon?”

“Four p.m. to be exact.”

She frowned. “Were we not supposed to be at work this morning?”

“I think we can take the day off to celebrate, seeing how it is my company after all.”

“Hm, you do make a good point Xavier.” With a shake of the head, she started to laugh.

“What is it that you find so funny?”

Looking thoughtful for a minute maybe two, then she started to speak. “You do realize I am going to have to tell my family yes? Not that my parents matter all that much in this part of the equation, but the others? This is going to get interesting.”

“Yes it will. I can come along if you wish?” He tried to look serious.

“I think that would be a bad idea!”

They both laughed. It was unusual for either of them to be so completely at ease and not on guard. With each other, they didn’t have to be. His long fingers dipped into her dark mane, stroking back the curls that tried to fall forward. Rising up, her lips met his in a searing kiss. The kiss was interrupted with a loud crash. It was not but a moment later that the door flew open.

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