Darkness Finds the Heart

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Chapter 16

Khryssa Hart sat in her office working on paperwork. Xavier had torn up her resignation, of course. The day had been long and tedious. Finally at eight o’clock at night she was finally sitting down to finish up what she had came in early for to begin with. The floor was quiet. Everyone else had already gone home. Taking a sip of now ice cold coffee she grimaced.


Not bothering to get another cup she went back to the task at hand. Fingers flew across the keyboard and it was not until her cell phone rang did she turn to look away from the screen. It was a restricted number. She let it go into voicemail. Two hours had passed and she still was not done. Dark eyes burned with fatigue. Reclining back in the large leather chair she allowed her thoughts to drift briefly. In six months she would be getting married. There was still so much to be done.

Khryssa’s parents had been surprised with the news. They did not know that she had even been seeing anyone, let alone something that had progressed this far. A smile came to her lips and while looking down at a slender hand she noticed how the ring sparkled. It was beautiful. Xavier had impeccable tastes.

Tess and Chris would be graduating from high school in a couple of weeks. Benedict was growing up. She smiled once again remembering just a week or so ago, when she last saw Benedict, how his voice had started to change. Life was progressing at a surprising pace. It was a good thing. Even the Harcard v Helsing feud had come to a screeching halt. Khryssa knew that Henrik and Xavier had some sort of discussion. Neither of the men bothered to tell her what it was about. All she knew was things settled down into a normal routine. The cell phone rang again, breaking her reverie. Once again it was a restricted number. Frowning slightly, she began to reach for the phone; it was at that moment when her office door flew open.

“Xavier! What is wrong?” She noticed the agitation upon his face right away. Getting out of the chair, she went to him quickly.

“Sit down Khryssa.”

“Why? What is going on? Is everything okay?”

“Sit down.”

She did as she was told without arguing, a rare occasion to be certain. She looked up expectantly to her fiancée. Smooth brow furrowed while he paused to speak. This could not be good she thought.

“Khryssa, there was an accident.”

Her hand flew to her mouth. All she could think of was that something happened to either her parents or Uncle Henrik. “Please tell me.”

“Allessi Armand was on flight 5373 out of Milan heading to the city. Shortly after takeoff, the plane started to have mechanical issues. The plane went to make an emergency landing. It didn’t make it. There were no survivors.” He said heavily.

Tears blinded her vision and a hand came up to scrub away the tears. She nodded. “Do the kids and Papa know? What about my parents?”

He shook his head. “Not that I am aware of. I-“He faltered. “I was given the information due to some contacts before it made the news. I came right down.” Xavier did not bother to tell her that the contacts were because he kept a close watch on all her relatives, just in case someone decided to hurt Khryssa by attacking her family.

“I need to get to Papa's house now.” She got up and stumbled. He grabbed her arm to steady her. Khryssa kept right on going. Only bothering to grab her purse because that was where her car keys were hidden. Xavier made her pause for a moment.

“I will drive Khryssa.”

“No. You can’t come into the house, you know this. Besides I need to hurry, your driver will take too long.”

He took the keys from her hand, gently. A loving kiss brushed her cheek. “My love, my life, I will drive. You are too distraught.”

She nodded mutely and accepted the fact that he was taking care of the situation. She allowed herself to be lead out of the office and down to the waiting car.

They both remained silent through the drive. He took her hand in his. Xavier drove with one hand while comforting her with the other. He stroked the softness of her skin while every so often she gripped him tight. The Maserati came to a halt in front of the Helsing residence.

Khryssa appeared to be numb to everything around her. She tried the door and noted it was locked. Pounding on the frame she called out for Henrik. It was only a brief wait for the door to open.

“Khrys! What are you doing here at this hour?” Only after Henrik had spoken did he notice that Harcard was standing beside his great-grandaughter.

“Papa, we need to speak for a moment. Something has happened.”

Xavier did not say a word. His arm was around his grieving fiancée, trying to comfort her as best as he could. Henrik stepped outside and closed the door.

Khryssa started to speak. In that moment, tears began to stream down her cheeks. “Papa, Xavier got word that there was a plane crash. Auntie Allessi was on the plane.”

Henrik looked to Khryssa and then to the vampire next to her. The words came slowly and thickly. “Is she alright?”

Xavier spoke this time. “No Helsing, there were no survivors. I was given the news before it made it to the media. Although it might be showing now.”

Henrik Helsing looked to the couple. Khryssa was upset, obviously. Even Harcard looked concerned. Although his concern was for Khryssa rather than the rest of the family. Henrik nodded to the pair and opened the door. “Come inside, both of you.”

Xavier was shocked at the invitation. Could it be now that his nemesis would be becoming family that there was more to the truce? Guiding Khryssa in to the family home, he stepped in behind her. He was almost sure that something within the home would send him reeling. Walking further into the home, nothing happened. Henrik called down for the younger members of the family

“Christoph, Benedict, Tess! Down here please, pronto?” Henrik called for the children.

The three kids trampled down the stairs with Benedict in the lead. Benedict saw Harcard first.

“Herr Henrik!! Harcard is in the house!” The adolescent boy yelled out.

“I invited him in Benedict, it is fine.” Uncle Henrik said. His voice was shaking slightly.

The three kids looked at each other, something was seriously wrong. Was Khryssa in some kind of trouble? The air was filled with a sense of worry.

Khryssa spoke quietly “Sit down guys, we need to talk.”

The three children sat down on the sofa next to each other. Uncle Henrik perched on the arm of the sofa. He wanted to be right there when they needed him. Khryssa took a seat across from the children, with Xavier standing behind her. A glance from Khryssa was given up to Xavier. He nodded at her, an acknowledgement that she should break the news.

Benedict blurted out first. “Did he make you a vampire already??”

Shaking her head sadly she began to speak. “No Benedict, I am not a vampire. This is important though. Something has happened. Your mom was supposed to be here late tonight. The flight that she was on had something happen. There was a crash – “

“We gotta get to her. We gotta go see her Khrys! Where is she?” The words rushed out of Tess’ mouth and she started to jump up.

“Tess there were no survivors of the crash. I’m sorry.” There it was said. Now it had to sink in.

Tess and Benedict started to cry. Christph was in too much shock at first, but the tears came quickly to even him. Khryssa went over to them and knelt on the floor. Pulling the three of them in close she hugged them all at once.

“I’m so sorry. I am so sorry to be the one to tell you all this.”

Benedict bolted out from under her arms and ran out the door. The slam was hard enough to shake the house. Tess got up to go find her younger brother. Xavier put a hand on the young woman’s shoulder and spoke softly.

“I will find him.”

Khryssa smiled weakly at him and nodded. Xavier left right after that. In the house Henrik and Khryssa comforted Christoph and Tess. Their thoughts turned to worry over the missing Benedict.

Xavier found Benedict within a span of a few minutes. The boy was sitting in the park, hiding within the shadows. Sitting down next to Benedict, Xavier let the silence continue. Benedict finally said something.

“What are YOU doing here?”

“I have the abilities to find you more easily and quicker than the rest.”

“Go away.”

“I am sorry for your loss Benedict. I know what it is like to lose a mother.”

“How would you know?”

“I was taken from mine right about the time when I was your age as a mortal. When I returned, she had died. It is not easy to lose someone you love. It never is. There is something to remember though, their soul lives on and they will always love you.”

“What does that matter? She is gone!”

“She is only gone from your sight Benedict, not from your memories. “

“What do you mean?”

“You will always have memories of your mother, young Benedict. Those never go away. You will always love her, just as she will always love you.”

“Do you think your mother still loves you Dracula?” Benedict spat the last word out.

“Yes I do.”

Benedict turned to the vampire and stared at him. He nodded. He did feel better even with just the few words from the vampire.

“Shall we return to the House of Helsing, Benedict?”


The unlikely pair walked back together. Xavier reached up and ruffled the boy’s hair gently. There was a fondness to the smile he gave Benedict. He wondered if this was what it felt like to be a father.

That was something that pained him. It was a feeling he would never know. Yes, he had children when he was a mortal. Xavier never really knew them. They were raised to be warriors, and most of that training was done out of the sight of their parents. He would never know that emotion. Just the mere thought of that, made him feel something that he was not used to, it was sadness.

The days turned into months. Tess and Benedict were still hurt by their mother’s death, but they were coping. Khryssa gave her beautiful home over to Chris and Tess. It was a place that they could live in while going to the local university and still be on their own. She had helped Tess take the upstairs bedroom that had once been Khryssa’s. Chris decided to take the lower level bedroom so that they could have their privacy.

Chris and Tess received a generous graduation gift from Khryssa and Xavier. It was their tuition paid in full. It was one less thing for the pair to worry about. Benedict continued to live with Henrik. They all lived in some semblance of harmony. Even Xavier was somewhat accepted into the Helsing family. It was nice, but neither Khryssa nor Xavier wished to push the issue.

The wedding plans were almost done. The grand affair would be held on the grounds of the castle. Khryssa tried to keep it as small as possible. Xavier wanted the world to know. The butting of the heads was comical to them. She would roll her eyes as her fiancée would try to make even larger and more grandiose plans. He would playfully slap her bottom when she would bend over the desk and try to minimize his planning.

“Two more weeks Xavier and I won’t have you trying to make this a wedding fit for royalty any longer!” She laughed at him with a smile.

“I am royalty my dear or have you forgotten?” He pulled her towards him. Lifting her with his unusual strength, he placed the laughing woman on his lap.

Khryssa moved over Xavier. Knees were placed on either side of his thighs. She straddled him in the office chair. Her short skirt rose high. That move exposed more of her long legs and part of her bottom than he wished for in the office. His hands went up to the wrinkling cloth and smoothed it down some, but he took no action to push her away.

She murmured softly against his lips. “How could I forget? After all you are my Prince Charming.”

They kissed, enveloped in each other’s arms for countless moments in time. The world around them ceased to exist yet again. His hand slipped beneath the hem of her blouse only to splay across the firmness of her belly. She broke the kiss to speak.

“Why Mr. Harcard are you getting fresh with the staff?”

“You are not staff Khryssa, you are my world.”

She blushed at the words. He couldn’t help but smile at the crimson tint that stained her cheeks. Dark curls dipped like a curtain of silk around them. It was only when they heard the dry –ahem- of a man in the room did they move.

“Ahh Stephen, what sort of news have you brought me?” Xavier spoke to the man in the room while Khryssa climbed off of his lap and stood beside the chair.

Stephen LeBlanc glared at Khryssa. His eyes burned with hatred like none she had ever seen before. Nonplussed by the exhibition she merely smiled in return. Leaning down Khryssa kissed her fiancée on the cheek.

“I am heading back to my office Xavier.”

With a nod to both men, she left the office. What she did not notice was that both men’s eyes followed her intently. Xavier saw what his employee was doing. He cleared his throat and gave his financial director a look.

“I do not know what problem you have with my soon to be wife Stephen. I would suggest that you curtail it before you find yourself in.” He paused to give the other man a cold smile. “-somewhat of a debacle.”

“Yes Mr. Harcard.” The man sneered.

“Enough! As far as I know you have had no dealings except socially at a few of the company parties with Khryssa and a business meeting or two. Curb your tongue Stephen or I will curb it for you.”

Steven made his face a blank slate. “Yes Mr. Harcard.” With only a few more words to give Xavier the daily update he turned and walked away.

Xavier shook his head. Pressing a button on his desk he spoke with deadly tones. “Greta, I need to find a replacement for Stephen LeBlanc. Get in touch with several of the headhunters now.”

Greta’s voice came through the speaker. “Yes Mr. Harcard, right away.”

Xavier templed his fingers beneath his chin, there was a chill in his veins with the feeling something was amiss. He would look into this matter himself. Knowing if he must get involved that did not bode well for Stephen LeBlanc. He stared at the computer screen for a moment before hitting the keys. The easiest way to find out information about someone was simply to start.

Hours passed since their last encounter. Khryssa’s office line abruptly rang. Eyes widened with the shock. Rarely did her phone ring. That was what her assistant took care of. Picking it up, she muttered a single word.


“And hello to you too my darling. Or should I say good evening?”

Khryssa smiled against the mouth piece of the phone.

“Hello Handsome. What can I do for you this fine evening?” Was it already evening she thought? A glance to the clock told her it was after six p.m.

“I thought you might like to have dinner with a weary old man that is soon to be married.”

“I will have to think about it. But I believe it can be done. See you in fifteen minutes?”

“I will be there with bells on.”

“Really? Just bells? I did not know you were kinky Xavier.” She heard him laugh at the response and hang up. Returning the phone to its cradle, she rose to change and freshen up. Khryssa chuckled to herself and wondered when in the hell did she start keeping a separate wardrobe in the office? Hunting through the small closet, she found something to wear. A simple black dress was donned as well as fresh make-up. Coming out of the powder room, she looked around the neatly kept office with a smile. Turning back to the desk, Khryssa started the process of shutting everything down. The door opened and shut heavily with the lock clicking in place. She turned to greet Xavier.

“That was the quickest fifteen minut-“The sentence was cut off. It wasn’t Xavier.

“Well well well, Dr. Hart. You are working late.” Stephen LeBlanc smiled coldly at her.

“You have no business here Stephen. Get the hell out. Now.”

He approached her. He was the predator and she was his prey. Khryssa was not afraid of him, yet. All she felt was a burning anger.

“Oh but I do have business with you Doctor. I have quite the proposal for you.”

He came closer and even closer. They were at the point of being nose to nose when he reached out and grabbed her hair like a leash, pulling Khryssa with him. Stephen dragged her across the floor with sheer force. She growled in pain. Without thinking her hand shot out and picking the letter opener off her desk, instantly she swung and drove the metal object into Steven’s stomach. He dropped his grip on her hair and swore, bending over in pain. She moved quickly. Trying to get around him in a flash, he rose up quickly and punched her in the jaw. Khryssa hit her head upon the corner of her desk and almost blacked out. She was on the floor and still seeing stars when her attacker started the next round of the assault.

Kicking her in the stomach Stephen shrieked at the downed Khryssa Hart. “You fucking cunt. You fucking stupid whore. You had everything and you chose him? Oh you will pay cunt, you will fucking pay!”

He started in on another round of kicks. The fresh round started with her head. Khryssa curled up in a ball to protect herself. The final kick to the head landed close to the temple. She blacked out for a mere moment hearing the screams of the deranged man. Coming to rather quickly Khryssa saw the man move up and out of the way. She couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

In the span that the attack started to happen, Xavier felt that something was amiss. He didn’t bother to use the stairs or the elevator. Disappearing in the blink of an eye and rematerializing in Khryssa’s office Xavier picked the injured man up by the scruff of his neck. Hissing with anger he brought the man to face him.

“What have you done?” The words were shouted out. Even Khryssa cringed upon hearing Xavier's voice that angry.

“SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE” Stephen spat out.

Xavier threw the man against the wall. The sound of bones breaking was evident. Khryssa tried to stand but fainted. The blows to her head did just enough damage that the motion of standing was too much for her body to take. Upon seeing her, Xavier took his anger out on the man. Pausing just short of killing him, Xavier made the man speak.

“Why have you done this!?”

“She was the most beautiful girl in the class. So elegant and fine was she. I fell in love with her on the spot. Yet she would never return my affections.” Stephen spoke quickly and blindly. He was under the spell of Xavier Harcard. “I tried to ask her out, but I couldn’t. Our love was never to be.” He turned his head towards Xavier. Trying to see out of eyes swollen shut, he continued to speak. “I followed her. I got to know her without ever getting a chance to speak her name. I knew she loved me though.” He smiled a bloody smile. “It wasn’t until I found out that she was selling her company to you that I knew she could be mine once more. I knew she had to be mine. You stepped in though. You brainwashed her. You took her away from me.” Steven laughed maniacally.

It was the sound of the laughter that made him realize when and what Steven was speaking of. Xavier knew the man’s resume. He went to medical school but did not finish. He started the next term working on a degree in business. Steven was part of Khryssa’s class. When he fell in love with her, she was just twelve years old at the oldest. More than likely she was all of eight. Without remorse and without hesitation, Xavier broke the man’s neck, killing him instantly.

It was then when Khryssa raised her head, coming to. She saw the final moment of Stephen LeBlanc’s life. She saw the man she loved kill someone. It was not the first time she had been around death. It was, however, the first time she ever seen someone take a life before. Rolling over on to her side, Khryssa vomited. Xavier came to her quickly, pulling her hair back with his hands. Crooning softly to his love, he was surprised when she pushed him away.


“Khryssa I was trying to protect you.”

She vomited again. The bile rising once more, it happened a few more times before she rolled to her bottom trying to hoist herself back up. Her mind reeling from what she saw, a vague thought whispered through, I have a concussion. Xavier moved to help her, but she was not having it. It wasn’t until she stood did the room start closing in around her, only to go dark once again. Khryssa fell downwards and was only stopped by the quick reaction of her fiancée. Xavier called for his security officer to have the incident taken care of. Holding Khryssa in his arms already, Xavier picked his fiancée up and carried her out swiftly.

It was a good forty-eight hours later when she fully woke up. She had been slipping in and out of consciousness for a while. Blinking a few times in the brightness of the lights she tried to sit up. A cool wet cloth brushed across her forehead. Confused to say the least, she croaked out a question.

“Where am I?”

“You are at Hopital Kirchberg Ma’am.” The nurse replied.

Khryssa reached up and ran a hand through her tangled mass of curls. She winced with her own touch. Feeling around, her jawline was bruised and very sore. She had no recollection of what had happened. Xavier was right there beside the bed. He reached out to take her hand. She turned her head, wincing once again.

“Xavier, what happened? Why am I here?”

He hesitated. Should he tell her the truth? “You were attacked in the office, by Stephen.” He swallowed hard. She would start to remember eventually, he was sure.

“I don’t remember.”

“Don’t try my love; it will come back soon enough.”

She closed her eyes and sleep came very quickly. Xavier sat back down and continued to hold her hand. He was deathly afraid that he had lost her. To lose Khryssa would be his undoing. What made it just that much was that it would be by his own hand.

Khryssa woke again, hours later. It was night now. Her head felt a bit clearer. Reaching up to rub her eyes, her hand was squeezed gently. Looking over to her left and seeing Xavier made her smile. The normally wine and roses voice was a bit rough from lack of use the last few days.

“Hello sleeping beauty.” Xavier leaned in to kiss her lips. He had to smile when she made a face at him. He knew what she was thinking.

“How can you do that? I haven’t brushed my teeth in lord knows how long Xavier.”

“It doesn’t matter to me. I am just glad to see you awake again.”

“How long have I been asleep for?”

He thought about it before replying. “Fifty-five hours my love. Almost. You woke up for a brief while earlier and on and off for the last two days.”

“What happened?” She frowned now. That was far too long.

“You were attacked by Stephen in the office.” He hesitated to finish the rest. When Khryssa looked at him though, he knew he must. “He knew you Khryssa. He had been following you for a very long time.”

Khryssa shook her head and then winced. “Ow. That hurt. I never met him before coming to work for you a couple of years ago. I don’t understand.” Frowning she looked up at Xavier.

“He was in your graduating class at one point while you were in medical school. So sometime between eight to twelve years old you met him Khryssa. My security people are flushing out the details now.”

“What?” She stared at her fiancée a bit blankly. She didn’t quite comprehend what was going on.

“Stephen LeBlanc met you while you were in medical school. He said he ‘fell in love’ with you there. He has been following you ever since. Since you were not with anyone for so long he was able to keep his fantasy of having you to himself, alive. When you and I became close his hatred of you began. He saw you as no longer pure.”

Her face contorted into a look of horror. “That is frightening.” She paused for a moment, before turning her eyes back to Xavier. “Where is he now?”

“He did not survive.”

She struggled to sit up. Her head was swimming with the minor exertion. Khryssa was unsure if it was from the injury or Xavier’s revelation. “Did you-“ Her voice trailed off, unsure if she wanted to hear this.


“Why Xavier? Could the authorities not have handled this?”

Xavier moved closer to the woman that he loved. Raising a hand, his thumb pad stroked over her cheek. There was a haunted look in his eyes. “He would have continued to be a threat. I will not lose you Khryssa. You must understand, I will not allow someone to threaten you. I will not have someone try to harm you. I will not have someone try and take you from me. You are far too important for that. You are the one I love.”

Her expression softened some. Lifting those dark eyes to stare at him for a while, no words were spoken. It was then that Khryssa noticed something. Xavier was unkempt. His hair was mussed and he had not shaven. There was tightness around his beautiful blue eyes, betraying the fact he had not slept much, if at all. Nor had he fed recently. Reaching for him, Xavier came closer to meet the embrace. Khryssa wrapped arms around his neck and held on. A soft whisper brushed his ear.

“Feed Xavier.”

Pulling back, with a darkening gaze, he spoke soft but firm. “No. Not now. Not like this. No.”

“You need to. With me you will not go too far. You are starved. I can see it and I can feel it. If you go out now, you will hurt someone.”

“You need your strength Khryssa.” As much as he would love to taste her fully, he couldn’t.

“Xavier, you need to. You must.”

They argued back and forth for a while. It wasn’t until Khryssa reached over in a fit of anger and grabbed a pair of bandage shears off the small table beside the bed that Xavier reacted. The blade slashed across her slender wrist, and very quickly the blood flowed freely. He tried to stop her but was taken off guard. His fingers slipped through the warm blood. He pulled back and moved away from her.

“You are going to sit there and watch me bleed?” Frustration permeated her tone.

“No, I am going to get your doctor.”

“Xavier, please.”

She had her arm over her head now, so the blood did not drip down onto the sheets. His eyes widened at the sight and scent of her blood. Greedily, he grabbed her arm and started to drink and lick the blood from the softest skin he had ever known. A quiet noise slipped past her lips. It was not unlike the sounds she made while they made love. That alone spurred his hunger. When he felt her starting to go limp, he remember what he was doing and to whom. Dropping her wrist Xavier made a strangled cry.


She smiled sleepily and perhaps a bit drunk sounding. “Xavier, I am fine.” What he did next surprised her the most. Xavier sat back down in the chair; those fine long fingered hands that she loved so much covered his face, turning away from her.

Ripping the O2 monitor off of her finger and undoing some of the leads that kept her trapped. Khryssa struggled to get out of bed. She didn’t feel all that bad, a little lightheaded perhaps. Two steps were she needed to take to reach him and she pushed Xavier back into the chair. Climbing into his lap, she wrapped arms around him. Crooning softly, her cheek rested in his soft blond hair.

“I’m sorry Xavier. I should not have done that.”

His arms encircled her waist, to pull her closer. “I could have killed you.”

“No, you wouldn’t have. I know better than that.” A single fingertip slipped under his chin, tilting it upwards. She kissed his lips. The taste of her blood was still on them, Khryssa did not care. “I love you. I know you love me. You swore to protect me. Do you think I have not made the same promise to protect you? You were starving because of me Xavier. You needed to feed.”

He shook his head. “I could have hurt you myself. You are injured and need your strength.”

“I am okay, I promise. Perhaps a little tired, other than that I really feel fine.” That was not quite the truth. She was more than a little tired, but really it wasn’t anything serious. The unusual healing properties were doing their magic already.

Xavier raised his head to kiss her. Their lips met. This was a different sort of hunger. It was based on their need for each other. The door opened and the nurse made a noise. Xavier and Khryssa broke the kiss, looking in each other’s eyes, they smiled.

“You seem to be feeling better Dr. Hart.” The nurse said pointedly while bustling about. “I must insist that you get back into your bed.”

Muttering something beneath her breath about this was NOT her bed; Khryssa did comply with the request and climbed back into the hospital bed. The parting from Xavier was done rather reluctantly. The nurse went through the paces of reattaching the leads.

“When will I be able to go home?”

“Perhaps tomorrow Dr. Hart, after Dr. Jacobs sees you.”

“I would like to see my chart.”

“I am afraid that is not possible Dr. Hart.”

“I have privileges here might I remind you.”

The nurse made an annoyed sound. Physicians made the worst patients after all. After logging into the computer, she printed out the papers pertaining to Khryssa’s stay and handed them to her.

Khryssa went through everything line by line. Her brow creasing a few times over what she read. Handing the nurse back the papers she queried about her release once again. “Are you sure that I cannot be dismissed today?”

“Yes Ma’am, you have to wait for Dr. Jacobs.”

Khryssa sighed, annoyed. “Very well, thank you.” Turning to Xavier she spoke once again. “Xavier what day is it?”

“It is Saturday Sweetheart.”

It was rare that he used such terms of endearment and it brought a smile to her lips. “Oh dear god, we are getting married in a week!” Her eyes widened and she made an attempt to climb out of the bed again. The nurse gently pressed Khryssa’s shoulders back, to settle her patient down once more.

Xavier smiled. “Everything will be fine. Your parents arrive early in the morning tomorrow. I have already made arrangements to have them picked up. They opted to stay at a hotel rather than with us, given the circumstances. All the arrangements have been finalized. Your gown is at the boutique, finished. The woman in charge would not let me even see it.”

“Well good! You are not supposed to see the dress before the wedding! Granted I am also ‘supposed’ to be a virgin on my wedding night, we cured that issue a while ago.”

“Yes we did, but it is your husband that still took you for the first time.”

“Good point.” She smiled upwards at the man that would soon be her husband.

“You need to sleep Khryssa. Hopefully tomorrow you will be going home with me.”

She made a face at him once again. Not wanting to sleep, wanting to talk with him instead. “You need to go home Xavier.”



“Yes.” He smiled. “I will have someone bring me up some fresh clothing and other items that I may need. I am not leaving you.”

Khryssa nestled back down into the bed. Xavier covered her up with the warm blankets. They looked into each other’s eyes, both smiling.

“I love you Xavier.”

“I love you too my Khryssa.”

Xavier held her hand while she drifted back off to sleep. Marveling at the beauty and strength of this woman, he knew he had met his perfect match.

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