Darkness Finds the Heart

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Chapter 19

It wasn’t until they were seated on the luxury jet that was owned by Harcard Industries did Khryssa ask where they were going.

“An island, in the British Virgin Islands my beautiful wife.”

“Oh? Which one?”

“Now that would ruin the surprise now wouldn’t it?”

Unbuckling her seatbelt, Khryssa pounced on him. He laughed. Taking her in his arms and pinning her against the window, Xavier kissed her. Playful and a bit wild, they continued to tease each other unmercifully. It wasn’t until Khryssa cried Uncle did he stop. Picking her up, Xavier carried his wife back into the master suite on their plane.

“Are you ever going to let me walk again?”

“When there is a chance I can hold you in my arms? I doubt it. I think you will be on your own in the office though, we would never get anything accomplished.” He kissed her.

He put her down, but still holding her close. Khryssa started to tease him, raising hem of her dress. The short little sundress that she wore was skimmed off her body with a single tug. Xavier gasped in surprise. Khryssa was bare beneath the soft material. She collected him in her arms and kissed her new husband. Slender hands wandered over him, helping to remove the clothing that separated them. Soon their bare flesh was touching. Xavier pressed his back down to the bed, pulling Khryssa with him. Her full breasts brushed against his chest. Her hands rested by his head. Looking up into her dark eyes, he smiled tenderly.

“I love you. Oh how you have changed me. I am a better man in your arms.”

“I love you too Xavier. You were the perfect man when I met you. I did nothing to change you. Except perhaps to show you that you have the capacity to love and be loved.”

He gripped her hips, drawing her to him. They both gasped with love and desire. Khryssa moved slowly over him. His hands skirted her fine porcelain skin. Leaning down to him, they shared another kiss. Passions mounting, they moved quicker with more desire. Rolling over, Xavier pressed his new wife into the sheets. He pressed down between Khryssa’s thighs. Their hearts in such close proximity that they connected. Xavier looked into his wife’s eyes. A single word rolled from his lips.


He pressed her down further into the comfort of their bed. Finally he filled her with his love and his body. Khryssa gasped, his large shaft spreading her open and taking her into the bliss that they both craved. He spoke again.

“Always mine.”

Khryssa’s lips brushed his ear. “Always yours for forever and a day.”

They were lost together somewhere between here and eternity. Their bodies combined as one. A tear slid from Khryssa’s eyes. The single solitary tear landed upon her cheek. Xavier looked alarmed. Kissing the tear away, he asked.

“Why the tears Khryssa?”

“It is not unhappiness my Xavier, it is a tear met with you. It is a tear of joy. There is no other place I would rather be than here with you. Anywhere in the world as long as I am with you.”

His hands curved beneath her rounded bottom. Xavier let his fingers slide into the groove. A single fingertip stroked the tight star. Watching her intently, making sure that she was comfortable. Biting her lip, Khryssa nodded. He probed and caressed.

“I will take that virginity from you as well, soon. Of that I promise.”

Kissing him, Khryssa whispered against his lips. “I look forward to that time my beloved.”

Then his hands slid away. Kissing her again, he continued his movements within her. Sheathed in heated wetness, he groaned when she tightened around him. Khryssa’s wetness caressed him, making him drive into her deeper. Each stroke filled her. Long legs tightened around his waist, with heels pressing to his ass. She held him fully. Hips rising, meeting his thrusts, she begged him for more. Xavier groaned when her nails bit into his back, scratching a pattern into his skin. He wrapped his hand around her throat, squeezing gently. Kissing Khryssa, he spoke.

“I love you. Oh how I love you my beautiful wife!”

Xavier lavished his new bride’s body with attention. Velvety wetness clenched and held him tightly. Calling out her pleasure to his ears she surrendered to him once more. Then and only then did he allow his own release to peak. Pulling her leg to his hip, Xavier rolled to his side. He wished to stay within her grasp as long as possible. The slow movement of both of then kept him hard throughout the night, even while they dozed in each other’s arms.

It was nearly a twelve hour flight. Much of the time they rested or made love. Coming back out and into the main cabin, Khryssa was greeted by a flight attendant.

“Good morning Mrs. Harcard, might I get you something?”

Being called Mrs. Harcard by someone other than Xavier sounded so very strange. It did make Khryssa smile with delight though.“Yes, coffee please, just black.” Morning? What the hell time was it? A glance at her watch told her that it was 8 in the morning local time. A quick calculation, it was sometime in the middle of the night wherever they were currently.

Taking a seat next to his wife, Xavier was still damp from the shower. Leaning over, he kissed her tenderly.

“You are so beautiful.”

She shook her head with a smile. Taking his hand in her own, she started to laugh. “Only you would think that in the middle of the night or this early in the morning.”

“I can take a poll.” Xavier grinned at her with mischief in his bright blue eyes. When she grinned back he started to laugh.

They took a light breakfast of fruit, yogurt, croissants, and of course coffee for Khryssa. Settling in for the remainder of the flight, they both started to doze. It had been an extremely busy few weeks. Now it was time to rest, relax, and enjoy each other.

The overhead intercom system beeped and the pilot began to speak. “Mr. and Mrs. Harcard, this is the Captain, Gus Travers. We have begun our descent into the British Virgin Islands. We will be landing on Beef Island in about twenty minutes. You will then be transferred to your destination at Necker Island via helicopter. Please buckle up and enjoy the rest of the flight.”

Chuckling softly, Xavier spoke. “Well now you know where we are going.”

Khryssa’s eyes grew wide. She had heard about Necker Island before. She had also heard about the cost of the island. “Xavier this is far too expensive!”

“Khryssa we are both extremely wealthy. You have made billions of dollars in just the last ten years. So have I. This is not going to break us.”

She looked sheepish for a moment and then smiled. “You are right.”

“Enjoy yourself. That is what this is about. Besides you will only get one honeymoon in your lifetime.”

Grinning, she started to laugh. “You better hope that is the case!”

Xavier looked serious all of a sudden. “I know it is the case. You are mine Khryssa Harcard. I will never let you go.”

Khryssa kissed her husband, stroking his cheek with her hand. “I was just teasing you.”

“That is not something I wish to joke about.”

She rolled her eyes at him, and in retaliation he began to tickle her. Their laughter only stopped when the jet hit the runway. The landing was smooth and easy under the capable hands of their pilot. He came on the intercom announcing their arrival.

“Mr. and Mrs. Harcard, welcome to Beef Island. The local time is five a.m. This is giving the contrast of the time of ten a.m. back in Luxembourg. You are welcome to depart at any time.”

Departing the plane, Khryssa and Xavier walked over to the waiting helicopter. After being introduced to their pilot, the boarded the small craft. Getting settled in and buckled up, the newlywed couple put on the head gear. The pilot announced that it was approximately a fifteen minute flight, depending on wind conditions. Within moments, they were off and heading to the resort island.

The flight took no time at all. Khryssa was enthralled with looking out the window and to the bright blue waters below. Xavier took her hand and squeezed it. He smiled at the younger woman next to him. His bride looked happy. That was all that he could ever ask for. Enjoying her jubilant mood, he chuckled lightly to himself.

The helipad was in sight; their pilot guided the luxury helicopter down with ease. The young man piloting the plane wished the couple a wonderful time and helped them out. Walking over to the side and out of the line of fire from the brutal beating of the rotors of the helicopter, Xavier pulled his new bride to him in a searing kiss.

Khryssa pulled back laughing and looking up at her husband. “What was that for?”

“Do I need a reason?” He smiled down at her.

“Of course not my beloved husband.” Rising up on her toes Khryssa kissed Xavier.

One of the caretakers of the island came up to the couple with a large smile. “Mr. and Mrs. Harcard, welcome to Necker Island! I am Cameron, your host. If you do not mind following me I shall take you to the Temple House, where you will be staying. Your bags will be arriving shortly and taken directly to the Temple House.”

“How many people are on the island?” Khryssa inquired.

“Other than the staff? It will be just you and your husband Mrs. Harcard.”

Khryssa’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Turning to Xavier she spoke softly. “Xavier why?”

Leaning down Xavier nuzzled his lips to her ear. Speaking just as soft as his wife did, he replied. “I want you all to myself. It isn’t every day that a man gets married after all.”

She narrowed her eyes down in mock anger. “You better hope so!” Trying to hide the smile that threatened to betray her teasing, she failed. Kissing Xavier with complete adoration, she shook her head.

“Only the best for you my darling Khryssa, you should know that by now.” Taking her hand, Xavier gave her a gentle tug and started to follow Cameron down the steps.

They were driven to the Temple House, which was the owner of the island’s private estate. It had recently been opened up for use by the general public. At least the general public that could afford the lofty price tag that the owner of Necker Island charged daily. Cameron discussed all that was available to the couple during their stay. There were plenty of water activities, fine dining, and other ways to relax. If they needed anything at all, he was available 24/7 to the newlyweds.

Khryssa shook her head. She was used to being wealthy in a sense. There were always the monies available for whatever she wanted. She just didn’t want for much. This seemed to be complete excess to her. While Khryssa didn’t find a need for the excess, Xavier enjoyed it greatly. He looked over to his bride and smiled while she talked animatedly with their host. Upon their arrival, Xavier got out of the car first to help Khryssa out. He didn’t let go of her hand as they began the ascent to the grand home. It was opened fully to the breeze. The salt sweet scent of the ocean filled every room.

“This is beautiful. Thank you Xavier.” Khryssa threaded her long slender hands though his blond hair and urged him closer to meet her lips. Kissing him tenderly she whispered softly against his mouth. “I love you.”

“I love you my darling wife. Never forget that. Ever.”

Taking a tour of the large house, Khryssa decided that it was smaller than their home. Perhaps it wasn’t so bad then? The first little bit of jet lag and the exhaustion from the last couple of days was catching up with her.

“Xavier what would you like to do?”

He looked thoughtful for a moment, there were many things that he would like to do but thinking it was best that Khryssa rest and relax for a bit was at the top of the list. “How about taking the time to rest for a little bit first? You look tired love.”

Khryssa’s brow rose upwards, surprised to say the least. “Are you sure?”

“Of course. Though I believe we should try the hammock rather than the bed, don’t you think?”

Smiling, Khryssa nodded her head. “That sounds perfect.”

Their bags arrived right as Khryssa finished speaking. Smiling she went to unpack things, only to notice that one of the members of the house staff was doing it for her. Nodding and stepping out of the way, Khryssa waited until the young woman was finished.

“Would you like to get more comfortable?”

Xavier nodded at his wife. “What do you have in mind Sweetheart?” His voice took a lascivious tone.

Laughing she turned to tease her fingertips across his chest. “I was thinking about a swim suit, but you tell me?”

He chuckled and swung his bride into his arms. “That sounds perfect actually.”

Xavier stepped away for a few moments to let Khryssa find everything and he placed a call to Cameron. Xavier gave the order for a late lunch and a late dinner. He asked for something that was regional to the islands. Hanging up, he went to change. It took no time at all to remove his clothing and don a pair of swim trunks. Walking out of their bedroom and into the main living quarters, he plugged in Khryssa’s iPod and switched on one of the playlists. The soft music filled the large room and the space out of doors. Looking around, Xavier went in search of his wife.

Khryssa was standing out on the balcony looking out at the bright blue of the ocean. Xavier stopped in his tracks upon seeing her. She seemed so carefree and relaxed. He had never seen her like this before. The ocean breeze caught his wife’s long dark curls and brushed them back away from her cheeks. She wore nothing but the tiniest of black bikini bottoms that tied at the sides. The dark material covered very little. It was a stark contrast to her alabaster flesh. Topless, Khryssa nipples were licked by the warm tropical air and stood in hardened peaks. Xavier felt an ache of desire for his beloved wife.

Coming up behind Khryssa, he slid his hand along her side and around to her waist. Pulling her close to him, Xavier used his other hand to brush the silken curls away so that he may press his lips to her throat and kiss the soft throb of her pulse. She groaned softly with the touch and stepped further back against him. Khryssa reached back and captured his hips with her hands. She let her hips begin to sway and rock; it was a slow tantalizing dance of desire against Xavier. Groaning against Khryssa’s throat, Xavier bit down lightly, gently. Her sweet cries urged him on. The hand on her waist rose upwards to capture an already hard nipple. Squeezing the little pink bud, Xavier whispered something in her ear.

“Do you remember the promise I made you on our flight over?”

Khryssa nodded, unable to find the words. There was a slight tremble that raced through her body. Xavier plucked at the strings tying the bikini bottom. Releasing each side, the material drifted away from ivory flesh. Pressing his hips against her, he started to grind lewdly again her backside. Khryssa could feel his hardness. Xavier moved his wife into the position he wished, she was leaning towards the railing of the balcony with her hands supporting her body on the top rail.

Untying the drawstring of the swim shorts, he pulled them off. Large hands wandered across the soft skin of Khryssa’s body. She moved fluidly beneath the touch, soft whimpers caught the morning air. Xavier dipped forward to press his lips against her back. Kissing a trail down her spine he pressed himself against her. Slipping into the warm wetness of her very core, he entered her swiftly from behind. Khryssa groaned with the feel of him buried inside of her heat. Hips arched back to take him fully. Feral in their need for each other, they met each other with each thrust. Khryssa pressing back as he sank deeper and deeper into her wetness.

A finger trailed along the tight puckered star of her ass while he continued his drive into her over and over again. She was soaking wet with her need of him. A few more thrusts and he couldn’t take it any longer. Pulling out, Xavier steadied himself against Khryssa. The head of his cock resting against the tight star, he whispered to her roughly.

“Are you ready my love?”

Khryssa nodded and finally found her voice to say a single word. “Yes.”

His cock covered with her own wetness, Xavier started to press in very slowly. Just the head passed the ring of muscle and he stopped. Letting her get used to the feel of him there, he rocked his hips incredibly slowly. Gasping in pain, Khryssa shut her eyes. Oh how it hurt! Yet, it felt wonderful at the same time. Urging him on, she pressed backwards. Her body begged for more. Painstakingly slow he eased into her and stopped once again. The feeling was so foreign to her. Biting down on the curve of her lower lip Khryssa nodded for more. Groaning with the tightness of her wrapped around his cock, Xavier started to fuck her. This was not making love; they both were filled with the animalistic need for the other.

Faster and faster he moved, Xavier gripped his wife’s waist harshly. His other hand slipped down around the front of her. He started to stroke and fondle her hardened clit. Their cries of passion filled the area surrounding them as they started to move faster against each other. Leaning forward once again Xavier bit the back of his bride’s neck. The single bite started her release. Khryssa convulsed with the desire and passion her husband created. Body tightening around his cock, Xavier’s own release started. Together they sang to the heavens above their passions. Her arms trembling, Khryssa moved forward to rest her cheek against the railing and tried to catch her breath. She could feel her knees growing weak. He grabbed her around the waist and held her up to him so that she didn’t fall. The throbbing of his cock stopped. Caressing Khryssa’s back, Xavier whispered three words.

“I love you.”

Her voice trembling. “I love you Xavier.”

Picking Khryssa up, Xavier carried her over to the hammock that was set up on the balcony. Laying her down in the cradle of it, he climbed in beside her. Cradling his wife to him, Xavier stroked her skin gently.

“Are you okay Sweetheart?” His voice was soft and still roughened.

Khryssa nodded gently. Running her fingertips down his chest, she spoke equally as soft. “That was amazing. Intense.”

Xavier smiled and kissed Khryssa’s forehead. “Rest now my love.”



“What are you going to do about food here?” The thought had been bothering her since they arrived. It was just now that she was able to ask.

“I will figure something out darling. Do not concern yourself over it.”

“Xavier I am concerned.”

“Do not worry, if I am anything it is capable.”

She smiled softly and kissed him on the lips. “I know you are. Just. I don’t know. Use me please?”

With a vehement shake of his head, Xavier said only one word. “No.”

“Why not? I am your wife now.”

He sighed and looked to her. “There is always that worry that I will lose control Khryssa. Your blood is not like others. It is far more divine. If something were to happen and I lost control – “ He paused, not wanting to think about what could happen. “I would be the cause of your death. I cannot let that happen.”

“Xavier.” There was a hint of frustration in her voice. “I know you better than that. You would not lose control with me. You might with someone else.”

“As it is daylight Khryssa, it is a moot point right now. I can only feed after sundown. We shall discuss this later.” With that he ended the conversation.

Khryssa did not press further. At least not at the moment she didn’t press the issue. It would come up again and very soon. Dozing in the hammock, they felt the heat of the sun upon them. Even in the shade it was intoxicating. It wasn’t until the bell rang hours later did they awaken. Khryssa looked at Xavier with a frown, who could be bothering them.

“It must be the lunch I ordered earlier.” Rising to get the door, he paused only to retrieve his swim shorts and put them on. Xavier left Khryssa to put something more on to wear. He did not relish the idea of the staff seeing his wife nude. She did just that, a loose sundress skimmed over her warm flesh with ease and she stepped out to see what Xavier had chosen for their meal.

The tray was beautifully decorated. There were conch fritters and a fish soup to start with. The entrée consisted of a crab cake salad. Dessert was one of Khryssa’s favorites, a fresh lime pie. Sliding an arm around Xavier’s waist she curled up against him.

“Wow. This looks amazing.”

He smiled. “I thought you might approve.” He tipped the steward that brought the meal.

Settling down in the kitchen, they began to eat. They both took a sampling of each item. The meal was leisurely and slow. Xavier and Khryssa took the time to savor each bite of food and enjoying the conversation with each other.

“You know, I think this is truly the first time we have ever sat down together and did not talk about work. Well, at least without you chastising me for spending too much time in the office.” She grinned happily.

Xavier smiled. He found himself doing that more and more with this beautiful woman that he now called his wife. “I believe you are correct. This feels perfect, just you and I together with nothing to concern ourselves over, except each other.”

“I do worry about leaving Calla for so long.” She took another bite of the pie.

“I am sure that Miss Calla is fine with Henrik and the kids.” Xavier looked thoughtful for a moment. “Who would have ever thought that a truce between Dracula and the Helsing clan would have ever happened?”

“I believe it is a surprise for everyone involved.” Khryssa chuckled wryly. Setting down the fork, she looked across the table. “What would you like to do next?”

“I believe a long soak in the hot tub is calling our names love.”

“Bathing suits optional?” She teased him.

“But of course. It is not often that I get to spend most of a day with you naked or nearly so.” Leaning across the table, Xavier cupped Khryssa’s cheek with his hand. Drawing her closer to him, he kissed her mouth with such tenderness it made both of them smile. “I love you my wife. There is nothing that could make me happier than the thought of you being by my side forever.”

Lacing her fingers through his, Khryssa smiled. “I love you too my husband. There have been three most wondrous days in my life. They are the day you asked me to marry you, our wedding day, and now. There cannot be a happier woman anywhere in this world.”

They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Xavier rose from his seat and came over to the other side of the table. Picking Khryssa up, he carried her outside into the hot tub that overlooked the beach. Setting her back to her feet, he helped her undress. Dropping his own swim shorts, he eased into the bubbling hot water. Giving Khryssa a hand into the water, he pulled her to him. Khryssa was seated in Xavier’s lap. Leaning back against him, she smiled.

“Ah. This is the perfect honeymoon. I think perhaps you should quit your day job and become a trip advisor Xavier.”

“You think so?” He began to tickle her. He rather liked having Khryssa squirm in his lap. “Perhaps my first duty will be to take you around the world so that I may give the best advice by saying yes we have been there.”

Khryssa chuckled at Xavier’s antics. Turning around on his lap she straddled him. “Well it does show promise. I think we are better off sticking to our own professions. That doesn’t mean we don’t need to see the world together. You still need to return to the States with me after all.”

Xavier stroked her damp hair and smiled at Khryssa. “I cannot wait to see the US of A through your eyes my lovely wife. I have been there many times before, but this will be the most enjoyable trip. I will be with you.”

They settled into a warm silence and no words were needed further. Drifting in the warmth of the hot tub, they found peace together.

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