Darkness Finds the Heart

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Chapter 30

Upon awakening, Khryssa drew him upwards. Those large dark eyes were filled with so much sadness. When Xavier looked into their depths, he knew what it would mean to be staked. The pain in his chest was unbearable. Khryssa could tell he was in pain. She had known him for so long it seemed. Tipping her head forward, she kissed his chest. Lips trailed across the cool flesh. He didn’t move. He just let her do what she wished.

Smiling softly, fingers wandered over his naked form. While the smile was somewhat wistful, it was also filled with awe. Her husband wasn’t just a handsome man. He was beautiful. Tasting Xavier’s skin with a quick flick of the tongue, this beautiful man was her Adonis.

Fingers traveled slowly. She was memorizing him once more with her touch. Each ridge of muscle was caressed and stroked. Every inch of his body was touched with a loving reverence. Xavier ran his fingers through Khryssa long dark hair. That was the only touch he gave her. Laying there, with his eyes closed, Xavier just let her touch and stroke as the desires and their love spoke to her.

Tugging her husband closer to her, Khryssa pulled him close. Tears, red with blood, fell hotly against his skin silently. The tears of a new vampire were often tinged with blood. She spread the bloody tears across his skin. Raising her head, she looked him in the eye.

“I’m sorry Xavier. I am so sorry.”

Xavier frowned. His voice was rough when he finally spoke. “What are you sorry for my darling wife?”

“I was so angry when you left me. Now I am willing to do it to you. I am willing to end my life possibly due to my own selfishness.”

Using his thumb, the tears staining Khryssa’s cheeks were brushed away. The red smeared across her cheeks like war paint. Xavier Harcard looked into his wife’s eyes. Their gazes did more than just meet, they entwined. No words were needed at that moment; instead their souls spoke the volumes that words could never find their voices for.

Leaning in, he kissed her tenderly. Their lips touched and it was electric. Xavier wound his arms around Khryssa’s waist and held her close. He missed the feel of her beating heart. It would beat again, when she fed. That was a small price to pay to keep her with him. The kiss was broken when Xavier started to speak.

“I don’t want you leaving me Khryssa. I need you. I need you always.”

The back of her knuckles stroked downwards against his cheek. Brushing the pad of her thumb across his lips, Khryssa’s wine and roses voice broke through the tears. “Tell me what to do.”

“I cannot my love. It is your decision. I swore to you that I would never turn you unless you pleaded for it from the bottom of your soul. It works the same in reverse too. It is your decision.”

Xavier pressed back on to their bed. Tugging Khryssa along with him, he curled her in his arms. He kissed her again. Strong fingers swept back through her hair gently. He touched the woman before him, his woman, with reverence.

“Whatever your choice, I will be right here beside you Khryssa. Know that I will never let you face this alone. I know I have broken promises to you in the past. I swear upon my very soul that I am by your side forever plus one more day.”

She barely nodded. A slender hand stroked across her husband’s chest. Khryssa drew a heart over his chest. She swallowed hard. It was the hardest decision that she ever had to make. A shivering sigh left full lips and night met day as their eyes met again.

“I want to be human Xavier.”

“Then rest with me and this evening we shall see about the preparations.”

“Thank you.”

Xavier kissed the top of her head. “There is no reason to thank me.”

He waited until Khryssa dozed off again. The call was placed to the Helsing home. He wasn’t sure what to think. He wasn’t sure what to say. Xavier’s voice sounded thick with sorrow to his own ears when he spoke.

“Helsing, Harcard. She wishes to be human.” He paused while listening to Henrik Helsing.

“I think this is a bad idea Harcard.”

“I know. But Khryssa would never be happy like this. She would end her life. I know this with all of my heart and soul.”

Henrik Helsing sounded as if he was in pain. “You are correct.”

“Will the children be able to watch Andon?”


“I will have his nanny bring him over in a few hours. The staff will be given the night off. It shall just be us three in the castle this night, for everyone’s safety.”

Henrik went over a few items that would be needed. Given Khryssa’s strange bloodline, she would be much more difficult to administer the drug to. More than likely it would be incredibly painful for her. No amount of painkillers in the world would be able to stop this pain, short of giving Khryssa what would be a deadly overdose to a human.

Thank you.” The line went dead before Xavier could say another word.

Xavier made a call upstairs to tell the staff that their services would not be needed this evening and that they may depart. In fact, those that lived within the their home should depart. Their expenses for the evening as well as a full day’s wage would be taken care of. Emma was given the same instructions, except to take Andon to the Helsing household first. Waiting until the house had emptied, Xavier pulled on a pair of slacks and walked barefooted through the vast halls.

A few items were attended to and brought into one of the guest chambers. Candles were placed around the room and left unlit. A large box of matches was placed out as well. Water in many forms was placed in the room. Drinking water, filtered water for the solution, and a small vial of holy water were set upon a table. A stake was placed next to the water. He knew it was a precaution in case something went horribly wrong. Still, the stake item made him uneasy.

The last items was placed on the bed and then outfitted. They were hospital restraints. Although, a vampire normally could break free of them easily, Khryssa would be given a paralytic created for vampires. The mere fact that he had them brought a smile to his face. They had been a gag gift from Khryssa. She had procured them from the hospital. In front family and close friends she had given them as a white elephant gift to Xavier.

One of the first times that they had shared a bed together, Xavier had wrapped his arms around Khryssa tightly. When she tried to move in the middle of the night he growled at her. The words were far deeper than his normally rich baritone. He told her, while still asleep, that moving was not an option. She had offered to get a set of restraints for him, to make it easier.

Times had changed so much. He knew, to most people he was still the cruel and powerful business man. To a select few, he was Dracula. Yet, to his wife and son, he was the doting father and husband - loved for all that the man behind the name was, is, and ever would be.

He shook his head. Angry footfalls propelled him forward and Xavier was not sure to whom or what he was angry at. Returning to their bedroom, he sat on the bed’s edge. His fingertips traced down Khryssa’s back. Crooning softly, he began the process of waking his wife. Her eyes opened and they were drained of color. The normally rich darkness was replaced by the hellish yellow-gold.

“Hungry my wife?”

She growled the single word out. “Yes.”

Xavier ripped his wrist open with sharp teeth, it was offered to her. Drinking greedily, she pulled as much blood as she could. Pushing her away gently, he looked down.

“It will not help you in the physical sense. But it will sate the hunger for a little while.”

Lips licked, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I am still hungry.”

Stroking her cheek, Xavier replied. “I don’t want you to have any more human blood Khryssa. The more you drink of it the more painful this process will be.”

“How much longer until Henrik arrives?”

A glance to his wristwatch and Xavier spoke. “Two hours.” It concerned him that Khryssa called her great-grandfather by his name.

Khryssa grinned wolfishly at him. “Oh what can we do to pass the time Xavier?”

Reaching up, she pulled him down. He was surprised at her strength already. She was turning too fast. She would reach her full power, or which a fledgling vampire could have, within days. Normally such a process took months.

It was going to be a long night.

If it worked, it would be even longer. Xavier Harcard just wished to have his wife back.

-to be continued in a second novel-

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