Darkness Finds the Heart

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Chapter 5

Xavier followed her down to her office. Sitting over in a corner while she worked, he read up on the daily business that he did not get a chance to attend to that afternoon. Exactly thirty minutes later he told her it was time to go. Khryssa groaned at the proclamation and gave him a look of annoyance, but did not argue.

Placing items in her briefcase, I will get them done tonight, she thought. The lights were shut off and they walked silently out to the car. He cradled her against him for the short drive to her home. They said not a word to each other throughout the drive. He got out first, helping her. Ready to walk to the door, she spoke first.

"Would you like to come in?" There was a slight tremble in her voice.

He watched her intently. Xavier had to wonder if she knew what this meant. "You know what that means Khryssa? I will always be able to access your home. Nothing can keep me out."

"I know."

He nodded. A large hand cupped her cheek. Xavier brushed his thumb across the softness of her lips. Bending down, the vampire kissed her, long and lingering. She gasped in his grasp. When they parted, she was simply speechless. Xavier told his driver to leave. A call would be made when he was ready to depart. Khryssa unlocked the door and then turned with fast fingertips to punch in her code for the alarm. She looked to the man standing outside the door.

"Please come in Xavier, you are invited."

He stepped across the threshold of her home. He remembered this building from over a century ago. It was remarkably still very much intact. The home had been restored to its former beauty. The colors were dominated by indigo and cream. The hardwood floors were a pale blond wood. Hints cranberry and emerald were thrown together to add a touch of hominess.

"Your home is beautiful Khryssa."

"Thank you. It took me over a year to finish everything."

He glanced down to her. "You?"

"Yes me. I did all of the restorations myself, with the exceptions of the plumbing and the electrical. Everything else was all me." There was a hint of pride in her voice. “My family has vacationed or visited here my entire life, Xavier.”

“I recall.”

“Oh? Did you do that vetting finally?”

“But of course. I couldn’t let you come to me without knowing you my dear.”

Khryssa guided Xavier into the living room. With precise movements, she started a quick fire. The silence that filled the room was comfortable. Xavier finally took a seat and just watched her. Khryssa disappeared for a few minutes, only to return with a bottle of wine that she had opened and a pair of long stemmed goblets. Placing the items down on the table, she sat next to him. Xavier poured two glasses of wine, handing her one.

They spoke. The conversation turned to the past. She spoke of her childhood and growing up under the strange circumstances of her abilities. He talked of days she would never know. They touched each other in a casual way. A slide of hand across bare skin was welcomed. Fingers tracing across clothing was prized.

“Xavier, I want to thank you once again for the beautiful gift.”

He smiled. She looked so shy saying that. “I am glad you enjoyed it. I do not believe there have ever been words more true written about you.”

“Considering the centuries between my life and Shakespeare’s, I do not think he was writing about me.”

“He was dreaming about the most beautiful woman in all of eternity; he had a premonition of you.”

Khryssa blushed brightly. She could feel the heat rise, so she looked away. Xavier brushed his fingers along her jaw. He did not want her to turn away from him. Looking back into the eyes of this strange man – this vampire, she noticed how relaxed she was with him in general. Xavier noticed it as well.

“Why do you not fear me, knowing what I truly am?”

Khryssa thought about this for a moment and shrugged. “I'm not sure. I know I have asked before but, should I fear you?”


Her brow creased; still she did not show fear. “I am more valuable as a human for you. At least for now I am. So there isn’t any reason for you to change that.”

“Rather logical of you Khryssa.” Harcard replied dryly.

“You wanted to hear something more?”


She sighed softly. “You make me extremely uncomfortable Xavier, but only in some ways. I do not know which way is up with you. I am not sure I wish to know that information. I was told stories about you that would make an adult’s skin crawl and this was when I was a mere child. Yet that is what they were Xavier, just stories. Although, I am sure that there is some truth to the old tales. You have done nothing that makes me believe that you would do anything to me. Would you do it to others? I believe so. I believe that I am safe with you for some reason. Therein lies both my comfort and discomfort with you.”

“I make you uncomfortable.” He was amazed by this revelation. Most humans found his company to be rather comforting. Such was the way of bespelling their minds. “Why are you uncomfortable with me?”

“The intimacy that we share already, it is too much at times.” She was truthful about the matter. Khryssa had to smile at the look of surprise Harcard gave her.

The fire was settling low and it was the only light in the room. It was time to call it a night.



Xavier's voice was strained. He had no idea how to ask the question that was driving him mad. "I need to know something about you."

She looked at him, puzzled. "Xavier, I hope you know that you can ask me anything you wish. I will try to answer, if I am able."

He nodded. "The men in your life, how many?" He did not wish to mention the file he had on her and the fact that there was nothing about her relationships with men in it.

She blanched. A shake of the head and she quickly rose from the sofa. Walking across the room to the hearth, she stared at what was left of the fire.

"Khryssa, tell me. I need to know."

“Why do you need to know?”

“You are not the only one that has moments of discomfort."

“You are uncomfortable with the thought of me with other men?” Turning, she gave him a look of utter surprise. “Well that was a question I never thought I had to answer.”

“Will you tell me?”

Her voice was quiet, she sounded small. "None." Cheeks were lit with fire over having to admit such.

"What do you mean none?"

"I have never been with a man."

"What do you mean?"

"I am a virgin Xavier." She sounded exasperated.

"You have only been with women?"

She almost laughed at that. "No Xavier. I have never been with another person, sexually. At all. Never." She turned away from him, hating to have admitted that tidbit of her life. It was embarrassing. Swallowing, she spoke once again. The words were tinged with sadness. “I have never had a relationship with anyone other than platonically.”

He rose from his seat. Xavier crossed the room with speed. Pulling the younger woman into his arms, he whispered into her ear.

"Why Khryssa? You are obviously a beautiful woman. What man would not wish for you to be in his arms and in his bed?"

She shook her head. "I doubt you will understand but, I got my hair cut and it made the news Xavier. I am part of a political family that someday will seek the presidency. I am the youngest person by 8 years to graduate from medical school. There are other things as well. Men that I have known wanted to be with me because of my age, because of my family, because I looked a certain way, or because I could do something for them. It was never about who I actually am. It has been one of the reasons why I have lived in London and now Luxembourg as long as I have. The media here doesn't care as much about me as they do in the US.”

"Khryssa" His voice trailed off. This was something he understood all too well. “There is nothing more in this world that I want than you. I do not need your family, your money, your status or anything else. I want you. I want the beautiful woman before me that mesmerizes me with her smile.” It was the first time Xavier was honest with himself, or anyone else for that matter, about how Khryssa made him feel. He could not imagine doing harm to her. If anything, Xavier Harcard wished to protect her from the world.

He kissed her. It was a soul searching kiss. The touch of lips between the two was electric. They both felt the pull. Xavier's embrace tightened around her. He broke the kiss only to trail his lips across her cheek. Lightly nipping at her ear, the kiss now pressed lower. He felt her pulse race and that old feeling came back. He craved the taste of her on his lips. The pressure behind his gums grew painful. Xavier reluctantly drew away from her pulse. The kisses continued down her shoulder. Until he finally pulled back looking into her eyes.

"Someone does care about you Khryssa Hart. Don't be so blind that you don't see it."

She stared blankly. Was he telling her- no. It couldn't be. "But."

"It is true. You are a mystical woman. I don't know what it is about you, I am drawn to you. I would give up so many things to make you mine.”

This was all too soon and too fast. She tried stepping back from him. His hand shot out with a mind blurring swiftness to pull her back to him. Their eyes locked. He kissed her one more time.

"Rest with me Khryssa. I am not proposing sex. Just rest with me, please."

She nodded. Unable to speak, the nod was the only thing Khryssa could do. There were words on her tongue that could not be forced out at that time. She wanted this, yes. The old fears came back. Fear struck her heart the hardest. What ifs thrashed around in her thoughts. He bent down, to pick her up. Xavier held her effortlessly in his arms. Clinging to the man, she closed her eyes. Khryssa could feel the anxiety ripple up and down her spine.

The two went up the stairs and into her bedroom. The masterpiece of a sleigh bed dominated her bedroom. Thick rugs decorated the hardwood floor. Everything about her personal space spoke of warmth and comfort.

Xavier slowly set Khryssa back on her feet. He helped her undress. Removing the business clothes, he caressed the flesh of her body to her now bared skin. Large hands ran across her body. He memorized her flesh with his touch. The lacy undergarments were the last. While lovely and erotic, Xavier wanted to see all of her. Standing behind Khryssa, Xavier brushed his lips along the nape of her neck. Having moved her, so that she faced him; Xavier marveled at her beauty.

Her delicate look had been mostly created by the clothing she wore. Sleek and slender, her body was actually muscular. Yet, there was still softness to her trim figure. It was something that made Khryssa touchable.

Khryssa stood bare before him. She made no attempts to hide her nudity; Xavier was delighted by her even more. She was gorgeous. Slim and lean, with generous breasts and a flare of hips, he could not imagine anything or anyone more perfect. Khryssa helped Xavier undress. His skin was cool. Much cooler than her own, but he started to warm with the light touch. Taking a full long look at the man before her, a gasp was heard. Khryssa did not realize she had made a sound.

She moved closer. Her breasts pressed against his chest. Xavier could feel the brush of nipples as they hardened against him. Khryssa brushed her lips to his; it was not quite a kiss. The feel of her lips was so much more intimate than a mere kiss.

He slid her backwards, on to the bed. Climbing in beside her, Xavier held Khryssa in his arms. His hand rested upon the soft flat plane of her belly. He moved only to nestle that much closer against her, Xavier spoke against her fragrant warm skin.

“Rest my beauty. Soon it will be morning and this moment will be gone.”

She fell asleep with her head resting upon his chest. He moved his hand, only to place it over her heart. Xavier’s own slumber came with the feel of Khryssa’s heartbeat against his palm.

The morning sun swept the room in brightness. Khryssa stretched languidly. She bumped the arm of Xavier Harcard. She was surprised that he was still there. He opened his eyes and smiled. His voice was roughened with the sleep of the dead.

"Good morning beautiful."

"Good morning Xavier."

"Did you rest well?"

"Yes." She paused and smiled a tad sheepishly. "Better than I have in a very long time in fact."

He cradled her cheek. Bringing firm lips to the fullness of her own, he kissed her with an amount of tenderness that surprised them both. Khryssa's eyes flicked over to the alarm clock on the nightstand. She had a look of surprise at the time.

"I have to go. I am running late. It is past nine o'clock!"

"Khryssa, it is Saturday."

"I know! I need to get to the office."

She tried to crawl over him and he was not having any of that. Xavier pulled her down to him once again. Blue eyes spoke volumes in a language she did not know. Yet.

"No. You do not need to go into the office."

"Xavier, I have things to do dammit!"

"I am your employer. I said you do not need to go into the office. You are spending too much time there."

"Xavier." The tone of her voice was a warning.

"Khryssa, you need to relax. If you wish to go in tomorrow, I will not stop you. Today you are staying with me."

She sighed. He was right and she knew it. Khryssa knew she worked too much. It was only then that she remembered she was naked. He was too. Looking at him, Khryssa eyes colored with anxiety. He in turn puzzled over her expression.

"Is something amiss?"

"I'm naked. I am in bed naked, with a naked man."

He laughed. The sound of his laughter caused a delighted shiver to run up her spine. Once again she tried climbing over him. Xavier grabbed her in an instant, pulling Khryssa down to him. Her lean legs straddled his hips while strong feminine thighs gripped his sides tight.

The act surprised them both. He embraced her. Xavier’s hand found a handful of her thick curls. She surrendered to him when their lips met. He claimed her body with his grasp, only to turn her over onto her back. Having accepted his weight gratefully, Khryssa felt him between her thighs. Hard and thick, Xavier was aroused. A hand slid down her body, he stroked the soft flesh in slow circles. Reaching lower, fingers pressing through the neatly trimmed public hair, he noticed how very wet she was. He spoke gently.

"Do you want this?"

Khryssa nodded. She could feel him and knew she was just as aroused as he. She could feel the need of his body along with the desire within herself. Xavier spoke, the words were sincere.

"I will only hurt you this one time. Never again will I purposefully be the cause of your pain."

Khryssa was unable to speak. There was the spark of fear in deep dark eyes. Yes, she was ready. She needed to feel this man, all of him, now.

It began. Xavier was gentle with her. Touching her slim body with passion and reverence, he teased her into helpless abandon. Smoothing his hands over every inch of her body, Xavier marveled at the response she gave him.

Khryssa arched up to his touch. Eyes closed, she relished the feel of him. Long nails touched his cool flesh. A pattern was traced across his skin while lips caressed and tasted the warmth that they shared.

When he finally thought she was ready, he moved. She cried out against his shoulder when he penetrated her closely guarded treasure. The pain was different than anything she felt before. The tearing of her virginity was something that she never would feel again. For that, she was grateful.

Xavier took not just her body but her heart as well. He groaned when he hit the intact barrier. A slow thrust, he drove in deeper, taking her innocence with him. Xavier could feel the bit of blood that covered his shaft.

Never before had deflowering a woman been like this and he had deflowered a great number in his lifetimes. Finding their rhythm, Khryssa arched upward onto him, impaling herself. Xavier felt like he could taste this beautiful woman through his very flesh. He kissed her. His fangs cutting into the corner of her lips, a drop of blood was drawn. It was then that tasted her for the very first time. This was the most perfect elixir in the world. The combination of their bodies molding together and her blood, he couldn’t help but whisper out her name.

Whimpering softly, soon the pain ended and pleasure began for her. They touched. They made love. Khryssa's body became his instrument. He plucked it lovingly. He took her to heights that she had never known before. Sweet cries filled Xavier’s senses. Khryssa urged him to move harder and faster and soon he was struggling for control.

Gasping, Khryssa arched back, her throat exposed fully to him. It was a moment of tenderness, when all he wanted to do was sink his fangs into her throat, he kissed upon the pulse instead. Crying out his name she thrashed beneath his body. The explosion of pleasure was overwhelming. Her body gripped his tight. Still driving into her, Xavier marveled how she rose to meet his thrusts even as her orgasm waned..

With her quieting and stilling he exploded with his own release. Covering her body with his own, Xavier did not move. He stayed with her, stroking her hair and touching her cheeks. Enjoying fully the feel of her around his softening hardness, Xavier and Khryssa had succumbed to each other’s lusts.

They dozed together. Xavier and Khryssa basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking and in the warmth of the winter sun streaming through the large windows. He smiled while she slept.

Yet, there was something sinister in the smile as well. The scent of her blood was on the air and on his lips. He knew that he had just taken a Helsing and made her his. What he didn’t realize in the moment that a Helsing had laid claim to him as well.

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