Darkness Finds the Heart

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Chapter 8

Khryssa started to protest. All it took was a kiss to silence the sounds. Stroking her hair, Xavier said three words. “Trust me. Please.”

Nodding mutely, she did not argue further. Xavier slid his arm around her slender waist. Letting his fingers splay across Khryssa’s hip, he took the lead. Guiding her inside, he navigated them both through the corridors of his vast home. Khryssa looked at Xavier with confusion.

“Where are we going?”

“It is a secret.”

She gave him a questioning look and he just smiled. Finally coming to a door, Xavier stopped her.

“Turn around if you would Khryssa.”

Doing as he asked, she turned around with her back to him. Removing the tie from his tux, Xavier used it as a blindfold. Covering her eyes completely, he whispered in her ear.

“Can you see anything?”

“No, not at all.” The curious note in her voice was apparent.

Taking her hand, they passed through the doorway. The night touched her skin. Khryssa lifted her chin upwards and tasted the fragrant air against her lips.

“Where are we?”

“About ten more steps and you will know.”

She laughed softly. She took the steps; Xavier kept her hand within his grasp.

“We are here.” He lifted the makeshift blindfold from her eyes.

“Xavier it is beautiful!”

They were in a small garden. The pathway was paved with cobblestones. The ivy covered trellis was strung with fairy lights that had been turned on earlier. The night was awash with the scent of jasmine and lavender. He led her further down the path. There was a small clearing beneath a well maintained hardwood tree. Xavier brought her over to the clearing where a large plaid blanket had already been spread out.

“You planned this out ahead of time?

“Well, yes.”

Khryssa started to laugh softly; she rose slightly to kiss Xavier’s jawline.

“Thank you, it is amazing.”

There was another blanket set to the side, along with a small thermos. Xavier moved them and sat down. Extending a hand for Khryssa to join him, he smiled up at her. “I am happy that you are pleased.”

Stepping out of the dancing slippers that she wore, Khryssa took his hand and sat down with him. Both looked comfortable in the night air even in their evening best. Taking the thermos and removing the top, a drink was poured for her.

Accepting the drink in the thermos top from his hand, she looked at it questioningly and took a sip.

“Coffee! Ah now the evening is perfect.” Khryssa winked at him. Her love for coffee was notorious.

Taking the other blanket, Xavier draped it around her shoulders. Looking into her eyes, he smiled tenderly. “The night compliments you my dear.”

“It is you that makes the night Xavier. I have never looked at it the same since I met you.”

“Why is that?”

Taking a sip of the coffee, Khryssa considered the question. “You know that my youth was filled with stories of you and your deeds. When I met you, I saw something different. You weren't the monster that I had been told you were. I know you have done many things that would - no, should, frighten me far away from you. It didn't. I considered you a different animal, at the time. I know you were no longer mortal. So, how could you be human. When we met, I knew was wrong. I was so wrong. You still have your humanity, it is just different from my own."

She sighed and began again. " Xavier, you own the night. You do not fear it. I have never seen such a look of peace and serene beauty as I have with you looking out into the darkness. It is truly a sight to behold.”

The breeze captured her hair, blowing it back away from her cheeks. Tendrils licked fair cheeks; to Xavier she looked like a fallen angel.

“Do you come out here often Xavier?”

“Since it was finished, this is the first time that I have been out here.”

“Oh, it is new then?”

Reaching out, he tucked an errant curl back behind her ear. “I had this built for you Khryssa.”

“For me? But why?”

“I wanted to show you something.”

“I don’t understand Xavier.”

“I wanted to show you that I would try.”

“How did you know I would agree to try again?”

“I did not know. I had merely hoped for another chance.”

Taking another sip of the strong coffee, Khryssa smiled gently at him. “I am curious Xavier. Why have you gone to so much trouble? You can have your pick of women.”

“I do not want other women. I hunger for you.” Holding her with a steady gaze, Xavier noticed that she looked bewildered by his words. “You do not understand do you?” He asked gently.

“No, I don't.” It was not an issue of self-esteem. Khryssa just did not see herself any different than anyone else.

“It goes beyond your beauty Khryssa. Yes, you are an exquisite woman. It is more than that. You are compelling. I find you to be innocent, yet not naïve. You look at the world with a smile that reaches your very soul. You care for others and it is the others that come before you. I have seen the look in your eyes, before our courting became soured. At one time, you trusted me more than I trusted myself. My darling Khryssa, you gave me your trust. You knew all of my flaws since even before the day you met me and you did not draw away. You cared about the man before you and not the monster I have been. That is reason enough.”

“I have no idea what to say to all of that.”

“What is in your heart Khryssa?”

“You frighten me Xavier. You frighten me to my very core.” She saw the look of shock on his handsome face. Shaking her head, Khryssa began to explain.

“You have the ability to hurt me. I don’t worry about you harming me physically. You could easily break me, yes. Yet, I do not worry about the physical; I worry about you breaking my heart. You alone could shatter it until there is nothing left but tiny shards that could never be put back together again. That is what I fear from you. I have seen both sides of the man. You can be tender and sweet when you are getting what you desire. Yet, the minute I have challenged that, you turn cold and demanding. It is difficult, at best. But, it didn't make me care for you any less.”

Xavier kissed her. His lips caressed the soft swell of her delicate mouth. Looking to the serene creature before him, Xavier understood in that instance the fear she felt, for he had it too. She could destroy him on many levels. Dipping his head, he rested his cheek against Khryssa’s shoulder. “I am trying to change, for you.”

“I don’t want you to change Xavier. It was not someone else that I looked upon with such passion. It was you.”

“Then what do you want Khryssa?”

“For you to realize that I am human and that I do not do well with certain demands. If you want something of me Xavier all you must do is ask.”

He breathed the words in her ear. “Is it really that easy?”


“You are a dangerous woman Khryssa Hart.”

She had to chuckle at that, giving her head a shake. “I am harmless, as long as I do not have a scalpel in my hand. There are benefits to being a surgeon after all.”

“You are the human that tamed Dracula, who could be more dangerous?”

“I have not tamed you. I merely invited you to look at the situation in a different light.”

“Oh is that it?”

“’Yes, it is my feeling upon the subject Xavier.” Khryssa furrowed her brow. “Which do you prefer, Xavier or Dracula?”

“Xavier. There is less of a chance for a slip up publicly. I was never fond of the name Dracula. Many injustices have been attributed to the name Dracula that I have had nothing to do with.”

“That makes sense.” She nodded.

“Do you have a preference my enchantment?”

“Your enchantment?” Khryssa sounded surprised.

“You do not like it?”

“I never said that. I was just surprised is all.” Lying back on the blanket, Khryssa looked up at the skies. The home of Xavier Harcard was far enough away from the small town in which they resided that lights did not interfere with the night sky. She stayed silent for a moment and then turned to look at Xavier. “I can’t believe you did all of this.”

“To see you smile, I would give up the night.”

Xavier moved to her. A gentlemanly sprawl followed. Placing his head on her hip, an arm curled around her slender form. Khryssa reached for him in the night. Running her fingers through his blond locks, she closed her eyes and spoke into the breeze.

“I would never ask that of you.”

“That is the reason why I would give it up.” He ran his hand across her bare skin. Tempted to expose more of it, but knowing it was too soon. A look of displeasure dashed across his face. “You are cold.”

“There is a chill in the air, yes. I am fine though Xavier.”

“I do not want you getting ill once again, especially if it would be at my doing.”

She continued to stroke her fingers through his hair. Long lazy strokes that were so very gentle they lulled Xavier with the tranquility of the beautiful night.

“It will be dawn soon Khryssa.”

“It is that late?” She was taken aback. Had time really gone by that quickly?

“Yes. The sun will begin its ascent in approximately twenty-two minutes.”

“You do have a knack for keeping me up until the strangest hours Xavier.”

“Will you watch the sunrise with me?”

“I would be honored to.”

He sat up. The instant that he moved, Khryssa missed the gentle weight against her body. She began to rise as well. Xavier pulled her gently to him. Guiding her to sit between his thighs, he curled her into his arms. He spoke low and warm against her ear.

“Tell me what you see Khryssa.”

Leaning back against Xavier’s chest, the smile that appeared was one of ease. Her dark eyes looked out to the horizon. The first strands of light had just begun to break through. “What do I see? The night is laying down to rest and the sun reminds us that what lies in the dark is also there in the brightness.”

“Do you fear the night my darling?”

“Not at all, I welcome it. After all, you are born of the night and linger within its shadows, yet when the day comes you are the same as you were. Hence what lies in the dark is also there in the brightness.”

Xavier laughed softy. "So it is."

"Xavier? Is the story that Bram Stoker penned true?"

He shook his head. "No, not at all. He found out of me and crafted a piece of fiction. The only facts were of the feud between myself and your family."

"Does my lineage worry you?"

"It did at first my enchantment. It no longer does. You can no more than help the family you were born into than I can help being what I am. Shall we go inside?”

She shook her head. “I need to go home Xavier. I need to change my clothing and clean up some.”

Xavier looked apologetic. “Stay, please? I took the liberty of procuring a few items on your behalf.”

A sarcastic remark was nearly spoken and then she bit her tongue. He was trying. He was trying to be helpful in fact. Khryssa started to smile. “How did you know what to buy?”

“I have been in your home before. When you were ill, I looked about some. It was quite easy to get the proper sizes. Your tastes do not mirror my own, alas. I took a bit of a liberty in choosing certain items. You have enough garments, cosmetics, and general items to last for a while.”

Khryssa tilted her head back, kissing Xavier’s jawline. Soft lips lingered upon the roughness that was beginning to appear. “Thank you.”

He visibly relaxed. “I thought you were going to be angry.”

The words came slowly, with thought. “I think my first emotion was to pull away. I realized you were not trying to be controlling as much as you were being generous. I appreciate it greatly.”

It was a start, for both of them. “Will you stay?” The words were cautious.

“Yes, I will stay.”

When Xavier smiled Khryssa could see what a masterpiece he truly was to behold. His now mussed blond locks and shadowing of a beard across his jaw did not draw from his magnificence, but added to it instead. Helping her up, Xavier led her back inside. They paused briefly at the entryway, then smiling to one another while looking back over the garden. They soon retreated into the warmth of his majestic dwelling.

Xavier held her hand lightly as they walked through his opulent home. The sheer size was daunting to most anyone, and that included Khryssa. The far part of the centuries old mansion was more modern, but not by much. It was there that the bedrooms, dressing rooms, general living quarters resided. Xavier brought her to the dressing chambers that he had designated for her use. Everything that she could possibly need had already been placed in the room for her. Clothing, shoes, lingerie, cosmetics, hair tools and products had been purchased specifically for her. Opening the door for Khryssa, he lingered at the doorway.

“Will thirty minutes give you enough time?”

“That is plenty. It does not take me too long.” She smiled gently.

“I shall be right across the hall if you are in need of anything Khryssa.” He turned to step away.


“Yes?” He paused.

Khryssa stepped to him and kissed the corner of his mouth gently. “Thank you again.”

“Think nothing of it. It was truly my pleasure.”

They left each other’s company. When they parted Xavier wondered if she felt the need to stay within each other’s sight as he did. Khryssa didn’t bother looking in the closet. She wanted a shower, now. Stripping off the clothing, pausing only to hang up the dress, she entered the shower. The cascading water came from all directions. Jets were positioned every six inches or so from the ankle to her head on three sides, with a larger one overhead. Khryssa was fairly certain she found heaven.

The hair products were the same ones she used at home, Truffle by Fuente. Washing her hair and doing all the other tidbits that were required in the shower, she finished quickly. Rubbing some of the stay in serum into the ends, she twisted it back into a bun. Makeup was the easiest part. There was no need for night time dramatics. A touch of color, a bit of gloss, a final sweep of mascara and she was done. Steeling herself for what could possibly be in the closet. She knew that Xavier was fond of more of a formal look than she was.

Taking a peek in the lingerie chest, she was rather surprised. It was expensive, of course, but it was nothing outrageous. Picking out a very pale lavender and crème silk crepe bra with a matching thong, she slid into the delicate garments. The closet was an adventure. Everything from bikinis to a few formal gowns lined the deep walk in closet. Covering her face with her hand, she thought Oh Xavier, why so much? The realization that this was nothing compared to his wardrobe made her laugh. A shake of her head, Khryssa realized this plus her closets at home were nothing compared to Xavier’s wardrobe. There were, at least, jeans. Sliding into a pair of skinny cut Wantanabe’s, the hunt for a blouse began. There was nothing that looked suitable for what she wanted. A grin appeared. Sliding her feet into a pair of moccasins, she opened the door. Making sure no one was around; Khryssa went across the hall to where Xavier was.

Walking in without knocking, she surprised him. He turned sharply, while tugging a pair of black Zimmerli boxer briefs on. Khryssa just stood there, wide eyed. Her hand had flown upwards to cover her mouth. She had seen him naked before, more like felt him naked before. Seeing him like this was astonishing. He had to be the most majestic man ever created.

“Did you need something, besides a blouse Khryssa?” He was amused by the look on her face.

Shaking her head, she went to him. Threading her fingers into his hair, she kissed him. Never had she kissed him like this before. Her lips met his with hunger. Biting down on his lip, she purred with delight. Wanton needs stroked fires that Khryssa had not even known that she had, were now ignited. Xavier slid his hands to her waist, bringing her hips to his own with force. Denim was ground against him, while Xavier’s strong fingers battled with the front button of her jeans. Khryssa pulled away from his hands and broke the kiss. His eyes alight with the frenzy of ardor gazed upon her with question.

She slid down his body. Her knees rested upon the thick ornate rug. She looked up to him with reverence. Sliding the black fabric down, she exposed him. His manhood, thick and ready, was right before her eyes. A kiss was placed at the head. She worked her way down his shaft with soft kisses. Fingers ran the length of his hardness. She stroked him gently. Lips met his balls, caressing the warmth with her mouth.

Gasps echoed against his skin. He groaned in response, his hands gliding into her hair. Coming back up, she slid the head between her lips and began to suckle. Khryssa could feel his fingers pulse against her scalp, urging her on. Drawing her mouth down his shaft and letting a warm tongue flick against the underside until she heard him cry out her name. That beautiful mouth tightened around him. Up and down she moved, while her fingers slid across his flesh. Using her nails lightly over them caused Xavier’s hips to buck. He drove himself into the heat and wet of her mouth. He tried to pull back, but her hands went to his backside and she pulled him closer. Taking all of him that she could, she could feel him swell even further. Khryssa flicked her eyes upwards to him. His eyes were shut tightly. All he could do was revel in the pleasure that she gave him. She began to suckle that much harder, moving up and down the thick hard shaft with speed and skill.

“Khryssa, you must stop. I cannot control myself much longer.” He rasped.

That was what she wanted. More than she wanted to breathe, she needed to taste his pleasure on her tongue. Swallowing him, her lips pressed to the base of his shaft. Khryssa could feel him in the back of her throat and beyond. Tears sprang to her eyes and still she continued. Rising back up his shaft only to take him fully once more, long nails danced across his sack. Purrs of delight reverberated across the now wet velvety skin of his manhood. Xavier could not take it any longer. He roared out his pleasure. She could feel the throb against her tongue and then the first taste of him. Xavier’s grip within her curls tightened. He called out her name over and over again. It became his mantra. Continuing sucking she drank of his pleasure. Sweet more than salt, the taste of his orgasm was divine.

When the tidal waves of pleasure finally ceased, Xavier slowly eased from her mouth. Khryssa brushed her cheek along his thigh, resting there. He let his fingers slide across her warm skin. His eyes were still closed.

“That was unexpected.”

She nuzzled against him. Inhaling the warm comforting scent of his skin, she nodded. Helping her to her feet, Xavier captured Khryssa in his arms. A kiss drifted across the swell of her lips. He smiled gently, brushing the tendrils that had escaped back.

“May I ask what brought that on?”

She turned crimson. Hiding her face against his shoulder Khryssa spoke softly. “You just looked like” She didn’t know what to say. “perfection.”

“I might have to cultivate that look more often.”


He laughed. It was a warm rumble in the early morning. Kissing him again, Khryssa looked into his eyes.

“What are you thinking my dear?”

“It is nothing.”


“I suppose I should find a shirt and let you finish getting dressed.”

“I don’t know, I believe only one of us is overdressed at the moment and it is not me.”

It was her turn to laugh. “Insatiable!”

“I will not argue this fact when it comes to you.”

Harcard turned her around. The rounded curve of her ass pressed against his hardness. Kissing a trail along her throat and collarbone, his fingers found the button of her jeans once again.

"I love seeing you like this my darling girl. You are eroticism personified."

The jeans were undone and Xavier slowly pushed them down. Bending Khryssa over so that her hands touched the top of a dresser, he admired the woman before him. She reached back to tug the panties down.

"No. Leave them."

Much to his surprise, Khryssa obeyed without question. Stroking the soft skin of his lover, Xavier relished the feel of her body. Tugging the panties to the side, Harcard exposed Khryssa. Without another word, he took her.

The gasp of surprise made him shiver with anticipation. It was his turn to torment. Slowly, he moved. Slick and wet, Khryssa thrust back to him. But with a hand upon her back, he stilled her body some.

Lost in their revelry, their cries filled the room. Strong hands slid across her belly and then upwards. Xavier cupped her breasts, stroking the flesh there. With expertise, the cups slid down to expose Khryssa's hardened nipples. Stroking them and continuing his thrusts within, he had no warning when she came hard and fast.

The quickening of muscles around his cock milked him. He fought for control. Kissing a trail up her spine, Xavier whispered words of lust and adoration in Khryssa's ear. That was all it took and again, she came hard and fast around him. This time he permitted his own pleasure to be released once again.

Keeping her like this, staying in her wetness, Xavier held his lover gently. Finally, he pulled back and helped her to dress. His lips met her's in a tender kiss.

They merely held each other for a while, both in different stages of dress. Khryssa kissed him again. Looking into Xavier's eyes, she smiled gently.

Pulling away, Khryssa walked over to his closet and disappeared within. Xavier watched her with a raised brow wondering what she was doing. When she reappeared she was wearing one of his white dress shirts that he wore for the office. It was a custom Charvet. While it was quite large on her, it looked perfect. He chuckled.

“Raiding my closet now?” He gave the hem of the shirt a tug. “I believe it does look much better on you than it does on me.”

“I think we will have to agree to disagree on that Xavier.”

Pulling on a pair of jeans and a plain light blue button down shirt, he was soon dressed. Khryssa looked at him with the same look he had given her.

“Is something the matter?”

“I didn’t realize that you even owned a pair of jeans.”

“I didn’t. Not until I went shopping for you did I ever bother to purchase a pair.”

“Wait. You went shopping?”

“But of course my dear.”

“You did the shopping for me? You didn’t send one of your staff members to do so?”

“No. I wanted to do it.”

“I do not understand you Xavier.”

“What is there to understand?” He kissed her gently. “Khryssa I have all the money a man could ever need and every day that amount grows. You are in the same position that I am. What you spend matters little to your overall financial situation. It is how you do things that matter.”

“Point taken Xavier.”

“Do you need to rest?”

She shook her head. “No, someone was feeding me coffee until the wee hours of the morning. I feel fine.”

“Neither do I, so what would you like to do?”

“Well I know I should go into the office for a bit, but I sincerely doubt that is what you have in mind.”

“You work too much Khryssa.”

“That is what people keep telling me.”

“Would you please hand me my cell phone?”

Looking around before finally spotting his phone, Khryssa handed it to him with a curious look. Xavier pressed a button and fired off a command to the person on the other end. Hitting the screen to disconnect the call he smiled.

“Grab your bag, we have plans.”

She looked at him warily. “You are not going to inform me of where we are going beforehand are you?”

“Of course not. You do have your passport with you, correct?”

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