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He lives in the dark, he’s deadly, he’s fearless, he’s cold, he’s ruthless, he heartless, he knows no mercy or kindness, he’s everything that would make you shiver in fear just by knowing that he’s around you and if you wish to survive than don’t ever cross paths with him. Just by hearing his name, they wish to bury themselves alive rather than being the victim of his playful acts. He holds pure terror and when he visits you with his devilish smirk, one should know that his death has arrived. Every demon has its mortal or immortal mate, he had his. She hated words that would bring pain upon others, she hated violence, she hated everything that would destroy one’s kindness within. She was after all an Angel disguised as a Human. But little did she know that at 18, she would meet him as her mate. He envelops in her life like a dark magic, destroying and ruining her.......after all being with him is the best “nightmare” Luna has ever dreamt of.

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Chapter One

He ran, trying to save himself. He watched his prey through the cameras, saving himself making him smirk. The victim tried to turn the knob while glancing repeatedly at the black door located on the other side of the room. He got bored of seeing his victim trying to save himself, his gaze darkened and he begin to walk towards the room, whistling his melody, unbuttoning his sleeves and pulling them up.

The victim shivered in fear as the black door opened up, came in a tall, well built, dashing fair skin figure, he gazed the victim through his light grey eyes, his maroon lips curved into a devilish smile, death!!

The victim yelled and backed up, crying and crying, begging and begging, but the man wasn’t bothered, he had a reputation for being heartless, he walked towards him while giving the tool in his right hand a shake, it was a dagger.

“ P-P-Please......” The victim said, body already bruised and wounded badly, the man laughed manically. He stopped as he reached the victim, he bent down to meet his eyes that were full of fear.

“ I think you forgot, please is a word used among humans, I...am a Devil” He said, looking him in the eyes before slitting the person’s throat without mercy. Enjoying the view.

He continuously stabbed him, keeping that devilish smirk of his, pulling the dagger from the victim’s heart, he brough it near his lips, smelling the blood with his eyes closed, he then licked the blood off the dagger.

He begin to laugh maniacally seeing the person dead, he begin to bang the floor while seeing the now dead body in front of him, pale.

“ I didn’t even begin and you left?? Ahh, your weak” The man said, getting up. He left the after taking care of the mess. Guards bowed down to him as he walked outside the “Dark House”. The car door opened by his driver, he got in while wiping the blood off with a handkerchief.

The man with no fear or guilt was known as Lucifer Kray. Showered with great wealth ever since he was born, competiting to win something can be tough, but when it is something that Lucifer wanted, the competitors had a tougher time.

Under his presence, no-one can utter a word. He holds such power and influence on people that no-one ever in the Kray family would have ever imagined to even witness. He’s young, cold, handsome, intelligent and successful.

He stared outside the car window, closing his eyes he rested his head against the seat, smirking.

Luna came inside her house, she saw her parents smiling at her from the living room, she smiled back at them.

“ How was the interview??” Her mother asked with her sweet smile,

“ It was okay....” Luna replied, sighing,

“ Don’t lose hope honey” Her father said knowing his daughter’s mood was off.

“ Come sit here” He said pointing towards them, Luna walked towards them, she sat in between them and hugged her parents,

“ Ahh, even though I studied hard, I can’t seem to find the a job” Luna said expressing her sadness.

“ Come on sweetie, cheer up, I will go and make your favourite chocolate cake, what say??” Her mother said smiling, Luna looked at her mother and smiled, kissing her mother’s cheek she replied,

“ Thank you mum, I don’t know what will I do without you two” Luna said, her mother smiled at her before getting up, her father chuckled and patted her head,

“ You will be fine, after all you are our daughter” Her father said smiling, Luna hugged her father while resting her head on his chest, watching the T.V with him.

Luna was an intelligent girl, she was 18 and had already finished studying business, she was homeschooled by her parents. But her luck didn’t seemed to work, she got rejected after every interview she did, which bothered her. However, she never stopped smiling or being playful. She knew very well that being stressed out about something won’t solve any problems, but she couldn’t help but to be sad about it as that’s the human nature.

Her parents were going to leave on a vacation to Europe, meaning she was going to be home alone, Luna knew the real reason for their soon absence so she didn’t fussed about it. Knowing it is something that they can’t reject.

Lucifer entered his bedroom, losing his tie, he stared at his family portrait hung on the wall across from his bed, he smirked before turning his back on it, he took off his shirt, revealing his toned and well built body, black ink drawn all over his right shoulder and arm, his waist had a devilish tattoo, represnting his devil. His wrist had a tattoo of a joker, he walked towards his bathroom, and closed the door behind him.

He came out, body drenched in water, he wore a grey robe and dried his hair with a towel, he threw the towel on his bed, grabbing his laptop from the nightstand, he sat on the couch in the balcony, snow falling outside. He checked the company’s monthly profit, smirking he closed the laptop.

He ran a hand through his hair black hair, looking at the snow fall.

Next Day

Luna in a rush walked inside the Ł.K Empire. The building was gigantic, beautiful and modern, the exterior and interior were both eye catching, it was prefect. Luna walked towards the receptionist, she looked up to Luna, eyes a little wide, Luna smiled at her and said,

“ Hello Miss, I am Luna, I am here for the interview” Luna said, keeping that gorgeous smile of hers, the receptionist nodded and replied with a smile,

“ Fifth floor, the elevators are over there” she said painting with her eye, Luna nodded and smiled at her,

“ Thank you” She said before walking towards the elevator and pressing the fifth floor.

As the door was about to close, a man walked inside the elevator, his aura powerful and fearful, one hand in pocket and the other one holding the phone, as he talked, Luna smiled at him but he ignored her.

“ How rude” Luna thought, little did she knew, the man could hear her thoughts, he smirked unknowingly while talking on the phone. Luna saw a tattoo on his wrist, it was a joker, suddenly she recalled something,

“ The CEO of Ł.K Empire has tatttoos, one of them is a joker on his wrist” said Maria, Luna’s cousin,

“ Aghh, why are you telling me this, it’s not like I am going to bump into him on the my interview day” Luna replied playfully, drinking her tea.

“ Who knows, you might, by the way, I heard he’s quite the devil type, so you better stay away from him” Maria said, warning Luna while she looked at her cousin, chuckling and shaking her head,

“ You need a psychiatrist Maria” Luna said, still chuckling while Maria punched her playfully.


Luna stared at him, jaw dropped, eye wide as if she had seen a ghost. Lucifer knew he was being stared at, he said without looking at Luna,

“ Quit staring, you might get hurt” Lucifer’s sharp and cold voice made Luna come out of her thoughts, she turned her head away, drowning in embarrassment.

The elevator door opened, Lucifer walked out, not even sparing a glance at Luna. Luna sighed heavily as the elevator door closed once again, she pressed the fifth floor once again,

“Why am I like this!! Ahh, I feel so embarrassed, I wish I could kill my self right now!!” Luna said all together, scolding herself.

The elevator door opened up, Luna walked out, nervous. She walked for awhile before opening the glass door and being welcomed by hundreds of people, who were patiently waiting for their turn,

“ There’s no way I am getting this job” Luna thought, sighing.

She took a seat and inhaled deeply before exhaling, after 10 minutes, 10 interviewers walked out of the office, luring sadness.

Luna felt her heart beat Skip as her name was called, she got up even more nervous and followed the lady in a tight blue skirt and white cloth shirt, her black heels producing sounds.

“ Luna Kris??” The lady interviewer asked, Luna replied politely,

“ Yes??”

“ Your grades are excellent, you are quite intelligent and polite, but I heard that you were rejected from several of interviews , why is that??” The lady said, staring at Luna with an intense gaze. Luna inhaled before replying,

“ I have my own way of doing things , but they didn’t wanted someone who would meddle in their own way of working, they just wanted a puppet who would praise them and follow whatever they do, I was never that kind of person you see, I stand to help when needed”

The lady nodded, she closed Luna’s profile and kept her hands on the desk, getting closer to look at Luna.

“ Your prefect to be his assistant, you can start working from Tommorow” the lady said smiling at Luna. Luna was more than shock,

“ I just got a job!!!” Luna said, filled with joy.

To Be Continued

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