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Chapter Two

Luna walked out of her bedroom, her slim and femine figure hugging the maroon skirt and white blouse, her parents waiting for her in the kitchen with their friendly smiles,

“ Goodluck my little baby” Luna’s father said smiling proudly,

“ I still can’t believe she is working for him, he’s known all around the world” Luna’s mother said, beaming joy,

“ I will take that as my goodluck” Luna said making her parents laugh,

“ I wish I could stay here to see you go to work everyday, but what to do, we need to leave today” Luna’s mother said, feeling sad,

“ It’s okay mom, I know you don’t have a choice in this, goodluck” Luna said, smiling like an angel, her parents hugged her before kissing her cheek,

“ May God give a daughter like you to everyone” Her Mother Said, smiling at her.

Luna left for her job while their parents went to the airport, leaving to Europe.

Luna glanced outside the window of the cab, she smiled as she saw a couple walking side by side, heads on each other,

“ Love still exists” Luna mumbled, smiling.

Eventually after 35 minutes, Luna arrived at the Ł.K empire, the driver giving Luna weird looks,

“ Miss, I hope you survive working their” The cab driver said, making Luna frown, the cab was parked a little away from the main building, Luna paid the cab driver and made her way inside, her wavy hazel brown hair gently moving with every walk, her red lips smiling, her light brown eyes staring at the huge building that she just entered. She had white tan skin, flawless thanks to her angel abilities, and a prefect body.

Luna got inside the building, she was bewildered as to where her workplace was, she wasn’t told about it. Suddenly the same lady from yesterday who interviewed Luna came, smiling at her.

“ You seem to be early” She said, keeping her perfect smile, that added charm to her beauty. Luna chuckled lightly and replied,

“ Well, I would lie if I say I slept well yesterday, I still can’t believe I got a job” Luna exhilarated, the lady laughed,

“ Your amusing, by the way I am Mia Louis, your tour guide for the day” Mia said extending her hand, Bella gracefully took her hand and gave it a gentle shake while saying,

“ I’m sure you already know my name but anyways, I am Luna Kris” Luna said, with a sweet and polite tone,

“ Yes I know, well Luna, I am looking for an excellent performance from you, let’s go shall we??” Mia said as she started walking towards the elevator, the two of them got inside, Mia pressed the sixth floor,

“ You know Luna, the sixth floor and onwards have one amazing view, you can see the whole city from there” Mia said, making Luna become curious,

“ Really?? That must be quite exciting” Luna replied, fascinated by Mia’s words,

“ It is, the workers of Ł.K Empire have a lot of work to do, the beautiful view helps them calm down” Mia said staring back at Luna,

“ No wonder why Ł.K Empire is at the top” Luna said making Mia smile,

“ That’s all thanks to our Boss, who himself hold immense power, authority and fame. All the industrialist die to collaborate with the Ł.K Empire, afterall, it is the bestest of the best” Mia said with pride while Luna nodded,

The elevator opened up, the two of them walked outside, Luna was breathless when her gaze fell outside the glass wall,

“ Mia was right, it is one fascinating view” Luna thought while staring outside the glass wall, Mia chuckled at Luna’s amazed state,

“ You can stare at it later on, right now you I have to show you around, come on” Mia said, Luna smiled at her and followed her,

“ There are more than thousands of workers working in this building, it is a dream of every person, and the post that you have been given, many people would kill for it, so be wise of your decisions Luna”

“ Of course, Thank you”

“ There’s nothing to thank me for, you earned it” Mia said smiling to Luna.

After showing her around the building, Luna felt exhausted, it was big,

“ I think I lost 2 kgs there” Luna said, catching her breath, before getting up and walking towards the CEO office, knocking on the door gently, Luna patiently waited for a response, but there were none, after awhile of standing, Luna knocked again,

“ Who is it??” The voice sounded firm and rather irritated, Luna opened the door and went inside, nervous, there he was, Lucifer Kray, features so beautiful as if he was a Greek god, his beautiful grey eyes fixed on the papers on his desk as he wrote something, his dark black hair styled handsomely, his well built musculine body almost tearing up the expensive navy blue suit he was wearing, sharp jawline, he had a white tan skin, flawless. He had maroon prefect lips, from all the angles you would look, he was prefect in very way. He was known as the world’s most handsome and richest bachelor for no reason,

His office was neatly polished, every single item in there screamed “ Expensive”, the paintings costed one’s lifetime earning to be bought, the city view was even more beautiful than on any other floor in the building, after all it was the Boss’s floor, snapping out of it Luna finally said,

“ Goodmoring Sir, I am Luna Kris, your new assistant”

Luna’s words made Lucifer look up, he brought both of his arms and placed his elbows on the desk, while his hands intertwined, as he stared at Luna,

“ So??” Lucifer said, coldly. Luna was speechless, she did heard that the Boss was compared to the Devil, but she didn’t knew he could be this bad, Luna stood there awkwardly as Lucifer’s sharp gaze melted her down,

“ Ms.Kris, If that’s all you have to say, then please show yourself out, I am quite occupied” Lucifer said as he continued to work,

“ Yes Sir, have a good day” Luna said as she bowed before leaving his office, closing the door behind her, she exhaled,

“ He’s intimidating!!” Luna said as she made her way back to her office, Luna was surprised to see the tons of paperwork on her desk, she sighed,

“ Wow, I guess that’s my welcome gift” Luna said making a pout, she walked towards her desk and begin to do her work, without wasting any minute.

After an Hour and Half

Luna was some with three of the documents, she was left with eight more, suddenly she recieved a call, an unknown number popped up on her phone screen, she picked it up,

“ Come to my office” Lucifer’s stone cold voice echoed through the phone, Luna didn’t even got to answer before he hung up, she sighed and got up, fixing herself up. She walked towards his office, with every move she took, her heart beat increased, knocking on the door he replied,

“ Come in”

Walking inside and closing the door behind her, Luna saw Lucifer working on his laptop, the same serious look never leaving his admirable face,

“ Sir you called??” Luna said, lucifer replied,

“ My schedule is on my desk, take it and leave”

Luna walked towards lucifer’s desk, her steps seemed to get slow under her presence, she picked the sehedule while doing so, Lucifer’s eyes unconsciously fell on Luna’s hand, she wore a finger on her ring finger, Lucifer looked up to Luna who had taken the schedule and was going to leave,

“ Ms.Kris” Lucifer called out for her, Luna turned around and smiled at Lucifer who showed no emotion on his face,

“ Yes Sir??” Luna replied,

“ There were some documents sent to you, get it done by 2 and send them to me. Check my emails and inform me later on” Lucifer said, eyes fixed on Luna’s ring.

“ As you say Sir, I will leave now” Luna said leaving his office,

“ Her ring, I think I have seen it somewhere” Lucifer thought, trying to recall,

“ Is she?? No way....”

To Be Continued

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