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I hadn't listened to anyone, and now five years later, I was really wishing that I had. Ink had warned me away from him, warned me that he would destroy me, warned me that if I left with him, he couldn't protect me anymore. I didn't listen. But I should have. I should have listened. Because now, five years later, I'm back. But now, I'm on the run for my life. And Ink is the only person I know who might be able to help me.

Romance / Adventure
T.O. Smith
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1: Ink



I cupped my hand around the cigarette between my lips, using my other hand to flick the lighter, inhaling on the cigarette as I lit it. I had just gotten back from a two day long run with Blink and Grim, and after us riding for three hours straight so we could make it back in time for church, I was in desperate need of some fucking nicotine.

And pussy. I really needed some fucking pussy.

Blink barked out a laugh as he stretched his arms above his head, making his back and shoulders pop. "You even stretch your fucking fingers out yet, brother?"

I grunted at him. "Too long without a fucking cig." I grumbled.

He shook his head. Grim seemed to have the same idea that I did, though, because he took his own pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one up. "Fuck, been needing one of these." Grim groaned out.

Blink shook his head at both of us. "Be inside for church in five." He instructed us.

I nodded once at our Founder, letting him know I heard and understood clearly. He wasn't our President anymore - had given up his seat as President a few months ago to Sabotage, but we all still respected him the same.

I finished off my cigarette in record time and stomped it out on the ground with my boot, striding off towards the door of the club house. Soon as I walked in, I almost knocked into Scab, one of the prospects. My face instantly twisted into a scowl as I shoved him out of my way. "Watch where the fuck you're going." I barked at him, not giving a fuck that he toppled over one of the chairs and fell on his ass on the floor.

Had I shoved one of the brothers, an all out brawl would have definitely started, but the Prospects had to earn their fucking spots in this club. Therefore, they took what they were given without a word uttered around any of us.

But getting in my fucking way when I was agitated and had just come back from a fucking run was not the way to get patched in, though. I was probably one of the hardest members to get on your good side. Bullet could fucking tell you all about that one.

I couldn't help the grin that stretched my lips as I thought about the hell I made the Patch go through. He'd earned the patch on his vest fair and square though, I'd give him that.

I took my seat at the table beside Thor, our club Enforcer. He leaned back in his seat to look out the door where Scab was scowling as he picked the chair up and put it back where it was before I sent him crashing over it.

"Could be nicer to the Prospect, brother." Thor commented, dragging his attention back to me, a grin stretching his lips. "You give all of 'em such a hard fucking time."

"Somebody's got to with you fucking pussies making shit easy for them." I jabbed back, barking out a laugh at the scowl that instantly covered Thor's face when I called him a pussy.

Grim entered the room at that moment, ending our short conversation. He closed the doors behind him, walking over to his seat. "Cutting it short, ain't you, Grim?" Sabotage spoke up gruffly as Grim took his seat.

Grim looked over at our President. "Needed a smoke, prez. Got caught in a phone call as I was walking in here. Got some news." He said.

Grim was our Vice President - VP for short. He was mostly a quiet man - kept to himself even more than I did. He was one of those men you loved having on your side, and you contemplated suicide if you were against him. He didn't take any shit, and he was probably an even stronger VP than Sabotage had been.

Sabotage slammed his gavel on the table, silencing all quiet murmuring in the room. "Let's get to urgent business first, then we'll get to your news, Grim." Sabotage said, his voice carrying out over the room despite him speaking his normal tone. He had a tone of voice that would command anyone's fucking attention.

Sabotage looked to me where I was slouched back in my chair, exhaustion weighing on my fucking shoulders, though to anyone sitting in this room, it would look as if I was completely relaxed and at ease.

"Ink, how did the run go?" He demanded.

I sat up, placing my hands on the table in front of me as I steepled my fingers together in front of me. "Run went smooth. We've got a shipment of heroine coming in two weeks from now. I'll need four men." I told my President, watching as Grave - our Secretary - took note since he was in charge of making sure I had what I needed to receive the shipment. "Drop off location is still being determined. Rock told me he would get in touch with you or Grim once he sat with his men and discussed it."

Sabotage nodded. "We'll keep an ear out for the call." He said, letting me know he understood what was going on. "Grave, you got all that?"

"Got it, prez." Grave answered.

Sabotage looked at Hatchet - our Sergeant at Arms. "You got us a spot locked in at the Leukemia fundraiser this weekend?"

Hatchet nodded. "Taken care of, prez. We just need everything set up by nine Saturday morning. We'll be grilling - selling food, and I'll get a couple of the club girls to man a game booth for the kids that'll be there."

Sabotage nodded. He looked over at Grim. "What news held you up from being in this meeting at a decent time?" Sabotage demanded.

Grim clenched his jaw. "Sheriff Quinn called me. Said he tried calling you first, but I figured your phone was already in the bin." The bin being bowl everyone puts their phones in before we enter this room. "Girl was found dead out on the bridge on 81. Looks like sexual assault was involved from what he can see on the body. An autopsy is being done right now. Looks like the girl was held for a while. Said there's a good possibility she's going to pop up as one of the missing girls in the next town over. Wanted to warn us FBI would probably be crawling the area within the next couple of weeks."

Grumbles of aggravation sounded around the room. We had a working relationship with the police force in town. We kept our shit out of town, and they turned a blind eye to the shit we were doing. In a way, we kind of helped keep crime off the fucking streets. But we couldn't avoid this. This girl being found was a federal case.

Sabotage banged his fist on the table. "Order!" He shouted at everyone, bringing silence to the room once more. "The FBI shows up, there's nothing we can fucking do about that." He barked. "We'll continue living our day to day fucking lives. We get questioned, then we just get fucking questioned. Not a goddamn thing we can do about that, and all of us in this fucking room are innocent on that fucking case. Not a damn thing they can do to us no matter how fucking hard they try. Get your fucking panties out of a twist." He banged his gavel on the table. "Church adjourned." He barked.

I got up from my chair, needing another fucking cigarette. The FBI snooping around was the last fucking thing this club needed. It would make our partners feel threatened - might fuck up potential deals in the future. And we ran the risk of getting followed on fucking runs, which may prevent us from doing runs or getting our fucking shipments in.

With a disgusted grunt, I strode up to the bar, leaning over the grab the entire bottle of Whiskey that was sitting on top of the bar counter. Izzy - our bartender - arched a single eyebrow at me. I raised the bottle at her in acknowledgement and then tilted it back, not even feeling the burn in my throat.

My goal tonight was to get shit faced and bury my dick in pussy until I was too exhausted to do anything but pass the fuck out.

Turns out, my President and Founder had other fucking plans, though, because soon we were all dragged outside where Blink and Sabotage had Scab and Volt - another Prospect - in the fighting ring. "Place your bets, brothers!" Sabotage called out. "It's a fight until one of them knocks out."

I had my money on Volt. Fucking Scab was too much of a pussy to win this goddamn fight.

I placed a hundred on Volt, handing it over to Scorpion - our Treasurer - who was in charge of the bets. "Alright, boys, fucking fight!" Hatchet shouted, earning cheers from all of us.

Soon as Volt swung out, movement from the gates of the lot caught my attention, and I separated from my brothers, striding over the gates with my gun in my hand, keeping to the shadows so I would be covered by the darkness.

I slipped out a side gate silently, clenching my jaw when I saw a young woman trying to peer through the gates. I wasted no time in silently coming up behind her, pressing the barrel of my gun to the side of her neck and gripping her pony tail in my hand, wrapping it around my fist as I yanked her head back. "Who the fuck are you?" I snarled down at her.

A shriek of pain and fear left her lips, her chest heaving up and down in panic as her breathing sped up. Large, chocolate brown eyes snapped up to mine, knocking the breath from me.

"Reina?" I snapped.

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