New Moon (ManxMan)

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It was quiet.

The leaves were rustling with the slight breeze and Ari was quiet, head tilted to the side as he listened. He liked this game. Has always liked it since he was little.

He could hear the sound of their heartbeats. Then he heard it, the slight click of a gun. Ari chuckles and ran towards the direction of the click, his eyes bright red. He looked up in the trees and found him.

Uncle Colson was standing there, two guns aimed down at him. Ari grinned up at his uncle and yelled.

“Got you.”

Uncle Colson huffed. He tucked the gun back into the holster strapped around his thighs and like always he shows off. Uncle Colson does a flip in the air and lands on his feet, one knee on the floor.

“I might be impatient but my mate won’t be so easy to find.” Uncle Colson said. He looked the same as always. Blonde hair almost falling into his eyes, his bright blue eyes, the only sign of aging were the laughter lines around his eyes.

“I always catch Uncle Aetos.” Ari said, looking very proud of himself. He was shirtless, his joggers rolled up to his ankles and he had on a pair of sneakers. His dark hair, normally styled off his face, was clinging to his skin and forehead with sweat.

“I think you mean, you always give up and beg him to come out.” Uncle Colson said with a smug grin. He always looked liked that when it came to uncle Aetos, his mate.

It’s was true. Ari could never understand how his Uncle Aetos could hide silently for hours. It was almost sunset and Ari knew he wasn’t going to find his Uncle, so giving up was the best plan.

“Fine!” Ari sighed. “UNCLE AETOS! I GIVE UP! IF WE’RE LATE POPPY IS GOING TO KILL US!” Ari yelled, glancing over at Uncle Colson. It’s silent for a while and Ari looked around, wondering where the hell his uncle had been hiding.

It’s quiet.

For one.


There heartbeats and then Ari hears it. The sound of a heavy paw hitting the ground. Ari had grown up knowing Astir wolves were bigger than most with his dad being the biggest but uncle Aetos was almost close in size. His coat was black, his eyes grey and bright. He looked over at Ari and then at Uncle Colson before making his way closer, burying his snout in Uncle Colson’s neck.

“You either turn now or let Cobie scream at you.” Uncle Colson said and Ari snorted. Ari could picture it already. Poppy with his hands on his waist as he glared at wolves way bigger than he is and bringing them down to their knees. He turned around to give Uncle Aetos a little privacy as he shifts back to human. There’s a rustle of clothes and then Uncle Aetos speaks.

“You got close today.”

Ari turned around to grin at him. Like him, uncle Aetos was just wearing pants. Ari had heard stories about Uncle Aetos. How he used to be the strongest vampire and now he is the second strongest werewolf, dad aside. After him comes, Ari, his sister and then maybe Beta Michel. Actually scratch the beta off the list.

Ari could feel a tug on the pack links as we made our way back to the pack house. He walked side by side his uncles, softly smiling as he stared at my two uncles. It’s also one of my favorite things. Ari loved watching my parents and uncles, they were literally legends. People prophesied.

Most people find their mate at eighteen. It’s been four years since Ari’s eighteenth. He turned twenty two a month ago and He still hadn’t met his mate.

“The full moon is tomorrow.” Uncle Colson said and Ari nod.

“I know. It’s a new moon.” Ari said, idly scratching at his abs. It always feels warmer when it’s a new moon or close to a new moon, no matter the season.

“It’s been years and I still haven’t gotten used to the new moon.” Uncle Aetos said and Ari glanced over at him. We were practically the same height, the two of us towering over Uncle Colson and even Poppy. Not that Ari ever pointed it out to Poppy.

When they got to the house, the door was pulled open and the girl glare at him. Ira.

“Dad is mad.”

Uncle Colson snorted. “Alphie is always mad.”

For as long as Ari has been alive Uncle Colson has always called dad, that. Alphie. And Sometimes Dad would call him Colly and uncle Colson would get this pinched look. He didn’t really like that name.

“Dad is always mad.” Ari said as he stepped into the house. “What made him mad?”

“Simon might have spilled orange juice over his files in the study.” Ira said and Ari mentally rolled his eyes. You would think that the little ones wouldn’t know to stop going into his dad’s office with food. They tended to trip and dad tended to get mad but poppy always calmed him down. Always. It was like one of his superpowers.

“Where is poppy?”

“He’s in the study with dad.” Ira with a laugh, flipping her dark hair over her shoulder. She had long dark wavy hair, going down her waist. Her leggings and shirt hugging her frame tightly. Her eyes a blue that mirrored poppy’s.

“How was it? You didn’t catch Uncle Aetos did you?” Ira asked as she followed her brother to the kitchen. Ari pulled open the fridge and grabbed a cold bottle of water.

“I will one day!” Ari said. Finding Uncle Aetos would be such an achievement because even his dad sometimes couldn’t find him too. His uncle was the best beta ever.

“Shh. Do you have enough strength to spar?” Ira asked, hands on her waist as she stared at her twin.

“I’m always ready to take you down, sis.”

Ari raised a brow at me. “Come on, bitch.”

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