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It’s easier to judge when you’re on the other side of the mirror.i

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Florida, Orlando.

5th May 2013.

At exactly 9.30 p.m I was rushing home after late hours at the office. I was four hours late; I didn't plan to be late. In fact, for the last three years working as an attorney, I had always ensured to return home on time, shower, take care of the kids and prepare dinner for my family. But today there was an emergency at the office, so I couldn't keep to time.

Oh, he's gonna love this one...

Exhaling lightly, I forced myself to calm as I was approaching the house; I took a few turns before parking at our driveway. I didn't get down in a hurry; I took a few seconds to steady my nerves before getting out of the car. I walked towards the doorstep and using my spare key I opened the door; I made sure to take my shoe off before making my way in because my husband Luke hates a dirty floor.

I shut the door behind me and then placing my shoes away; I took off my coat and hung it on the foyer. I looked around the house which felt a little more quiet than usual. I gulped and quickly went to check on the kids, gently opening the door to their room I find them sound asleep. I smiled at my boys and went over to tuck them in. I started with James the oldest, 10 and then Joseph the youngest, 9.

These two were my pride and joy, "Mamma," Joseph whispered, blinking his sleepy gray eyes open to me. "Hey, baby." I smiled at him, and he smiled wearily, "Did you have dinner?" I asked him and he nodded hysterically." Grandma G. stopped by with some pie?" He murmured, and I faltered slightly. "They weren't as delicious as yours, mamma." He mumbled, and I chortled, ruffling his hair, "I love you, mamma. "He yawned tiredly, falling back to sleep."I love you too, baby." I kissed his forehead and adjusted the blanket properly, I got up and did the same to James before turning off the table light, and then one last glance towards my kids, I left the room..

I walked across the hall and stood stiff-legged for a while before making my way into the bedroom, the room where my husband Luke laid fast asleep. Words can't express the solace I felt finding him asleep. I felt so relieved, no one would ever think a wife would be so thankful to find their husband asleep.

The sudden movement of his body pulls me out of my thoughts. I quickly stripped out of my dusty clothes and walked into the room-sized bathroom.

Steam filled the room as I cut the shower on, I stepped into the bath, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic floor, and grabbing a soap I began washing my body, taking careful notice not to touch the cuts, and bruises that scattered my skin. Then, letting the warm water soaked painfully against my skin, I closed my eyes and leaned against the cool tiles as my mind went a million miles.

Luke and I have been married 10 years, we met at a women's parade. I was invited to give a speech about gender equality. I don't even remember much of what I was saying or if I made any sense at all because the whole time my eyes were focused on this gorgeous white man sitting right across me, he had tousled dark brown hair which was thick and lustrous, he was slim, muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face, I could immediately tell he was Australian it showed in his features and body type, and his eyes. I grinned, his eyes were dazzling and so fiery it made me break out in sweat. He was blazing at me the entire time, studying and anticipating my every move. He had an immediate intimidating effect on me, I always presumed it was because of his overwhelming good looks or the way his eyes were cautiously undressing me on stage. But shortly after my speech ended, I felt someone clear their throat, and I spun to meet his eyes again, he introduced himself shortly and immediately asked me out for dinner. I was startled at how straight forward he was, I had expected him to at least ask for my name or tell how he loved my speech earlier, you know the usual cliched speeches. But he did none of that. In fact, he didn't request I had dinner with him, he ordered, leaving no room for an objection. I was so overwhelmed by his good looks, and sexual appeal that it overshadowed my judgment, we started seeing each other a few days after and five months later we decided to get married and start our own family, everyone said it was too early, even mother who had been bugging me about getting a husband before I was thirty was against the idea, but my ass was in love, I couldn't see past anything else, I thought what could go wrong. The man was beautiful and impeccably charming. So, we went ahead and got married-

I was abruptly dragged out of my thoughts when I felt chilled water pour against my skin, I quickly turned off the shower, and then removing excess water off my eyes. I grabbed a towel and made my way out of the bathroom and towards the chest drawers when hands circled around me, startling me, towel dropping abruptly to the floor. By the familiar lemon dew scent, I knew it was Luke, standing behind me. "Hey," He breathed, brushing my damp hair away from my shoulder, and moving in, so close I could feel his erection against my ass, I felt its warmth and already my mind began spiraling.

He spun me around and began kissing my neck, nibbling at my sweet spots, and making me let out soft moans, slow and gentle he nibbled and kissed every sensitive spot. He was enticing me and I could hardly bear it, "Where were you?" his roaming voice laced my ear, I closed my eyes moaning, "Office.." I rasped without much thought and barely had any chance to breathe when hands clasped my neck, choking me out of breath.

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