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Friends With Benefits (Completed)

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Melissa and Adrian have been best friends since they can remember. They are always together. Nothing can change that. That is until they find out that both of them are virgins. Soon Adrian recommends that they should hook up once and get it over with. So they are no longer the virgins in their friend's group. They soon hook up and they just can't stop and they soon make themselves friends with benefits. Trying to make sure their friends never find out. And also trying to make sure neither of them grows feelings.

Romance / Other
Victoria Anderson
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Chapter 1

“So, who’s next?” Jennifer asked. We all looked around. We had forgotten who was supposed to go next. “I guess I’ll go since you morons aren’t the best at remembering,” I said. I knew Jennifer very well, and she loved truth or dare. And whenever she got the chance to ask you a truth you would probably end up sharing a huge secret.

“Fine. So, Melissa, truth or dare?” She asked.

I didn’t know which one to pick. Either I let out a huge secret or do something totally embarrassing. Now I totally regret opening my big fat mouth and telling her I would go.

“Now that I think about it, it’s Adrian’s turn,” I lied. It wasn’t his turn and I knew it. He had just gone. I just didn’t want to go.

“Bullshit. I just went. Just answer the damn question,” Adrian gripped. He didn’t want to go again, and I knew it. A few minutes ago, he picked dare, and he had to exchange clothes with Elizabeth, my sister.

“Yeah Melissa, Adrian’s right. He just went. And he’s wearing your sister’s clothes to prove it,” Blake said. I turned to look behind me since I was sitting in Adrian’s lap and looked at the shirt he was wearing.

He was wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt that was pink and had sparkles. I then looked over at my sister who was wearing a black shirt.

“Fine,” I groaned out. I didn’t want to answer at all. I thought about it for a second. My friends knew all of my secrets, so why not go with the truth?

“Truth,” I said, thinking I had just beat Jennifer. But of course, I was wrong. As I usually am. I never seem to learn my lesson. This happens at least once a week. My group of friends LOVE truth or dare. That’s why we are all so close, because we know all about each other.

Jennifer thought for a second. Which I knew was bad. She was probably thinking of something embarrassing to ask me. Or something she didn’t know. After a few seconds, she smiled that devious smile which meant she had a good question that would 100% embarrass me.

“Is it true you are a virgin?” She asked me. It was true, but I didn’t want to admit it. I was 18 and a virgin. As far as I know, the rest of the group had had sex. I know Jennifer has. She was basically the school slut. Of course, we didn’t call her that. But she had slept with half of the school by the time we graduated.

I know Blake had sex the night we graduated; I know this because he slept with Elizabeth. Which of course was a huge mistake on both of their parts. The only reason we found out was because the next morning Elizabeth woke up screaming.

She is a year younger than me, and I was really angry with Blake for deflowering my little sister. They just barely started speaking again, even though it has been an entire 4 months. Everybody in the group except Elizabeth started college so it gave them a chance to have time apart from each other.

“Um, it’s true. I’ve never had sex,” I said, and everyone stared at me.

“Really? I’m surprised, I would have expected Elizabeth to be the virgin. But thanks to BLAKE, that’s not the case,” Jennifer said, glaring at Blake who was now embarrassed.

“I’m sorry I don’t whore around with the college,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Actually, she isn’t the only virgin in this group,” Adrian said.

I looked at him in shock. About a year ago, he had told us he had lost his virginity to his ex-girlfriend. But she ended up moving away, so we could never ask her if it was true. “What about Brittany?” I asked Adrian.

“I lied. She was too much of an -I won’t do that until I’m married type.,” Adrian said.

I chuckled. “Well, welcome to the virgin club,” I said, shaking Adrian’s hand and he rolled his eyes.

“Damn, I wouldn’t’ have asked that question if I would have known that. I can’t believe you are virgin Melissa. I thought you would have had sex by now. I mean you’re 18 and in your first year of college, it’s kind of depressing. I mean sex is fun and amazing. You really need to get laid,” Jennifer said.

“I’ll try my best. Maybe at the next party I can get a random guy to fuck me,” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah, yeah. Can we get on with this damn game? It got boring listening to your sad virgin story,” Jennifer said.

We soon continued with our game and ended up doing some pretty stupid and embarrassing stuff. Jennifer had to go to my next-door neighbor, who was a 20-year-old guy and kiss him. Which for her wasn’t really a dare because she’d, not surprisingly, hooked up with him before.

Elizabeth had to kiss Blake. Then she got up and vomited, which Blake took horribly. Blake had to tell about his first kiss. And Adrian had to drink a bunch of soy sauce, then he threw up. After playing truth or dare for hours, it was now 9 pm and my friends decided to leave. But not surprisedly, Adrian decided to stay the night.

“Bye guys!” I yell out the door. Once they got into their cars, I shut the door and walked up to my room where Adrian was.

“What is this?” Adrian asked me, coming out with one of my bras.

“Put that down. And don’t act stupid, you know what that is,” I said, rolling my eyes.

Adrian laughed and went back into my closet. He came out without the bra and sat on my bed.

“You just love going through my stuff don’t you?” I asked Adrian annoyed.

“Sure do. And I want to talk to you about something,” He said, now not joking around.

“Yeah sure, you know you can talk to me about anything,” I said.

“So, this is about the whole virgin thing. I seriously didn’t know that you were a virgin,” Adrian said.

“Yeah, I guess I didn’t really want to say anything since it’s kind of embarrassing being an 18-year-old virgin,” I said, rubbing my arm in embarrassment.

“Well, since we are both virgins, I kind of have an idea. Now before I say it, don’t get mad at me. It’s just a simple idea. And I think it will fix both of our little virgin issues,” He said.

“Um, sure. What’s the idea?” I asked him concerned. What is the idea? To go out to a club and find someone random to fuck?

“I was thinking that me and you should hook up and get it over with,” Adrian said.

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