Letting Go

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A legend was written years ago of two white lycan made to be mate, to love-hate, fight but also made to be together for the supernatural being betterment. Kate David is a lycan who grew up without the love of a mother, father and ever by her brother expect the woman she calls grandma. she always believes she doesn't need a mate for it causes pain and weakness. Lawrence Clifford king of kings has been waiting for his mate but gave up ever finding his mate. What happens when these two are mates.

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Chapter 1

My name is Kate David, I am a werewolf if you are not aware, I am the alpha's daughter if you can call me that through birth, you see my mum died giving birth to me and for that I am been blamed for the death of my mum making my father, brother and everyone else except for grandma distaste me.

My grandma has been taking care of me throughout my years from birth until now.

I was being thrown out of the house, left to live in a little house far from the pack.

I am not allowed to see my father's eye to eye only when I am being scolded or punished by him because to him I am a rebellious daughter, an outcast.

My brother always makes sure to course me pain also making my years in school miserable together with his sluts and friends.

Life has never been good to me going through torture both physically and mentally has to be a daily routine for me but I have learned to take it all as part of my fate.

Officially people have been banned from calling me the alpha's daughter because someone like me doesn't deserve such a title or to live like one.

I live in a little and comfortable house with my grandma, she not related to me but she loves me like her granddaughter the way a parent should love their pup.

She has been my strength all these years from my birth till now, I can't imagine life without her or what I will go through if she wasn't here to encourage me to keep fighting for every breath I take.

Today is meant to be a great day, the day I turn eighteen and found my true love or better yet my mate but I don't feel like starting this day or leaving my comfort zone known as my bed.

I know today will just be like any other day, a day I have to survive without ending up offending the Alpha or crossing my brother's part.

Waking up to this stupid noise called alarm clock I hate this thing, putting an end to the only time I have to close my eyes to forget my fear and reality.

I don't believe in a mate or true love it just meant for some werewolves not all because if it was meant for all my dad won't be so miserable and I won't be an outcast deprived of the love of a mother.

I wish I never found my mate or even have one because it will save me from more heartbreak.

The moon goddess has made my life difficult and different from others shifting at a young age of 13 and not like a normal werewolf who is meant to shift at 16.

It an experience I never want to remember, being confused and in so much pain. pain a young child should never experience and go through.

Ma keeps saying I am different which makes me special, but if being special makes you wanted and treated differently I will rather be like everybody else living a peaceful life with loving parents and siblings, smiling and laughing, making good memories having an adventure and not this fate brought on me by force.

I had to keep it a secret making everyone believe I can't shift yet which leads to being bullied and seen to be weak and worthless.

I don't need a mate to add to my already complicated life "Kate come down now or you will be late for your class "I love school but hate seeing those fake werewolves who think they know you or judge you based on their sympathetic mind and some judge you based on rumors or passing lies about someone else.

I prefer not having friends not after what I went through, friends are liars and backstabbing snakes after getting what they need they leave you " yes grandma I will be down in a minute" I yell jumping from the bed rushing towards my closet.

I decide on a black dress, Black Jack and black boots.

Don't, judge I love wearing black it says what I feel inside which is emptiness, I get into the shower letting the water cool my body from stress.

I got out wrapping a towel around my body looking in the mirror at my face which looks emotionless and dull without happiness, I put my long brown hair into a bun, I slipped into my undies after getting ready I walk downstairs to meet my grandma.

She in her fifties but look younger than 25 years I blame it on werewolves genes.

she stopped aging when she was in her twenties and she the most beautiful woman I have ever seen with brown hair lovely green eyes you can get lost in and her full pink lip.

She wore a black apron around her waist and her hair in a low ponytail pairing it up with black jeans and a blue button-up shirt, she moved gracefully around the kitchen putting things in order, I just admire her as my role model in everything.

She turned feeling my presence "finally, took you long enough to get ready, here have breakfast before leaving for school or you surely be late for class" she urges me to take a sit before pushing a glass of water and scrambled eggs and bacon.

"Okay ma, thank you, you are the best," I say taking a seat before taking a sip from the glass of water.

Finishing my food I put the plate into the sink before hugging Ma, I grab my bag leaving for another day of a nightmare to begin hell know as a school" I am off to school" I say walking towards the door.

"Okay before I forget we were asked to see your dad at 5:00 in the evening today so don't be late," she says walking towards me.

I am guessing this another form of punishment but I ask the question anyway " why? for what ?" I ask looking at her confuse.

"I don't know maybe for your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !" She says giving me a tight hug and a kiss on my forehead.

"bye grandma," I say leaving the house.

Like I said before my day can never go well without having to face difficulty.

I should get ready to see my beloved Alpha, I hope you notice the sarcasm.

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