Letting Go

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Chapter 10

"Lillian get back here now oh help me moon goddess" Someone helps me before I decide to kill and bury Lillian corpse in a well-hidden place.

I was peacefully trying to get my thought together after seeing Lawrence with that redhead girl eating each other's lips.

While enjoying and feasting on my favorite ice cream but this girl called Lillian Clifford snatched my bundle of joy away and right now I am searching the whole mansion looking for her.

Did I tell you how big this Palace is, if not let me tell you this is not just called palace both a mansion you could actually get lost in here.

"When I get you, you are so dead," I say maliciously yelling but unfortunately for me strip over my own feet and then bumped into a wall no not a wall but I actually bumped into a hard chest.

I feel the firmness and well-defined six-pack and from the sparks and waves of disgust(pleasure) that travels through me sending an unwanted image into my mind tells me I just bumped into the big-headed lycan king.

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Lawrence an arrogant asshole.

I close my eyes waiting to meet the cold head floor and to feel the pain from the fall after he pulls my hand from his chest but it never came instead I was held up by my waist which caused sparks to fly everywhere in my body enhancing more of the unwanted pressure and images frying through my mind.

I opening my eyes to meet hazel eyes looking back at me with boredom.

I step away from his hold nervously missing the heat radiating from his hand on my waist, "sorry" I say shyly covering cheek with my hair as I feel the hotness of my cheek.

what wrong with me I never blush, this must be the bond trying to mess with head, yes it must be because I am never like this.

"no problem I need to have a serious conversation with you in my office" he orders coldly studying my body language.

what a jerk. He turns away from me taking the direction towards his office.

Seeing I wasn't making any move to go with him he turns around looking at me with a raised eyebrow" you don't get to order me around" I say with a hard stare. That good keep it up.

"I am your king so you have to obey my every order," he says giving me s challenging look.

I scoff "no I don't have to, ask politely or I am not moving an inch from this spot towards your office," I say crossing my hands over my chest in an intimidating manner meeting his gaze head-on.

I don't know how long we stood there glaring at each other waiting for who will back down first and I am sure I won't be the one.

He broke eye contact looking frustrated " okay please come with me, " he says groaning.

"That was okay, " I say with an attitude earning a growl.

will I sound like a hypocrite if I say I love the sound of him growling.

I guess I am a hypocrite then.

" lead the way I don't have all day to spend doing nothing," I say smirking gaining satisfaction from his distress.

With him leading the way we reach a large door. He push the door open before walking in with me trailing behind him.

I am wowed by the beauty of his well-furniture office (picture below).

This place is decorated to perfection, I can't believe the size of this place"seat we need to talk about us" he says pointing between me and him.

"yes," I say making my self comfortable on a sit in front of his desks.

He studied me for few minutes before speaking '' see I don't want this but ..."

" want what?" I asked cutting him off.

He glared at me before continuing what he was saying " I will not reject you because it will kill both of us..." I block him out knowing his next few sentences, I wasn't expecting him to say these things.

Don't get me wrong but is he really willing to let his true mate go because of a self-obsessed girl.

Him being the king I expected more from him, but I won't complain he is helping me too because my freedom is more important to me than a dominant protective alpha male.

"so do you understand anything I just said," he says emotionlessly cutting through my thoughts.

His gaze on me is so intense making me squirm on my seat "I don't need a mate either so don't worry about anything I will stay at of your way and you can do whatever you like with your sluts" I say angrily disguising my fear and pain pushing through my heart from both his words and mine.

"I wasn't expecting much from you but are you really of an asshole to let me suffer the pain of this bond while you fluent around with your slut?" I ask feeling disappointed.

Not waiting for his reply I leave his office locking the door with force making sure to hear a crack.

"What an asshole but not too worry I will show him that I don't need him, I will let him know that I am an independent woman, "I giving encouraging words to myself.

I decide to continue my search by heading towards the movie room.

Reaching there I found Lillian and Anderson sitting in the love seat watching a TV show while Jack seat on the armchair screwing through his phone.

"hi, guys," I say sitting lazily on the armchair closer to Jack.

"what have you been up to," Lillian says innocently wiggling her eyebrows.

"don't, you ask me that after you ran away with my ice cream, " I say glare at her while Anderson just smiles playing with the tip of her hair.

"Sorry about that," she says not even a little bit sorry " it was the last one remaining, I was too lazy to go buy another one," she says pouting.

" whatever I forgive you, " I say looking at the TV Show that was playing on the plasma.

I watch the TV show with them laughing at Jack who keeps shouting at the TV, he is a cool and funny guy when you get to know him.

But as they saw the first impression always matters.

And for me, I just watch them with amusement and a newfound respect for them. After some time we got hungry and want to the dining room for dinner.

You see it is a tradition we eat dinner together and the pack eats separately, but because we came here has a guest we are allowed to eat with Royals, weird if you ask me.

Today has been somewhat a fun day even with having an arrogant king for a mate.

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