Letting Go

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Chapter 11

Lawrence pov:

After she left my office angrily almost pulling the door out.

she one angry lady.

I snap my eyes towards the door hearing a knock on the door before Pa(Elder Mathias) pushes the door open, he walks in with a wide smile on his lips bring a brighter look to his features.

"When did you get back PA?"I ask going for a hug.

I study is features this man looks younger even though he is already in his fifties with his short brown hair, green eyes sharp jawline, but I am still wondering why he hasn't seen his mate yet because I know his mate would be so lucky to have him.

"a few hours ago. I went to see your father because we have unfinished business," he says smirking while making his way towards the couch with me right behind him.

"I thought you guys ended that already," I say shaking my head.

My dad and pa have this tradition of anyone who goes for a long time work must buy drinks for the other weird right.

"yes we still do, I saw Kate leaving your office looking furious and determined, "he says concisely waiting to confirm his thoughts on this matter.

"yes, she is my mate But I told her I don't need a mate not right now not when everything is very complicated, "I say avoiding the disappointment in his eyes.

"why would you do that? she your mate, you true mate," he says making emphasis on the 'true mate "what wrong with you son," he says looking at me in shock.

"I want her no I need her but something is pulling me back and I don't know what it is, "I say softly in thought.

"I understand," he says laying his hand on my shoulders" but you have to figure that out fast before you lose her," he says with understanding in his voice.

I welcome his fatherly advice and emotions "thanks, this means a lot to me" I say hugging him.

That why I love this man he always understands me"so how was the meeting I hope you were able to convince them" I say changing the subject.

Thank God he took the hint "yes alpha king, it went well they will be sending it tomorrow" he says going through his bag place beside the couch, I didn't even notice he brought in a bag " and one more thing Jack will be training the warriors on the new strategies " he says handling files to me which I took reading through it, "okay but we have to sen---" I was cut off by a knock on the door.

"come in, "I say looking towards the door as Jack walk-in "any improvement yet?," I ask going straight to the point.

I focus my attention back on the files reading through some of the plans crafted out on the file "yes morning pack(Kate pack) sent Kate and Alex information, here is it" he says handling the files to me" and also the rogue problem going on in the sunshine pack has been resolved for the meantime".

"That good keep me updated on any more attacks, "I say placing Kate and Alex files together with other pack members files to go through it later.

He bowed before leaving the office after acknowledging PA presence " as I was saying, we have to send warriors over there " I say looking toward PA.

"yeah I will get that arranged, " he says

"Okay, I will finalize this and get back to you"

"If that all, for now, I will be going to see your mom now before she decides to kill me for not coming to check on her first, "he says sending of his feet before leaving the room.


I have been in my office for 3 hours going through the files and I really need to rest before I go mad from working too much.

After putting things in other I leave my office making my way towards mum's room.

I room is located at the east wing of the palace the room is well decorated to her liking with flowers and bright colors since she loves nature and the presence of it around her.

I walk in without announcing my presence by knocking, I walk in to find her talking with Levi seated on her bed gaining their attention.

Levi looks up from the book on his hands with a smile in place" hey bro how has it been you look pale" he says grinning widely.

Levi is the fun and easy-going one while I am the serious senior brother, that what my mum keeps telling me.

Mum believes I should be less serious and include more fun into my life but you have to be tough to rule over a large kingdom like this one.

"I am okay, just tired. " I say looking at him with raised eyebrow knowing the reason he is here " what are you doing here?"I ask anyway walking towards the bed taking a seat beside mum.

"I am here to spend time with mum," he says innocently.

"you know what I mean Levi you only come here when you need something or have a problem," I say matter of fact receiving a glare from him.

"Lawrence do you need anything? and stop teasing your brother," mum says raising her eyebrows at me.

"nothing mum just came to see you, "I say tapping on my phone.

"so have you talked to Kate yet?" she asks daring me to say no.

"yes, I told her the truth, "I say sighing wishing she ask no more question on this matter.

They should all drop this I can take care of this my own way and own time.

"Which is?" asked Levi.

"I told her I don't need a mate," I say focusing my attention on my phone trying to act cool and by not getting angry.

"Lawrence listen to me you can't do this to her you both need each other to survive what's an alpha king without his mate this we just cost you pain," she says looking at me with pleading eyes.

They don't understand that I can't do that not right now, I don't even understand what's happening.

Or what is stopping me from making a move "I know what I am doing, trust me mom" I say looking into her eyes.

I feel like I am saying this more to myself than to her.

"Okay, so I trust you know what you are doing," She says smiling even though it didn't reach her eyes but I know she understands.

"okay I am starving I will like to eat now," Levi says walking towards the door.

we left mum's room going towards the dining room, getting there Dad, Jack, Lillian, PA, Alex, and Anderson were already seated talking and laughing.

This girl is always late.

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