Letting Go

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Chapter 12


I walked into the dining room, I am actually late because I overslept thanks to someone.

Lillian literally forced me to go see her friend called Becca, she is a wonderful friend to Lillian.

She a bit shy and reserved around strangers but all the same friendly, kind and a good listener when you get to know her.

I get to know all this because I might not be people friendly but I am a great judge of character.

we talked more like they talked because I was locked in my thoughts not trying to get too comfortable with them.

It was so boring if you ask me or maybe I was the one being boring not adding an opinion on any topic they choose to talk about.

We went shopping adding to the reason why I am so stressed out right now.

Going into different stores, trying out different outfits is so stressing but not for them.

They finial decide to have pity on by taking me to a restaurant to feed my raging stomach.

I returned back pretty and in need of sleep, I decided to sleep for a few minutes which led to me entering into the dining room almost an hour late for dinner.

I walk into the room sitting close to Lawrence, I quote Lillian exact words 'why don't you take a seat beside Lawrence then I will be able to talk to you quietly so the boys won't be able to hear our conversation ' Lillian exact words like the boys ain't lycans with enhance hearing ability.

"Lillian told me you both visited Bacca today," says Elisa starting a conversation with me.

"Yeah. Even though it was a waste of time, " I say mumbling the last part.

"Becca is a very nice girl, she and Lillian are very close even more like sisters I know you we get along with her. "she says smiling.

Too nice for her own good" Becca is very friendly and open-minded, "I shrug.

Britta the slut walks in getting everyone's attention on her.

I guess I am not the only one late for dinner.

She takes a seat opposite me with a mischievous smile on her lips. Just my luck.

"hi, sweetheart, "she says seductively placing a kiss on Lawrence Cheek.

Disgusting 'sweetheart ' very on uncalled for.

"Kate is jealous, " Tiara says in a sing-song voice.

"Please, me jealous no way I am just concerned about my Virgin eyes he can do whatever he likes, I don't care, "I say nonchalantly.

I snap out of thought hearing Britta the slut directing her words to me.

Damn, I really need to stop calling her that.

"Wow the ugly duckling knows how to act civilized, " I am confused about who is more of an ugly duckling, she thinks adding under so many layers of makeup would make her look appealing. What a joke.

I get she as curve in the right places compared to be me which doesn't mean she as throw it in my face being a bitch about it.

"do you know it actually funny calling me an ugly duckling when you behave more like a female dog in heat than a female werewolf "I smirk mockingly at her.

" don't you dear talk to me like that you bitch," she says angrily, her eyes burning through me with fury.

"Don't worry I know we will never get along?" I say matter of fact faking hurt " But not too worry I have female werewolves like you back at my pack who are whores and I don't really get along with them because they seem to hate me for no just reason, " I say pouting enjoying the furious look on her face.

"I mean I should get scared and hurt because you don't like me since you are the king's girlfriend but I just don't give a damn about your feelings towards me," I say adding flames to her fury.

If only looks could kill I would be rolling in my grave six feet under the ground, "you bi- - -" she gets cut off by Lawrence.

"enough Kate you don't talk to her that way show some respect," he says glaring at me.

No way will I let him talk to me that way "you scolding me for this, she disrespected me first and I won't keep quiet and let her say those things to me" I say glaring at them both " and to make things clear, respect is earned and not requested "I say coldly balling my fist under the table.

"you will respect me as your king and you will also respect her, if you don't you will be punished," he commands angrily his.

He gripes the table angrily while others watch us quietly.

I meet his furious gaze head-on not a bit fazed by his anger since my own fury was over the edge "I don't respect nobody and you don't get to talk to me like that" I say as we both growl at each other not breaking the intensity of our anger.

Britta squirm in her sit uncomfortable from the level of dominance in the air so as everyone "Kate stop it now, what are you doing talking to the alpha king that way " says Ma with anger and fear laced in her voice.

" what do you expect from a girl like her" Britta the slut says glaring at me, don't this slut ever keep shut.

I looking around seeing everyone eating like nothing going on in the room.

After that argument we eat in silence more like tension, Britta kept throwing dirty glances at me throughout the dinner and I ignored her of course not wanting to get into more trouble.

Now I am right here in my room listening to Ma's speech on respect, help me, moon goddess, to get out of this alive.

"are you listening to me Kate? " she asks angrily glaring at me.

I sigh "yes ma, but you not getting my message across, they insulted me first I can't sit and watch any disrespect me" I say making my point known " I don't like being push around no matter if he is the alpha king or not, it is my insist to fight back "I say trying to make her understand.

"no you don't understand what I am saying, I expect you to behave this way but don't let your pride get the best of you," she says raising her voice a little.

"I will behave but not when someone is trying to bring me down, I won't take none sense from no one," I say leaving the comfort of my bed towards the bathroom with her calling after me to not walk away from her.

I am not going to apologize to anyone.

Oh, moon goddess this my so-called mate is getting on nerves help me not to do something I will sure to regret later.

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