Letting Go

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Chapter 13

"oh, moon goddess "I groan getting up from the bad with anger buzzing inside me making her ugly head known.

I walk lazily towards the bathroom to carry out my morning routine.

Today is not going to be a good day I can feel it from the anger bubbling inside me.

This always happens, anytime I wake-up feeling angry it means I am literally a ticking time bomb waiting to explode destroying anything in my way.

Anything you say or do we get me irritated and angry easily and the last thing I want right now is to get into more trouble with Ma.

I am so certain someone we upset me and I may literally end up killing someone today

I put toothpaste on my toothbrush before standing in front of the mirror by the sink, after taking a relaxing shower I came out brushing my hair with a towel wrapped around me.

I change into black leggings, gray sweater, black scarf around my neck paired with my red and white sneakers.

I stepped out of the closet since I don't have training today according to MA yesterday after the argument we had, quoting her words 'no training tomorrow because I and you are going somewhere and don't think you can escape this' as if I even care about having to train today.

Just thinking about yesterday increases the anger I am feeling.

"Please help me, moon goddess," I pray closing the room door behind me.

If I were to be back in my pack I would have been locked in my room right now, I have to try my best so Ma doesn't find out.

I really need my freedom today, I make my way into the kitchen finding the place empty as usual, I serve myself a plate of rice and a glass of water.


After eating I decided to go for a walk in the open field surrounded by houses which must be the pack member houses.

I am actually trying to reduce the rage and the need to hit something so badly by taking a walk.

I feel the cool air entering into my lungs calming my nerves down.

I walk noticing Werewolves, pups going about the daily routine.

This is a place mainly meant for werewolves while the outer depths of the kingdom are meant for other supernatural beings to keep peace and unity.

I wonder the number of werewolves population here, maybe five thousand just guessing.

While walking I felt someone tug my sweater to get my attention, I look down to find a cute little girl with black hair put into a high ponytail, chubby cheeks and cute adorable eyes "excuse me, can you get my brother's ball, it up there" she says pointing toward the forest.

"what your name little one?"I ask taking her hands in mine with a soft smile on my lips.

"My name is Rebecca, "she says grinning widely with her ponytail bouncing as she jumps happily.

"mine is Kate," I say sweetly " Okay, come show me where the ball is, "I say letting her lead the way.

We got inside the forest where she pointed towards a tree with a ball stuck in one of the branches.

How did the ball even get there?

"Okay wait here while I get up there, "I say moving towards the tree.

I climb up the tree watching my step, In no time I got the ball from the tree handling it to her " here you go dear take care of yourself okay and be careful not to get the ball stuck again"I advise before placing a kiss her forehead.

She waves me goodbye before running off happily.

I make my way back towards the palace.

I walk into the movie room hearing voice coming from the Tv, I walk in to find Lawrence and Lillian talking with some pack maids "here you are where have you been?" Lillian asks curiously.

I roll my eyes at her" exploring why? " I ask ignoring the fact that she just gave me an order.

"nothing just needed your help for something. why don't we watch a movie," she says before walking towards the plasma " what do you say Lawrence ?" she asks glancing at Lawrence with a smirk.

"do whatever you like, "he says tapping on his phone.

I walk towards the couch closer to the TV.

We seat in the movie room watching a movie before Anderson joins us.

"Kate you here, didn't I ask you to come see me since we need to talk young lady," MA says walking towards me with elder Mathias and Thomas right behind her "yes Ma, I am ready now let go "I sigh not willing to argue with her right now.

She followed her to a cafe shop not too far the mansion in silence.

Immediately we make our self comfortable on a seat in the cafe we order coffee while she keeps meeting my eyes with a serious look in her eyes" what is it Ma, you have been looking at me like that for almost five mins already " I say frowning.

"I had a talk with Elder Mathias and Thomas, " she says sipping from her coffee.

"oh that was why I saw you with them, what did you guys talk about ?" I ask hitting my nails of the table out of boredom.

"Kate I think its time we join this pack," she says smugly with a hidden smile on her lips.

"I am not joining this pack. we are leaving this pack going somewhere not here or my dad's pack, "I say leaving no room for argument.

They must be crazy thinking I will join this pack after all the plans and dreams I have for me and Ma.

I am not ready to be bonded by rules or regulation of any pack, I crave for freedom and I don't think I get it by joining this pack or any other pack.

"why not? everything is going well here, and your mate is here" she questions looking confused.

"I say no and I don't have a mate here," I say snapping at her.

She looks at me with shock evident in her eyes.

"he rejec---" she tries saying as her voice cracks with unknown emotions.

I cut her off"yes and no" run my hand through my hair, I am not ready to have this conversation right now " Everything is just too complicated"

"Ma I am not happy here," I say softly pleading with her to see reasons with me.

She took my hand in hers" okay I will give you more time to get used to this place"

I sigh giving up in trying to change her mind" Okay I will think over this" she replies with a happy smile on her lips" I am also sorry for snapping at you, I am just not feeling myself today"

"that not good you can't be here let go," she says getting up from her seat in panic.

"Ma it aright, you are here if anything happens and also they are all going to suspect something if you just lock me in my room, " I say holding her hands.

"Okay be careful, but we still have to leave this place now, " she says placing the bill on the table before pulling me up, we make our way towards the door.

We also stopped to collect some things from a friend of Elisa before making our way back to the mansion.

Reaching the mansion it was already time dinner so we just made our way towards the dining room for dinner.

I sat down in my usual seat which is at the right side of Lawrence and opposite Britta the slut " Alex were you able to get it from her? " Elisa asks looking towards Ma.

"yes, I gave it to a maid to place it in your room" She explains.

Britta keeps staring at me with disdain clear in her eyes.

"can you stop staring at me that way?" I say rather calmly not to course another showdown.

She laughs humorously " you are a good actress, hiding your through self under that nonchalant attitude, " she says spitefully.

"What is that suppose to mean ?" I ask founding no humor in her statement.

She places her cutlery down before locking her hands together on the table with a malicious look on her face," Kate why don't you tell us about yourself, everybody will like to know you better, " Britta the slut says smirking.

"what?" I ask suspiciously.

"You heard me, Lillian won't you want to know something about Kate," she says looking at Lillian with a smirk across her lips" After all she is your friend so it will be great to know more about her"

I would love so much to ripe that arrogant look off her face.

"yes, but not when we are having dinner, " Lillian says laughing awkwardly.

"no I am really curious to know, " she says staring at everyone before looking back at me " Kate why don't you tell us, I am also sure The Alpha king will also love to know what kind threat you would bring to the kingdom " she urges grinning before smiling innocently at Lawrence.

"Britta drop it," Lawrence says not paying attention to anything going on.

"she is up to something, " says Tiara

"I know but I have no idea what is plotting, "I say before blocking the link.

I meet her gaze with a smirk on my lip, two can play at this game "okay, my name is Kate David as you already know" I say before clearing my throat " my parents are both dead so I was taken care of by my grandma. that all you should know about me "I say.

"But I thought your dad is the alpha of morning pack who is still well alive ?" ask Jack looking confused.

Before I can give an answer Britta the slut beat me to it " yes the alpha is her dad but she was disowned by him and also by her brother " she says coldly while everyone stared in shock expect Ma.

" Stop saying nonsense, " I say with a clashed fist fighting the urge mash her face in.

"why Kate does the truth hurt that much?" she asks spitefully " she murdered her mum so she was banned from calling herself the alp- - -" She continues before receiving a loudly growl from Lawrence as his murderous stare lock with her.

"Britta put an end to this nonsense or leave this dining room" Lawrence orders with fury in his eyes.

"What I only say the truth here," she says innocently " She killed are mother why then she still alive. you are despicable, " she says glaring at me with hatred.

My vision clouds with red meaning I am out to end this bitch worthless life" how dare you to speak about what you know nothing about, you slut" I say flashing my claws and canine at her" if you want to see the end of today you better keep your mouth shut" My voice sounds different as Tiara creep to the surface trying to take control of my body.

She flashes her own claws and canine ready for a fight.

Before anyone could blink I pin her against the wall with my hand around her neck cutting her lungs from receiving air.

My claws dig into her flesh as blood ran down her neck" you seem to be forgetting that I killed my mum when I was just inside her so it won't hurt me to end your worthless life within seconds " I say holding her neck tightly gaining satisfaction has she whimpers clawing my hand to get much need air to survive.

I lick my canines seeing blood running down her neck enticing my taste buds.

I growl loudly going for the kill but someone pushes me away from my prey.

I growl angrily digging my claw into the arm wrapped around me protectively.

I feel heat and wave of spark going through my body from the body holding me tightly, I whine burying my face into the person's neck enjoy the spark and the delicious scent coming from the person.

"enough Kate, you have to calm down" a voice pleads snapping me out of my daze state, I really need to teach that bitch a lesson for disrespecting me.

I release myself from the person's hold on me before walking towards my prey the smell of fear and blood drawing me nearer " it okay Kate focus on my voice " a voice says pulling back into the delicious scent " I try focusing on the familiar voice.

I breathe in burying my face into the person's neck savouring comfort and safety.

"let leave here, "a voice says pulling me away from the protective hand around me.

I growl in protest clinging more into the person" Kate go with your ma okay let me take care of things here" Lawrence says running his hand through my hair.

I pull away from his face meeting his intense gaze on me"go with her I promise to come to see you after I am done here" he says kissing my hair softly before placing a kiss on my forehead.

I pout reluctantly before pulling away from me, I let ma direct me out of the room with my gaze still locked with him.

I follow ma into an empty room before walking out locking the door behind her.

I try going after her but she locked me in, I growl angrily at the closed door feeling my anger build up once again before taking it out on the room.

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