Letting Go

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Chapter 14


My gaze locks with hers as she walks out the door looking reluctant to leave.

I can't get my head over what just happened she was in a killer mode ready to kill everything that crosses her path, Unbelievable.

I watch some as some pack nurse pick Britta taking her out if the room, Kate did a lot of damage in Britta I just hope she learns from this incident.

I sigh running my hand through finding everyone still in shock.

"what just happened?" Levi asks looking mystified" I know not to mess with her from now on," Levi says sounding amuse.

"me too" PA exclaimed while Alex walks into the room looking tired.

"Is she alright?" mum ask Alex with concern lacing her voice.

"yes she is, but she needs some rest for about two or three days," Alex says sighing tiredly.

"her wolf must be very powerful to do this" dad says after few minutes of silence.

"she has no wolf," Alex says surprising everyone while focusing her gaze on the floor looking tense.

"What?" I ask bewildered gaining everyone attention

I feel she has a very powerful wolf and my lycan feels it too, she just so dominant to be wolfless.

"What you mean by she doesn't have a wolf ?" asked Lillian giving Alex a confusing look.

"she has not shifted yet," Alex says frustration lacing her voice.

"so you are saying I am mated to a wolfless werewolf," I say sternly trying to process this new information.

"But how?" Anderson asks ignoring my words.

"I don't know how" she shrugs before focusing her attention on me"Thank you for stopping Kate from doing what she would regret later" I reply with a nod.

"Please excuse me I will like to go to bed now," she says leaving no room for more questions.

She glances at PA pleadingly avoiding everyone's confuses eyes before leaving.

"I know they are more to what she is letting out," says Travis suspiciously.

I stare at PA questioningly with a raised eyebrow "I feel so too, but why would she be hiding the truth from us" I say sighing.

PA notice my gaze on him before breaking eye contact make me more suspicious.

I walk out of the room after having a talk with dad, and mum with them trying to make me talk to her after she wakes up.

I went to my office to clear up pack work trying to clear my thoughts by doing something not related to my mate.

I know I promise to go see her after taking care of things but I don't want to get too attached to her.


I wakeup to whispers coming from Anderson and Lillian behind my door deciding on who should wake me up.

I don't blame them because the last time someone waked me up I want alpha mode on everyone.

I value my morning sleep but make expectations for morning meetings.

"come in guys, you succeeded in waking me up with all the whispering," I say getting up from the bed before checking the time on my phone.

" Why are you doing outside my door this early, "I say huskily as they walk in.

"We just came to inform you on the issue regarding the meeting Elder Mathias went on," Anderson says holding Lillian's hands tightly like he rather is somewhere else than facing me right now.

"okay meet me in my office 30 minutes from now," I say getting up from the bed making my way into the bathroom" is Kate still unconscious? "I ask cautiously.

"Yes, we checked on her Alex says it will take 2- 3days," Lillian says with a frown.

"okay thanks," I say going into the bathroom.

I do my morning routine before leaving making it towards my office.

I feel like what happened yesterday was my fault I should have put Britta in her place not letting her disrespect Kate that way.

I also feel they are more to this story, how can Kate's father act that way with her.

I sigh loudly entering into my office, I am so confused with so my unanswered questions in mind.

It irritates me when I feel nothing but helpless, I can't even protect my mate and it is so damn frustrating.

I walk into my office to find Anderson already waiting for me.

"so what was the alpha words," I say taking a seat opposite him with my hands locked together in front of me waiting for his reply.

"he said yes and he agrees to your conditions," he says handling the files to me.

"that good but did he sign the agreement together with is beta and gamma? "I ask opening the file.

This agreement is regarding offering protection to his pack through an alliance.

"yes I made sure of it, " he says with a nod of his head.

"Okay let's get prepared to send some of our warriors down there, " I say closing the file.

We bury our heads into more pack works until I decide to rest a little while, "okay that will be all," I say dismissing Anderson before leaving my office.

My lycan has been restless knowing his mate is unconscious so I decided to go towards Kate's room instead of trying to put my mind at rest I really doubt it will help.

I Walk into her room to find her asleep, I make my way towards the bed before taking a seat on the edge of the bed watching her sleep peacefully.

I brush her hair off her face studying her every feature, I just feel like kissing those pink lips.

What? kiss her, get it together Lawrence.

The mate bond is strengthened with every moment we spend together, I don't think I can stay away from her much longer because it getting difficult in fighting everything in me from claiming her as mine.

I brush my hand into her soft Brown hair before a tender kiss on her forehead before leaving her room.

I need to keep my distance from her.

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