Letting Go

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Chapter 15


We arrived at the pack hospital were Alisa was taken into a room to get the pup out, I am currently holding on to Hunter and also trying to get Janes to calm down.

"she will be alright okay, everything will be fine," I say to Janes actually more to myself them him.

My heart keeps beating fast I can actually hear it fighting to leave my chest, I am scared for my friend but I have to hold it in for the sake of her little pup and her dread mate here with me.

I gasp in pain feeling something pulling through my heart slowly while Janes holds his heart in pain.

"no, it can't be "I continue saying in disbelief while holding on to the crying pup in my hand tightly.

I felt broken both physically and mentally, the pain I feel in my heart is both happiness and sadness.

I fall lazily on the bench with tears rolling down my cheeks, I look towards the open door as the pack doctor walk toward us" is she alright? tell me doctor "Janes demanded sounding pained.

"no, we tried but at the last minute she went into labor and she taking her last breath now, she would like to see you both now, "the doctor whose name is Ethan says leading us into the room of Alisa.

Immediately I set my eyes on her I was broken she looks so weak her eyes were no longer bright and she was looking paler.

I rushed to her side sitting next to her on the bed.

She smiled weakly at me" look at her isn't she pretty " she says pointing toward the crib by her bedside.

I bring my eyes to the little angel inside the crib "indeed she looks like you " I say smiling yes for real she just like her mum hazel eyes, brown hair so cute and innocent.

"the doctor says since she was giving birth two months early she would take time developing and also needs to be monitored for any problem that would arise, "she says with a blank face on.

"I will b.. be bre.. breathing my last," she says with her voice breaking as sad tears roll down her cheek.

She looked at me with hopeful eyes" please take care of her, her name should be Kate Darby David" she says holding my hands tightly with tears rolling down her cheeks making me flinch" I want her to answer my middle name"

"I promise to be there for her and love her like she is mine," I say but it hurt me more saying these things and knowing I won't be able to keep my promise.

"call Janes for me and hunter my son," she says barely above a whisper.

I was too focused on her to notice Janes's absence.

I walk outside to found him holding hunter little hands while resting lazily by the wall looking at his feet "Janes she will like to see you and hunter now"I say gaining his attention.

"I can't the pain is too much to bear," he says looking towards me with pain-filled eyes making him look twice older than his age.

"she needs you now more than ever, " I say walking towards him.

He nods his head in understanding, taking hunter from him we walk into the room.

She smiled weakly at her son" hi sweetie"

I place hunter on the bed with her " mum what's wrong? " he asks looking into his mother's eyes confused.

I worry for this little boy losing his mother at this young age, I can't bring myself to look into his eyes anymore.

"son look, here is your sister Kate," she says smiling.

He raises his head looking into the crib "my sister, dad see I have a little sister" he says grinning widely at the cute baby.

"Alisa my love it is because of this caused child I am about to lose you I can't bear seeing this pup," he says looking at the little baby with hatred.

"no Janes this pup is blessed for something great I can feel it, she is meant to see the world," she says trying to reason with me" we tried removing her but here she is".

Tears were now rolling down my eyes just looking at how vulnerable my best friend is.

"Janes please accept her she needs your love not hated, please be with her as she takes every step of her life, please be both a father and a mother to our pups," she says coughing.

I rush to her side holding her hand in mine" is time for me to live please watch over my baby girl, tell her stories about me " She says.

She looks into my eyes pleadingly before staring into Janes' eyes longingly with pain" I will always love you, don't let the pain of losing me turn your heart dark and filled with hate towards my innocent baby girl" she pleads with a sad smile on her lip.

" I love you so much," Janes says refusing to meet her eyes.

" Hunter you have to be a big brother to your sister okay, " she says smiling running her hands through his hair.

"yes mum, no one would come close to her, " he says hitting his chest making Alisa laugh weakly.

" mum are you leaving me? " he asks laying his head on her chest glimmer of tears in his eyes.

"yes but I will always be here when you need me, " she says touching his chest.

"mum please don't leave me, " he says crying into her chest " I don't want you to leave me and daddy"

"sweetheart mum is not going anywhere she will be here with you even though you can't see her," I say patting his back as he cries.

"your little sister needs a big brother so don't crying or she will start crying too, " she says playing with the pup hand in the crib.

"Okay, " he says sniffing.

She looked at the pup with tears clouding her eyes " please don't let her lose this innocent look in her eyes " she says sighing heavily.

She rests her head on the bed breathing heavily " Alisa " I say in a panic.

She smiled weakly looking into space " a life for a life. Thank you, moon Goddess, for this privilege " she says taking a deep breath before closing her eyes taking her last breath leaving this world.

My friend was gone forever, I wrench in pain sobbing, I can't believe Alisa was gone, I cried not for my dead friend but for this little pups now without a mother. Why moon goddess Why I ask you.

I was snapped from my thought by a painful howl from Janes, I understand him losing is mate is the most painful experience ever. It was then followed by an angry growl.

He walked out of the hospital with me following behind along with crying hunter by my side he stopped at the center of the field " listen your Luna is dead and was killed by the caused child growing in her, the child survived but my order is no one should ever call her my child, anyone who disobeys this order will be punished" he orders in his alpha tone making everyone bow in submission and confusion but no one dear object.

He walks back into the packhouse with hunter beside him crying while holding his hand tightly.

I walk back into the hospital taking the baby from the crib before locking my eyes with the lifeless body of my best friend for the last time before leaving with to the packhouse to have a serious talk with Janes.

I enter into his office to found him looking through the window at the forest outside with a blank face. " what do you want and get that child away from me "he says growling at me

"I came to ask you why you did that after what Alisa told you," I say harshly.

"I never told her I will accept this pup," he says without looking my way.

"but she is your pup.... " he cut me off before I could continue.

"she not my pup and please get out of my office before I do something I will regret," he says coldly.

I walk out of his office with the baby crying in my hands, I don't know what else to do where to go but my legs led me to a small house far from the packhouse.

I knock on the door I don't know what I am doing here before I could turn back the doors was opened by a beautiful lady with beautiful green eyes, her brown her tied into a bun "come in and take a seat" she says snapping me out of my trance.

I walked into the house, it looks better inside than outside with a small room having two couch with a TV attached to the wall and by the right the kitchen and stairs leading to another room.

"My name is Alex Cara, and the baby must be the dead Luna pup," she says pointing to the baby in my hands.

"yes her name is Kate Darby David I will like to give her to you, please help me take care of her, " I say with pleading eyes, I don't know what made me want to hand over this pup.

maybe it, because I am so confused about what to do so giving up this pup to a stranger, is my only option.

"no problem it will be my pleasure to take care of this pup," she says taking Kate from me.

" Thank you very much, where is your mate ?, I hope he won't mind ?," I ask looking around.

"no I haven't found my mate yet," she says walking up the stairs.

I followed behind her "okay" was all I could say.

We talked for a while, she put Kate in one of the rooms hoping to buy a baby crib and other things later.

After making sure everything was okay I left her house going back to the packhouse.

I am still confused about what I just did but maybe it is the best because I can't her with.

I promise to come back for her when I am ready.

I make my way into Janes office" I am leaving from here" I say not meeting his gaze on me "I left Kate with Alex Cara, she leaves close by the forest ring"

" I am hoping one day you would accept her, " I say walking out of his office without giving him time to reply.

I don't know where to go but I really need to leave, to forget the pain eating its way into my whole being.

I made the short walk to my house, I pack my things in a hurry not to alert my parents or anybody.

I load my things into my car, I stare at the house which holds so many memories with a heart filled with sadness" I hope you forgive me for this" I say before getting into the car and then driving off.

Alisa I know I am a coward for running away but I can't just bear this pain of losing you.

I need to clear my head and forget about everything, please forgive me.

I drive past the border feeling my link with the pack break.

Tears cloud my eyes rolling down my cheek making it difficult to see and to breath.

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