Letting Go

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Chapter 16


I wake up with a headache after all I almost ended someone's life, my body feels like it ran through hard walls.

I groan getting up from the bed I look around seeing everywhere neat, it must be MA who brought me back to my room.

I glance at the Clock on my nightstand it reads 12:00 noon I must have been sleeping for three days now because it usually takes that long for me to recover my strength.

I walk lazily into the bathroom I really need to take a bath because I sink. I do my morning routine brush my hair tied it into a ponytail.

I wrap a towel around my body before walking into the walk-in closet, I change into matching undies with blue net wrapped jeans and a very green crop top paired with navy green jacket (picture below).

Satisfied with my look I walk out of the room towards the kitchen to feed my raging stomach.

After eating I cleaned up my mess before waking towards the movie room in search of everyone.

I check everywhere (not everywhere since it is a mansion) but I check every room I know I could find them but I could not find anyone.

Getting tired of the search I make my way towards the front doors.

"Hey," I say gaining the attention of a pack member going towards the door leading outside.

"yes, you need anything ma ?" she asks with a fake smile.

"where is everyone? " I ask with a frown.

"oh everyone is at the field, today is training day according to the alpha king," she says.

Looking at this girl she must be in her twenties with blonde hair blue eyes and average in height.

" Thanks," I say before making my way towards the field.

I have been there before since this is the place I saw Rebecca that little cute girl.

Reaching there it was surrounded by pack members some fighting, cheering and while some chatting not even paying attention to what going on.

I look round looking for my grandma until I saw her laughing with Elisa, Thomas, and Elder Mathias.

Deciding to let them know I am here I made my way towards them across the field.

"Hi Kate, I hope you okay now? " Elisa ask immediately I stand before them.

"yes and I am so very sorry for what happened the other day, " I say feeling guilty for what I did, who am I kidding I spoilt their dinner and literally turned into a hunger starving blood monster.

"no problem dear. Lillian is over there in case you wondering where she is, "she says pointing towards Lillian who is talking with Jack, Becca, Anderson a few feet away from us.

I reply with a smile before waving them goodbye.

Instead of making my way towards Lillian I walk towards the people fighting not really in the mood to chat right now, I really need to work my muscles after being unconscious for three days I need to kick some asses.

"Hey baby what are doing here, are you here to cheer us on," a guy with blonde hair and a bit of brown at the tip says with a stupid smirk playing on his lips.

"No darling I came here to play, " I say with a smirk.

"I have many places you can play with," he says resting his hands on my shoulder.

I shake his hand off angrily " I meant I came here for a challenge but obviously I can beat your ass with any assistance which would teach you a lesson on respect, " I say smugly with a smirk.

But these assholes are taking me to be a joker, they won't be thinking that very soon.

"How about if I show you how not to underestimate anyone by challenging you to a fight," I say glaring at him.

"sweetheart I won't like to injury your pretty face, " he says with fake concern " so go to your friends and gossip because we are all busy here" arrogant prick.

"I can't wait to remove that smirk off your face," I say angrily dragging him into the fighting circle.

I will very much enjoy teaching him how to respect a lady.

"It is not too late to back down," he says immediately I release my hold on him.

"Oh trust me I won't, "I say stretching my hands and legs.

"okay will have a fight, " he says while a man walks in between us.

"Is this a friendly fight or show of dominance?" he asks both of us.

"friendly " I reply.

"Okay you know the rules" we both nod " you may begin, " he says leaving the fighting circle.

I felt someone eye boring through me intensely, I turn to found Lawrence staring at me with an unreadable expression.

I pull off my jack handling it over to a guy standing outside the circle before averting my eyes towards my opponent standing defensively while waiting for his attack.

Like I expected he attacked first but I was able to block is punches throwing my own hitting him on the face before he could deliver another punch I land a kick in his stomach making him fell back.

I took this opportunity to hold him by the neck.

He pushes me off making me land on my back, I got up quickly before he could take advantage.

We circled each other once again, he has strength but he needs more work on his speed I can use that against him together with his lazy and boring attitude towards this fight.

I smirk evilly as he tries to kick me off the guard leaving his chest unguarded.

I move to the side dodging his attack before landing a blow on his chest, not letting the pain subside I wrap my hand around is neck pinning him down.

He tried pushing me off but I refuse to budge after a few more minutes if he trying to release my hold on him he finally gives up signing his defeat" I give up" he says to the man controlling the fight.

"the girl win's " he announces.

I get off him helping him up "you good, I can't believe you won" he says grinning, for a guy who just lost to a girl

"you should, my name is Kate by the way, " I say leaving the fighting circle with him behind me.

I took my jacket from the guy holding it with a thank you before placing it over my shoulder "mine is Jason but I haven't seen you here before," he says studying my face.

"I just moved here from another pack"

"Okay, what if we talk more like a friendly date," he says nervously.

"yes, why not" I could try this even though I will dump him very soon. No offense I don't do friends.

"Okay, see you tomorrow 2:00," he says waving me goodbye as runs back to his group of friends who also looks shocked and impressed.

I was about to make my way towards an amused Lillian before I was pulled back into a hand tree or rather someone's chest.

I turn to find no other werewolf or rather Lycan but Lawrence with a hard stare.

I feel the spark flying everywhere, I still feel embrace over the way I acted with him during my fight with Britta.

I hope Britta is getting better.

"what do you need Lawrence?" I ask sighing tiredly not really in the mood for his tantrum.

"what are you wearing? " he asks running his eyes over me before growling while staring at my exposed waist.

"clothes, " I say in a duh tone giving him a look of are you serious right now.

I study his appearance, he is dressed in sweatpants and his bare chest open for everyone to see.

Oh, his chest is so muscular I can just run my hand over it to feel every muscle.

What wrong with me I blame it on the mate bond.

"I challenge you to a fight," I say before I could process my words.

I clap my hand over my mouth in surprise, Snap out of it Kate, What a good way to embrace yourself.

He laughs mockingly, I glare intensely at him feeling insulted

Does he think I can't beat his ass.

"Okay let see what you can do, " he says walking towards the fighting circle.

I gape in shock just has everyone immediately I step into the fighting circle with him.

The man in control signal for the fight to beginning.

We circle each other before I throw a punch and another with him blocking them effortlessly.

Now everyone's attention is on us watching the fight going on.

"you should submit now," he says with a smirk.

But I refuse, even when he is now trying to cut the air from getting into my lungs" you wish" I kick him on his chest making him lose his grip on my neck, he tries to pin me down again but I landed a blow to his stomach making him fall back.

I have bruises on my arm which I knew will heal soon, I jump on him straddling him but he switches our position within a blink of an eye.

He once again holds my neck" submit Kate" he orders.

I try moving his hand which was a wrong move because he moves my right hand gripping his hand behind my back.

I hear a crack as pain rush through my right-hand meaning he twisted it too hard.

I hiss from the pain biting my lip holding the scream forcing to come out. Hearing this he let go, I took this time in attacking him with kicks.

Because my right hand is already broken I have to use my leg and also try as possible to protect my right hand from his attack.

He pushes forward taking my legs making me fall on the ground with my broken hand hitting the floor. But again I refuse to shout, he took this to his advantage getting on top of me then holding my neck for me to submit.

I finally submitted not being able to bear the pain any longer.

At least I put up a good fight.

Grandma runs towards me after the announcer says the name of the winner " are you okay Kate ?" I nod because I could not make any sound from the pain in my hand but I don't need her to worry.

I bit back the tries threatening to come down by biting down my lower lip," Kate are you crazy," Lillian says dramatically.

She tried helping me stand but took pull my broken hand making me flinch away, she let go noticing my pain" are you okay? " she says with worry.

"yes don't worry just a broken hand" I pull myself up with her help before walking out of the circle holding my right hand close to my chest ignoring the stares I am receiving from my heroic action ( sarcastically speaking)

Before I could get any further from the crowd I felt my feet leaving the ground as Lawrence carries me bridal style "what are you doing?, drop me down" I demand for him to put me down.

"I am taking you to the pack doctor to treat your injured hand," he says sternly.

I have this urge to slap him so badly, he is always putting up an act like he cares.

But I choose to keep quiet letting him take me to the pack doctor.

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