Letting Go

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Chapter 17


I try opening my eyes but it feels so numb until finally, my eyes agree to comply.

I look around to find the walls painted white with a stool placed beside the bed I am on, this room looks literally empty except for the bed, one stool and monitors placed in the room, this must be the pack hospital.

I frown glancing at my hand which is been covered with bandaged, I try getting up from the soft bed uncomfortable bed.

While trying to remove the bandages Lillian walks in with Levi right behind her.

"How are you doing ?" Levi asks walking towards me with a bright smile on his face.

"fine, just need to remove this," I say pointing towards my bandaged hand.

He reached helping me remove the bandages "Becca and I will be going out for shopping and later to a club and you are coming so no excuses " Lillian says with a face that says don't you dear complain.

"okay fine which time," I say.

I sigh my right elbow immediately Levi removes the bandage, "now, go get ready and wear something sexy," she says leaving through the door while pulling Levi with her.

I roll my eyes 'help me, moon goddess, to survive this torture' I make my way towards the pack because the pack hospital is not far from the mansion.

I sigh walk into the walk-in closet to change into black boyfriend jeans and a black T-shirt.

I met Becca and Lillian outside the mansion, "ready let go," says Lillian getting into her car.

In no time we arrived at the mall, Lillian and Becca brought so much,

with Becca asking me to try different clothes.

"Are we done yet ?, because my legs are killing me right now," I say frowning.

"yes, we are," Becca says grinning.

"let go get ready for the Party!"Lillian says happily.

Oh, remind me, I just want to rest my legs right now and get away from these crazy girls.

"Becca you will dress up at the mansion and Kate I am going to do your makeup no argument, " she says going towards the car.

" she always this bossy? " I ask Becca

"Yeah, she the boss of my life, " Becca says sighing dramatically.

Picture of Kate and Lillian dress, Kate with the black dress and Lillian with the black and white.

Picture of Becca dress.

Lillian drove us to a club filled with humans, smoke, sweat, and alcohol which irritates me a lot.

I have never been to a club once and from this loud music I know this will be my last time here "Kate what will you like to drink "Becca yells over the loud deafening music.

"anything," I say looking disgusted seeing girls making a mess out of themselves and boys having a good time helping them do that " I will like to go now if you ask me" I mumble to myself.

"Okay come with me Lillian is getting us drinks over at the bar, "she says dragging me through the crowd towards Lillian at the bar.

"Kate try this "Lillian yells pushing a drink into my hand.

I took the drink from her taking a sip feeling the hotness of drink burn down my throat. These girls will surely kill me before I make it out if this place.

"let dance" Becca yells swinging her hip to the music.

"no, I will wait for you guys here, " I say shaking my head.

I watch Lillian and Becca make their way towards the dance floor before picking a random guy to dance with.

"hi, beautiful why are you sitting here all alone? " I look towards the voice my eyes lock with blue eyes of a boy with blonde hair and a fine jawline.

"is that suppose to sweep me off my feet because it working, " I say sarcastically.

"come on that was my best line, " he says acting hurt.

"then you really have more work to do keeping that charm of yours," I say taking a sip from my drink welcoming the hotness.

He laughs lightly "well I am Ethan and you are, " he says bringing his hand for a hand shack.

"Kate," I say shaking his hand.

"so are you here alone ?" he asks cautiously taking a sit on the barstool closer to me.

"no, I came with my friends they over there dancing, " I say glancing towards were Lillian and Becca were dancing.

"will you like to dance ?" he asked politely.

"no, I will rather be right here," I say taking another sip from my drink.

"you came with someone ?"I ask.

" I came with a friend, I actually just arrived in this pack, " he says sniffing the air.

So he is a werewolf how come I didn't even notice that, must be the strong smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies "do you smell that" he says sniffing the air.

" yeah if you talking about the smell of sweat" I shrug.

"it actually smells like vanilla and chocolate," he says sniffing the air deeply making me stare at him strangely, is he high on something.

"Hey Kate you ne---" Becca says walking towards me but she stops to stare at Ethan intensely.

"MATE" they both mumble.

Ethan immediately pulls her into a hug nesting his head in her neck breathing in her scent.

"I am so happy for you, " Lillian says grinning widely "so what your name hot cake.

He pulls Becca towards him wrapping his hand around her waist possessively "Ethan and you must be king Lawrence sister?, I am alpha Jason's son who came here for training " he says winking at Becca who is as red as a tomato.

"yes, I see you already met Kate, " Lillian says smiling widely.

"so what you name ?" he asks Becca.

"Becca, " she says shyly. It's weird seeing Becca get shy because she never blushes or gets shy according to Lillian.

"can we get to known each other properly, " he says smiling lovingly at her.

She looks at me and Lillian warily asking for permission.

I just nod while Lillian gave her thumbs up"yes we can" she says smiling.

Becca left with Ethan while I and Lillian decided to return back to the mansion because I refuse to spend any more time in that disgusting club.

"I am so happy for Becca," says Tiara.

" me too, I just wish our mate could treat us that way," I say sadly. What wrong with me now I am feeling depresses get it together Kate.

"this mate bond is really playing with my feelings " I sigh staring through the open window of the car.

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