Letting Go

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Chapter 18

It has been three weeks since I have been in this pack, with me being ignored and treated like trash by Lawrence and Britta, but it okay at least I am being treated well by the rest of the royals it actually been lovely.

I am more close to Lillian and Becca now but that doesn't mean I am more open to them now but I am trying to be more relax and give them a chance.

Becca and Ethan are getting closer, they can't even stay 5 mins away from each other with love growing immensely between them.

I can't help it but wish I have that kind of love from my mate but once again I wasn't meant to be loved that was my course I have learned to live with all my life.

I don't know what is happening but can't sleep or eat properly, must be the mate pull because we refused to accept it but I will go through this with a strong mind, fighting it when needed.

Come to think of it I was supposed to have experienced heat by now, but I am not complaining it's for the best I think.

"Kate you look pale, what wrong ?" ask Becca sitting on the couch in the movie room.

I have been feeling sick and burning hot, I know why it because the full moon is approaching very soon, during the full moon I get weak and sometimes sick but I survive it anyway.

The moon goddess keeps testing me mentally and both physically "nothing just tried" not completely a lie I am actually tired, I hate feeling this way and it drives me crazy.

"Okay," she says sounding worried before smiling "Lillian you should have seen Britta face after Kate told her off," she says between laugh.

"you don't mean it? what did Kate do again?" Lillian ask while I give her a playful glare.

"she told her---" she was cut off by Britta the slut.

"Oh I see you three are here talking about me, wow I never thought I was all you think about," Britta says smirking.

"if that includes my daily plan on how to kill you," Lillian says with a smirk of her own. Lillian was finally able to express I hatred for Britta openly without holding back.

Britta scoff walking away looking ready to kill anyone if that anyone is Becca, Lillian and me.

"That was so funny girl, " Becca says give Lillian a high handshake.

"Hey, girls stop that she is just being herself," I say weakly.

"are you sure you alright? girl, you sound very weak," Lillian says worriedly.

" I am fine you don't have to worry, " I say coughing.

" you know what Kate you have to rest now" Becca suggests.

"Okay, I am going to rest, not because you say so but because I need to," I say while leaving them.

I walk into my room at a slow pace, I walk into my room felling flat on my bed before drifting immediately into dreamland.


I wake up to someone shaking me awake "Kate I know you are tired but you have to wake up or Lawrence will be angry you didn't come for dinner " Lillian says sounding frustrated.

Like I care if he gets angry but I am really hungry and with this pain, I am feeling right now in my head, I need food.

" I am up now you can stop yelling, " I say holding my head with my hands feeling like it falling off.

" better be, go get ready," she says helping me up.

I went into my bathroom to shower wrapping a towel around myself before walking to find Lillian placing a black crop top and ash and black Skirt on my bed.

"what are you holding there ?"I asked glancing at the clothes on the bed.

"this what you are going to wear, it will look good on you," she says proudly.

" you not serious right ?, I can't wear that," I say walking towards my closet.

" Kate don't you walk away from me, you are wearing this no argument," she says throwing daggers at me.

"Lillian you should know by now I hate been order around," I say harshly. She should know I hate being ordered it is like a stab to my ego.

"okay please wear this, it will make me very happy, " she says with pleading eyes.

" Okay, give it to me, " I say with a sigh while she grins triumphantly.

After I get dressed we make our way towards the dining room if me dragging my legs lazily is called walking.

We entered into the dining room with everyone present including Britta the slut.

"you guys are late," Lawrence says without sparing a glance our way.

We choose to ignore him taking our seat. I reached for the glass of water on the table with shaking hands feeling the need to wet my dry throat with liquid.

"are you alright ?" Ma asks helping me get the glass of water.

"yes," I say gulping down the water into my dried throat.

The rest of the dinner, I can't say it went well or bad because throughout the dinner Lawrence didn't spare me a glance but I get the death stare from someone called Britta at least it something.

"Kate what wrong with you ?, you look sick, there are bags under your eyes, you don't eat properly anymore for a person who loves eating, " MA says frustrated.

She has been trying to get me to talk to her ever since we came out of the dining room.

She continued when I didn't reply " talk to me Kate, I am always here for you," she says softly.

"Ma the full moon is coming, that the reason I am weak it will pass after the full moon," I say. It partly the truth.

"you have to be careful Kate, this is the most vulnerable state you are in now," she says pleading.

"I will be careful," I say hugging her.

I need this hug right now because I feel like I need a wake-up call from my dazed state.

We were disturbed by someone giggling.

I know that voice Britta, I hope she didn't hear a thing.

"I know you were strange from the moment I saw you, " she says walking towards us making my fear come true " but getting weak during a full moon, that very good for me right"

I stand stuff not knowing how to reply, what going through her mind won't be good.

I am in for a big ride.

What do you think Britta is up to, Leave your com.

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