Letting Go

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Chapter 19

I have been trying to avoid Britta after the incident of that day, only the moon goddess knows what she is plotting now.

"Kate, are you avoiding me? " O moon goddess I hope that not Britta since my senses have dulled I can't tell who is who through scent.

I slowly turn around " oh Lillian what are you doing here?" I asked letting go of my breath I have been holding.

Did I also mention I have also been avoiding everyone. Yep, my new mission is to make sure no one sees me like this.

what a stupid question, what will she been doing here for crying out loud this is her home, I can't believe I am so scared of Britta.

"Sorry I meant to say how are you doing? " I ask laughing nervously.

"are you okay ?" she asked staring at me suspiciously.

"yes, why would you think I am not okay? I look fine right you must be seeing wrong because I am actually fine look at me I am perfectly fine don't worry about me. you are very funny why will you think that----" I say in one breath.

"KATE" she yells getting my attention.

"what?" I say breathing heavily.

"you kept ranting I was just asking because you look sick and kind of scared if I didn't know you better I would think you are hiding something life-threatening, " she says giving me a look.

Dammit, I really need to put my mind together " sorry, I am just tired after training this morning " I lied thinking of ways to escape this situation.

" no worries I was looking for you because we are going to Becca's home she says she needs our help on something". She says walking past me.

"where are you girls going" comes the annoying voice of no one other than Lawrence.

"As you can see your highness we are on our way to see Becca " I saw mockingly trying to act strong and unfazed.

"Okay you can go but be back later in the afternoon for the training today," he says walking away maybe to is office I don't care.

"What a rude asshole," I say glaring at is back while Lillian chuckles.

We arrived at Becca's home or you can say Ethan and Becca's home because he lives here more than he lives at the mansion.

I knock on the door until we heard footsteps coming towards the door.

Ethan opens the door standing in all his handsome glory with only is sweatpants hugging loosely on his waist.

" look at those abs I could run my hand through them all day, " Lillian says licking her lips to get Becca jealous and it worked because we heard a loud growl coming from inside. " Get your eyes off my mate Lillian," she says angrily.

"chill girl I was only joking, you don't have to be jealous I have Anderson remember," Lillian says laughing.

"I love when you get all Possessive," Ethan says kissing Becca on the lips making me look anywhere but them.

" so Ethan no training today ?" I ask sitting on the couch with Lillian.

The house has a welcoming feeling with a TV, couch and beautiful design and painted with bright colors. I have known Becca for her creative skills.

" no, because there would be a fighting defense later this afternoon," he says bringing Becca to sit on his lap.

" fighting defense ?" never heard of that.

"it an event, when you are allowed to fight against any werewolf, expect the alpha king, Luna queen, royal beta, and royal gamma," Becca says casually.

I reply with a nod.

"What is the reason who ask us to come here ?" I ask suspiciously. The last time Becca called us like this was to tell us to pick a dress for her date with Ethan so I am guessing this involves Ethan.

" let go to my room I will tell the reason why," She says nervously.

We got to her room which is colorfully decorated as the living room.

"so what is it Becca you look nervous," Lillian says sitting on her bed.

" you see girls tomorrow is my first heat because we have yet to complete the mate bond I don't know what to do," she says fiddling with the hem of her dress.

" Are you ready to complete it or not," I ask.

" I don't know, I am confused you know, I think I love him but I don't know if he is ready yet, " she says looking scared and confused.

"he loves you I can see it in his eyes, you are his mate, his other half don't be scared, just tell him if you are ready that all" Lillian says trying to calm her down.

" can I ask you this question Lillian ?" she says taking a breath.

"yeah sure," says Lillian.

"How does the heat feel, does it hurt ? " she asks feeling scared.

"yes it hurts badly it's like you are dying" she explains "during my first heat Anderson went out for a pack meeting".

"How did you cope? because from what we were taught is attract a male who is not mated yet towards you" Becca asks.

" yes my mum helped in locking me in my room and it also my fault Anderson was not there because I refused to tell him thinking I could survive it, but he later came and we had our first time," Lillian says blushing.

" Why didn't you tell me about this " Becca says glaring playfully at Lillian.

" It slipped my mind, so Kate have you experienced your heat yet ?" Lillian asks shifting the attention towards me.

"n-not yet, "I say awkwardly"let go it almost time for the fighting defense, " I say leaving Becca's room avoiding the question.

" Kate you can't avoid this forever," Becca says following me down the stairs.

" I hope I can" I mumbled to myself.

We get down to see Ethan already dressed to leave with a white T-shirt and black jeans and his hair wet from his shower.

" Are you girls ready to go," he asked walking towards us.

" yes," Becca says hugging him sideways.

We arrived at the open field to find the place filled with women, men, and children running around shouting and playing.

"Kate!" comes the high pitched voice of Britta.

After trying to avoid her all day here she is standing in front of me. " what do you need Britta" I ask trying to sound as calm as possible.

She walks toward me until her mouth was close enough to my ear "watch you back Kate you won't know what hits you" she says softly in my ear.

She walks away smiling evilly at me.

" what was that " Becca ask suspiciously.

" nothing just one of her dry joke I hope" I mumbled the last part to myself.

She looks at me for a few seconds before walking away to join Lillian and Anderson.

" everyone the fight is about to start so all fighters come to down here to write your names and opponent names and we can start," says Lawrence in is alpha king voice.

people walk down to write their names, I love to fight but I am too weak to fight right now knowing I will just end fooling myself.

" How are you doing Kate ?" Ma asks looking for any injuries on me.

" I am okay Ma, you don't have to worry," I say.

" Just be careful of that Britta girl," she says.

"ye--" I was cut off by a sharp pain on my midsection making me hiss in pain.

Ma notice and look at me warily " you okay dear"

" yes, I a--" I hiss again as the pain gets worst.

" you can go rest I will take permission for you to leave, " she says reasoning with me.

I look around seeing the fighters have started getting ready " no I prefer sitting on that bench over there " I say pointing towards a bench at the end on the field where people where seated to watch the fight unfold.

I walk slowly with the help of MA towards the bench.

I kept turning trying to reduce the immense pain I am feeling but it kept getting worse.

" I will be back okay Mathias ask me to get something for him, you have to stay here" she says pleading while looking at her phone has a message pops up, she always with Mathias it a good thing she needs love in her life even though there aren't mate but I still wish they were.

I just nod my head at her.

I could not concentrate on anything only on the pain that refuses to go.

I don't know how long I stayed like this but I heard my name been announced by Jack" next fight is between Britta and Kate, so can the fighters come up here " I was beyond shock, how can she do this to me put a fight between us when she knows I am too weak to defend myself this so like her.

" Kate your fight is starting now" Jack yelled at me with confusion in his eyes.

I tried my best to walk into the fighting circle. An evil smile appears on Britta's face enjoying my predicament.

" I will make you submit to me and show everybody here how I am better than you," she says smirking.

" I will never submit to you, " I say with determination meaning every word of it because I will never let her put me down not even at my weakest.

" Trust me you will," she says smiling.

"okay let the fight begin" Jack announces.

I glance towards Lawrence seeing him already staring at me, I looked into his eyes begging for him to end this fight, for him to see I am too weak to do this but he just gave me a blank stare and looked away.

The pain returned but this time more painfully.

Before I could steady myself Britta attacked me knocking the air out of me making me stumble backward.

She jumps on me punching me all over my face, I know this will leave a lot of bruises because I am too weak to heal faster.

She kept punching, kicking and almost removing my hair off my head. " submit you slut" she yells in my face.

I laughed humorously spitting at blood from my mouth" you are the slut here Britta, don't worry I am not trying to take your position away" say pushing her off me.

She growls angrily slapping me across my cheek. And I am telling you it stings so bad I felt like crying out loud.

The fight continued with her keep telling me to submit can she get it that I will never submit to her.

"king Lawrence stop this fight please" cried the voice of my grandma.

What is she doing "I can't Alex until one submit," he says coldly?

" can't you see she too weak to defend herself, she not even healing properly as she should, you can ask Lillian here," she says holding Lillian hand for her to say something.

" she right Lawrence she has been sick for 3 days now me and Becca has tried to get her to go see the pack doctor but she refuses and this is the reason Britta took that opportunity to set a fight between them," she says glaring at Britta with disdain"

"don't listen to her, she just trying to save Kate from losing," she says angrily letting me get air through my lungs.

He stares silently at the scene in front of him with a thoughtful look"Okay, this fight is moved until Kate is in the position to fight," he says while Britta walked away angrily but not after kicking me on my stomach.

I was so relieved, Lawrence dismisses everyone to their various homes leaving the Royals.

" We need to get you to the pack doctor immediately you are losing a lot of blood, " Lillian says rushing towards me with tears in her eyes.

I push myself up bearing the pain in doing so " okay let g---" I was cut off by the pain in my midsection.

I fell down screaming loudly " It hurts badly" I screamed again" please make it stop" I plead fighting the tears.

" What wrong ?" Lawrence asks looking at me with concern.

I screamed trying to get up but could not because of the pain.

I never experienced pain like this before, ma always says every full moon my wolf goes to meet with the moon goddess. This is a sign she left but it never hurt this way.

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