Letting Go

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Chapter 2

The morning cool breeze blow sending goosebumps to the surface of my skin, the road busy as ever with cars rushing towards different directions, teens and young pups chatting with their friends as they walk to school or wait for the school bus.

Like always my bag hangs lazily on my shoulders getting strange and curious looks, I walk with my head up high sending waves of dominance to anyone who dares to glance my way longer than required.

" I have a feeling whatever the alpha needs won't be good," says my wolf.

And that is my wolf named Tiara, she is strong-willed, very supportive and can be very stubborn at times, but I love her because she is also the reason for me keeping my sanity.

"whatever it is I will be prepared, "I say calmly

" you are right, I just want to think about the improvement today will bring for us," She says grinning widely.

"whatever as if I care, "I say

Finally reaching my destination, I walk lazily towards my locker pulling the required book into my bag.

Since my first class is history which I love because learning the cultures and beliefs of but humans and werewolves can be amusing.

I pull my locker closed before turning the hallway towards my First Class.

"Hey bitch" a voice calls behind me stopping me in my track.

I turn towards the voice, talking about the devil the so-called slut of Hunter my brother, I distaste this girl and that is a very strong word.

As usual, she is dressed like the slut she is, a pink crop top not covering much, fleshing are boobs for whoever cares to see and she paired it up with blue ripped jeans.

Her nut-brown her falling freely on her shoulders with the tip curled and sprayed red, I must say the new hairstyle looks good on her but I won't say it out loud to boost her ego.

A mocking smirk plays on her lips as she walks closer towards me swirling her hips seductively gaining wolf whistle from horny wolves.

"We need to teach her a lesson through a beaten or more," Tiara says with a playful smirk.

"We do no such thing or do you want to end up sleeping in the dungeon this night," I say smirking, that should shut her up.

" can you be fast with whatever you need because I have places to be and things to do," I say with a fake smile.

Nothing much just to remind you to step out of my way because I don't want to end up smelling like you poverty thicken house," she says smirking looking me over with her sea-blue eyes, Always behaving like a whore with no manners.

"not to worry I don't what to be contaminated by your bitchy self," I say smugly staring her down.

"Anyway happy birthday, I wish you more bad luck than you already have," she says before walking away to one of her conquests.

"slut" I mumble under my breath before walking towards my class.


Lunchtime, the time I dared the most, but I can always use this time to bury myself in reading instead of being surrounded by arrogant and curious wolves waiting for your next move or better yet your downfall.

I walk into the library deciding it best to skip lunch with a good novel and some music.

Picking a few books from the novel section before walking to a secreted corner, I plug in my earphone getting lost in my book.

Another boring day and finally I can go home to my safe-zone watching Netflix or looking for a way to torment the alpha.

I stopped by my locker to drop my books before going to the bus stop.

Just two weeks more before I graduate and leave this pack where I and ma can travel across the world without a care in the world, but that can only happen if the alpha grants me the permission and ma agrees.

I didn't have to wait long before a bus stop, I get in founding a sit at the back close to two girls looking not less than 17.

I plug in my earphones shutting the world out, it took 4 minutes before the bus pull up by my house.

I got out walking towards the front door before pushing it open being welcomed by silence "Grandma I am home where are you?" I called out walking into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

" over here" she yells from her room, I grab a glass filling it with water.

Gulping it all down to cool my dry throat before hearing footsteps coming down the steps "How was school? and were you able to found your mate ?" she asks with a smile walking towards me.

"are you sure you are not trying to get rid of me so you can live alone in this house because it sure sounds like it," I say playfully glaring at her as she took a seat opposite me.

I wash the empty glass before placing it back "you know I want the best for you because you need someone to love you, that one of the reasons I want you to find your mate soon before you grow gray hairs like me" she says dramatically with a frown.

"I know MA but is just that I don't need a mate to be happy and I hope I have non," I say pleading for her to understand" your love is enough and also you don't have gray hair "


After the little talk we had I spent my time in my room reading and watching Netflix before it was time to leave for the alpha's place "sweetheart get ready we are having dinner at your dad's house" she called from her room gaining a groan from me, she always like using that word dad.

Remind me of my nightmare, I took a shower before changing into black jeans and V-neck top showing a little of my birthmark.

I have a birthmark shaped of a two lycans just above my breast starting at each other with longing and love, not my word but ma words, she believes it a sign I am blessed and made for something great.

looking myself over on the mirror I decided going for a black T-shirt instead.

I walk into the living room turning on the TV as I wait for Ma to get ready, oh moon goddess please don't give me a bad surprise I am not ready for.

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